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Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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A cursed existence that only brought death and despair the day that he was born. Fruit of a love affair between his mother and a member of the main branch of the Hyuga clan, he was blessed with both the Uzumaki powerful bloodline of his mother and the Byakugan of his father. However, fatality struck the day that he was born; his mother . . . . let's just say, died during the childbirth process, and her husband died from sadness the same day. At least that was what they had told Ryuko since he was a kid. What happened to his biological father? He died in an accident during a routine mission, a strange death that guaranteed the easy recovery of his eyes.

That was why Ryuko was marked from that second as a cursed child. He killed his three parents when he was born; it wasn't his fault, but this child would carry the crimes of his progenitors.

Life in the Kuroi clan was not easy from an emotional standpoint. The influential family that had the monopoly on selling and buying all kinds of ninja tools, from the cheapest shuriken to the most expensive chakra blade, was extremely shady at best. At worst, it was basically criminal, but the support of Danzo and the rest of the elders in the council kept them out of trouble. Perverts, criminals, just scum that used their money and influence to do all kinds of unsavory things and be proud of them. A stain in Konoha that refused to go away.

They gave Ryuko all he wanted—a room for himself, anything that he wanted—and even supported him. But he knew that it was bullsh*t. There was a reason why his room was a house built on the most hidden part of the family mansion, why they never invited him to any social event, or why people seemed to be in a hurry each time they talked with him. The boy was a stain in his family, a reminder of something that they would never accept—that another family had won over them.

The Hyuga clan had humiliated them and then left that boy alive as a reminder of their loss. Ryuko was a stain within a stain.

Ryuko wasn't bad; he didn't want to be a bad person. He tried to be gentle and happy all the time, no matter how alone he felt. However, the boy wasn't pure or perfect. Resentment had begun to fester inside his heart toward the people who hated him without any reason. He hadn't done anything wrong; it was his family's fault. Why do they hate him? It was unfair. That, mixed with his more perverted desires, turned into this looming threat.

The world was a big and scary place, and he was just a small child. Then, one day, something happened that made his world a little smaller and more comfortable.

One day, while he was just wandering the village, a girl with blonde hair and birthmarks that looked like whiskers was having problems carrying some buckets of paint. “Hey, strawberry, help me to carry those buckets of paint!” The girl yelled with a cheerful tone and a wide grin on her lips.

Since, even at that young age, Ryuko was used to doing stuff without asking too many questions, he nodded and got closer. “Why strawberry?” The boy asked with a curious tone; it was the first time he had heard that nickname.

“Because you are red with white dots,” the girl said while rolling her eyes, showing no sight of hate or disgust like most of the people did to him.

Ryuko went silent for a second. “White dots?” He asked again, unable to process those words.

“Your eyes,” she finally said, and she poked him on the forehead with one finger.

He blushed; it was the first time that someone had touched him in a non-aggressive way. “Ah! You are right!” Ryuko yelled as this was the first time he met Naruko, another outcast like him.

Naruko and Ryuko soon became best friends and a menace to Konoha with their acts of vandalism. Then it came time to join the Ninja Academy, and it all started to go down and up at the same time for the boy. Ryuko gained new enemies—lots of them—but also showed how much potential he has as a ninja.

Ryuko didn't need to train so hard; his bloodlines and natural talents guaranteed that he would be a decent ninja no matter what. Why was he training so hard? Why was he searching for power? To defend a village that hated him? No. To prove to the world that he wasn't a cursed kid? No. To become a respected member of his family? No. Fear was the answer. Fear of the big and scary world and fear of losing the only beacon of light in his life. The crawling dread of having a seal in his chest only made him unable to learn the Hyuga techniques, but it was a constant reminder that even using the Byakugan could incur the wrath of the most powerful clan in Konoha.

Even if Ryuko's best friend was a monster, a creature that could destroy the village, he would become another one to just stand beside her. If the world was a big and scary place, the boy just needed to become bigger and scarier than the world itself.

So, he trained. Ryuko trained until his hands were full of blisters, his head hurt from the lack of chakra, and his eyes were bloodshot from overusing them. However, all of his talent and hard work were nothing compared to the monster that was Satsuki Uchiha. That girl was still the best ninja in their class, but Ryuko was a close second.

Ryuko was sitting in the classroom with the rest of the Genin, waiting for his team to be assigned. The boy had grown into a beautiful 18-year-old teenager. Ryuko's facial structure was soft and smooth, with porcelain skin like a doll, and his pure white eyes shone like a pair of pearls in his face. This androgynous appearance was accentuated by the river of crimson hair that flew all the way to his waist, silky and velvety straight strands that were only disturbed by the band on his forehead with the symbol of Konoha. He was not really that muscular and a had small stature; he looked like a girl from behind. Now he was dressed in a black and red gi with a simple chainmail fishnet under it for protection.

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Naruko was sitting beside him. The busty junchuriki of the nine tails had grown massively from a midget that looked like a boy to a beautiful kunoichi. She had blonde hair tied in a pair of twin tails, piercing blue eyes, and a smug vulpine smile surrounded by her birthmark's whiskers. The most impressive detail were her massive tit*, which were only held by a black top. The girl also had a nice set of legs and an impressive posterior, but her breasts were by far the main show. Ironically, she was kind of fit for her body; all the fat was concentrated on those mountains. Taking into consideration that she was wearing her typical orange and black cropped jacket and pants that showed her abdomen, Ryuko didn't need to use his Byakugan to imagine how she looked naked.

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“I wonder what bushy eyebrows is doing,” Naruko muttered while leaning back on her chair, thinking about the other member of her group of outcasts.

Ryuko made a small giggle, his normally serious semblance breaking when he was with his friends. “Probably showing the world the power of youth,” he added with a calm tone. The boy kind of missed Lee, but since she was older than him, it was normal that she would graduate first. After all, she was another member of the outcast group like them.

“So . . .are you ready to get your teams?” Another nervous voice muttered, barely above a whisper. It was Hinata, a girl who had a huge crush on Naruko that anybody could see from a mile away—well, everybody except the jinchuriki.

Hinata was the princess of the Hyuga clan, a beautiful girl with a calm and fragile persona that made it surprising that she was a ninja. Her long black hair cascaded from her head; her white eyes looked even more pure than those of Ryuko; and the girl's weak smile was adorable. She was almost always dressed in a purple and white hoodie, carrying her ninja band around her neck; that thing couldn't contain the massive size of her tit*. It was surprising how such a refined woman had such a lewd body with a set of child-bearing hips and breasts that could give Naruko a run for her money.

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“Yes! I bet I will go with Ryuko,” Naruko said without a single ounce of doubt in her voice.

The boy nodded, happy that Hinata was one of his friends. It was kind of comforting knowing that at least one member of the clan who would want to kill him was nice to him. “Of course, we must stick together. Also you, Hinata,” he added with a gentle smile.

Hinata blushed and nodded. There was a strange joy in doing something that wrong, like hanging with people that her dad had told her not to do. “Ye-yes! We are friends. . .” she answered with her own weak grin.

Iruka entered the room and began to name the teams' composition slowly. When he finished, chaos filled the room, and Naruko almost jumped on him. Ryuko needed to hold her from behind since she stood up while the boy was still sitting. The girl was rubbing her ass all over his face while he grabbed her with his arms.

“Why?! I am not with Ryuko, but I am on the same team as her?!” Naruko yelled to Iruka as she pointed to Satsuki.

After a few minutes passed and the girl had finally calmed down, Ryuko got up and went near the teacher with a strange expression. The teenager was actually confused by a small detail.

“Hey . . . Iruka sensei . . . you didn't mention my name,” he asked with a polite tone, repressing the scorn born out of that fact. The boy did a really nice job repressing all that rage and hate that was bubbling inside him, mostly because he was not on the same team as any of his friends.

Iruka took a deep breath, with actual guilt in his words. “I am sorry, Ryuko, but there wasn't a Jonin that wanted you in their team nor more genins available,” the man confessed, hating the idea that this happened, but it wasn't as strange as one would think. He honestly saw it coming, taking into consideration his family.

“What does this mean?” The boy asked again, a little calmer now that he could sense some true regret in that man's voice.

“Well, you are still a ninja, and you can still take missions. You are just not part of any team or have a pre-selected teacher,” Iruka finally said, calmly explaining the boy's situation.

“That means I cannot do missions with other ninjas?” Ryuko asked again, still confused by his strange situation.

“No no no, you can do it, but that depends on the Jonin in charge of the Genin team if they want to take you with them. It is actually more common than you think to ask for an extra ninja for hard missions,” the teacher quickly corrected him, making it clear he could still get experience if he found a Jonin that would accept him.

Ryuko looked at the ground for a second, still angry and annoyed by that decision. He really wanted to be with his friends to make sure that Hinata and Naruko were safe, and now that was robbed from him. “Oh . . .” he muttered, using his disappointment to hide the boiling rage inside him.

“Don't worry, Ryuko; as soon as you are a Chunin, you will be able to form a team with anybody you want,” Iruka added with a gentle smile, trying to reassure the boy.

“So I need to pass the Chunin exams without a master to teach me?” The boy asked with a neutral tone, but it was more like an insult that escaped his lips. This was unfair. However, he soon remembered Lee. If she could do it, he wouldn't have any excuse.

The man shook his head. “I am sorry, but I am sure your family can get you a nice teacher,” Iruka finally said as the boy began to walk back toward his seat.

“Yes . . . I guess,” he said, sounding and looking sad. Pure and unadulterated hate filled his veins since they dared to throw him into the trash again. After all his hard work, he just asked for one thing: to keep the only thing that made his life less lonely. Now, that was taken away from the boy and he could see them laughing at him; they were mocking him; they hate him; they want him dead; they want him to suffer; they . . .

The boy felt a familiar hand patting his back. “This is bullsh*t, let me tell you that!” Naruko yelled, her boisterous voice slaying those edgy thoughts.

“Well, I am going to miss you . . .” he answered with a weak smile. What was he thinking about? It didn't matter.

“Don't get so gloomy! We still live in the same village,” the girl said again, shining like a blazing sun in front of the boy.

He would not let this go, no matter what. “Hey Naruko . . . why don't you go live with me? My house is a lot better than yours, and if we do it, we can be together more time,” the boy asked without even thinking about the full implications of those words; Ryuko just wanted to spend more time with Naruko.

Hinata's face blushed a little. “Hey . . . is it not a little weird for you two to be living together at this age?” The shy girl asked with a weak tone.

“What?! Why? We have been sleeping together since we were 8!” Naruko exclaimed with a dismissive tone.

The princess's face became as red as a cherry. “What?!” The girl asked as she opened her eyes wide.

“Well, yes. I invited you the first time because I thought you were a boy,” Ryuko added, rolling his eyes.

Naruko gave him a small punch in the arm. “And I accept because I thought you were a girl,” she said with a smug smile.

“I-I-I . . .” Hinata mumbled, her face about to explode. At least she confirmed that Naruko was into girls.

“Well, I won in the end; I look like a woman now, and you still look like a girl,” the blonde girl exclaimed at the end with a wide grin.

Ryuko let out a sigh, accepting defeat. “It is not my fault that I cannot build muscles,” he finally said, and then took a look at Hinata, who seemed really red for some reason.

"Also, Hinata, we can have a room ready for you if you want to come over; it would be great having you for our sleepovers,” he quickly added. Maybe she was jealous, so it would be nice to invite her to hang with them.

“Sleepovers . . .?” The girl asked with a confused expression.

“Yes, we had been having them for ages!” Naruko exclaimed and gave her a thumbs up.

“Oh . . . that . . . sleepovers,” Hinata mumbled and giggled, the color draining from her face at a fast pace while she began to calm herself.

“is there something wrong, Hinata?” Ryuko asked, confused by the whole situation.

“No! Nothing!” The Hyuga princess mumbled, getting red again, but this time out of shame for her dirty thoughts.

“You are such a weird girl sometimes,” Naruko said with a dismissive tone, showing that she was denser than her chakra reserves.

“So, what do you say? Somebody needs to make sure you don't eat only instant ramen,” Ryuko asked again.

Naruko chuckled. “Of course I will live with you! I am not letting you get rid of me so easily,” the girl finally said.

In a dimly private room in a tavern not that far from Konoha, a kunoichi was sitting on a table with a shady-looking old man in front of her. There was a big breasted blonde woman passing out drunk beside her, even if it was just 6 p.m.

“So is that all?” Shizune asked, looking at the contract in front of her. The kunoichi was a beauty with black hair and light skin. Dressed in a black and white gi with a fishnet shirt under it, she had a nice set of breasts, but nothing compared to her master. However, the kunoichi compensated for that with her deep obsidian eyes, which looked like a pair of jewels, and her amazing ass. A perfect round posterior and thighs so big that they could be used in taijutsu to break a ninja's neck.

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The man nodded, already knowing the result of the team selection a few days beforehand. “Yes, we will pay that chunk of Lady Tsunade's debt if you teach our young genin,” he answered with a serious tone.

Shizune made a grimace of disgust. There was something about the man that creeped her out. The contract in front of her was also shady, especially the part where it said that she needed to obey the genin's orders or get a massive penalty on her master's debt. “Can I return to my master whenever I want?” She asked, as that condition was the only one that gave her some freedom.

“Indeed, only three days per week of training are needed,” the man answered, already looking at the clock and wanting to leave this place.

“I get it . . .” the konoichi muttered and closed her eyes. Before signing the contract, she had a big question.

“Fine, I will train that child, but one question first,” Shizune said as she could see the potential of that ninja. After all, with all those bloodlines he was really interesting. That was why it was a little fishy that he didn't have a master already.

The old man let out a deep sigh and nodded. “Sure, go ahead,” he added with a tired tone.

“Why? Why are you expending all this money on him?” A simple question that the kunoichi needs to know the answer to.

“We are trying to recover an investment that went horribly bad. Getting the Uzumaki bloodline to reinforce our family costed us dearly, and now that we lost it, he is the only one carrying those genes in our family. It is in our best interest to keep him alive, and since you are an expert in that field, you were the best choice that we could find,” the man spewed with a cold tone that made Shizune feel a twist in her stomach.

The woman pierced the man with her stare. She hated the kind of people who use other humans as nothing more than objects. Shizune actually felt bad for her future student who had been raised in such a place. “You are disgusting,” the woman snarled with an aggressive tone, trying to take some control over this situation even if she knew she didn't have any.

“We don't pay you to get your opinion; we pay you to do your job,” the man answered with a blank expression, tired of all this waste of time.

Shizune resisted the urge to spit on his face, but then looked at her sleeping teacher. “It will be done,” she finally said, ready to become Ryuko's temporary teacher.

Naruko and Ryuko had an amazing time that night as they moved together. It took them the whole evening to move the girl's stuff to his home, but since the boy was really good at Fuinjutsu, they could do it in one trip. Then they set up Naruko's room in the boy's house. It was so far from the main mansion of his clan that it was basically a house for himself.

It was an impressive two-story flood house with a more old style than the other houses in Konoha. With one room for visitors, two bathrooms, one storage room, one living room, and one kitchen, one small family could comfortably live there. Surrounded by a small but thick forest that worked as a barrier between the main house and this one, they had a lot of privacy.

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Once everything was set up, they began to party as always. Eating junk food, playing board games, and watching movies on the VHS player that Ryuko had. Everything went as always until it was time to go to sleep. Naruko took a bath and walked around the house wearing only a small white shirt that barely covered her breasts and a pair of orange panties like she always did in her small and dirty apartment.

“Ryu . . . where do you have all the orange juice?” Naruko asked while opening the fridge and bending over to search for food inside it. The boy went up and decided to check what that girl was doing when he saw how much his dear friend had grown.

Naruko's massive posterior was exposed to the ninja in all her glory. There was only a thin line of orange cloth that was her panties hiding her private parts with not that much success. He could almost see her puss*, that pair of small lips with only a string hiding their pink interior. What he could clearly see was her asshole. It was a little darker than the rest of her skin. But the boy was able to ogle the brown star in all its glory as the stretched panties were pushed aside from the pose and revealed that dirty part of her. From the big, fat ass to the succulent thighs, that view awakened something in Ryuko.

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A rush of emotion flared up inside the young boy's head. What would he do with Naruko? What would be their future? Would he let her just go away? Marry another man or woman? Or maybe the girl would live the rest of her life alone without a partner. This was unacceptable; any of those options were a nightmare scenario for Ryuko. There was only one road where both would be happy, and he would grab it and not let it go.

The boy took a deep breath, feeling nervous, his heart beating faster, and his face blushing. It was time for him to finally act on his emotions.

Naruko was unaware that her best friend got behind, and then she felt a huge spike of pain in her left ass cheek. A sharp pain made her squeal as the palm of the redhead left a red imprint on the jinchuriki ass.

“Ouch! That hurts!” The girl barked as she moved her head around to see Ryuko behind her with a small smile. However, Naruko still kept bending on the fridge, the cold of the metal box washing over her body while the heat from the attack assaulted her posterior. For a second, the girl felt mixed emotions; that pain felt a little bit good. Any gesture that Ryuko did to her, from when he held her in place to when they practiced taijutsu. The lonely girl was so touch-starved for love that she even began to get some pleasure from the burst of pain from those ephemeral touches. So Naruko stood there, trying to bait another caress or spank.

Ryuko was happy; his palm was still feeling the soft texture of Naruko's ass. “From now on, you are forbidden to wear pants inside the home,” he ordered with a teasing tone. The boy would be as dominant as necessary to ensure their happy ending; if he needed to treat Naruko as his pet from now on to guarantee her happiness, he would do it.

The blonde scoffed at the suggestion and turned back to keep searching for the orange juice, teasing him. “It is not like I was planning to do it anyway . . .” she muttered, as the girl didn't have any problem showing her body to her best friend.

Naruko then felt something that she didn't expect as Ryuko's hands began to grope her ass. Grabbing it and massaging her posterior with those delicate fingers, kneading her ass as if it was ramen dough. As he proceeded, the girl began to feel weird and strangely hot as her face began to get red.

“He-Hey?! What are you doing? Pervert!” Naruko barked again, having trouble realizing what her best friend wanted. It was impossible that Ryuko would be interested in the filthy girl and the demon she was.

The girl felt the boy leaning over her, his breath caressing her ear as he whispered. “Yeah, but I'm your pervert. Pervert,” Ryuko muttered as his hands kept working on her ass. She could feel her puss* sweating as the head became hotter and hotter.

Naruko felt a knot in her stomach, knowing perfectly well where this was going but unable to fully accept it. “Don't play with me like that . . .” she purred; this was a dream or a cruel prank. There was no way that her friend would want to be with her in such a way, and there was no way that someone would actually like her so much.

Another spike of pain assaulted the girl as Ryuko bit her neck, marking her with them. “I'm going to make you mine forever; I'll make it so you can't even think about anyone else; I'll engrave it in you,” he whispered again, using the pain to make it clear this wasn't any trick or genjutsu. These were his true feelings.

“I-I-I . . . Do you promise that?” Naruko mumbled as her emotions were about to burst. She was shaking out of fear and excitement. The girl didn't care what the conditions were; she just wanted to be with him. Naruko wanted to be desired, to be lusted for, and to be touched, and having that done by her best friend was a dream come true.

She felt those hands hugging her from behind, squeezing her body as if she was about to fall from a cliff. “With each fiber of my being,” Ryuko proclaimed, his voice dead serious and drenched in pure desire.

Nakuro smiled, her body relaxing and her heart bursting with happiness. “Thanks . . .However, you are so mean! Groping my ass and spanking me! You are the worst!” The girl yelled with her regular wide grin, moving the mood to something that she would feel more comfortable with.

Ryuko chuckled. “Well, you will be living with me from now on. I cannot let you tease me all the time without consequences. You need to take responsibility for rubbing your fat ass and cow tit* in my face all the time,” Ryuko answered as his hands went back to grope her ass.

The girl laughed as she felt those nimble fingers touching her wet slit across her pantie. She gritted her teeth, but the sound of her moan still escaped her lips. “It is not my fault that your face is such a good chair!” She barked back while the boy pulled down her panties.

“That would explain why you are so wet down there . . .” Ryuko muttered, and Naruko felt something weird.

The girl felt this big slab of throbbing meat rubbing her puss* with its length; the wet tip was reaching her belly button as she was in awe by the sheer girt of it; it was like a soda can. “Why are you touching me with your forearm? Weirdo,” she teased him before realizing something. That wasn't his forearm.

“Oh . . .” she mumbled, her eyes opening wide as not even in her wildest dreams Naruko would imagine Ryuko with this monster in his pants. It totally did not match his frame or face.

Naruko let out another squeal as that bitch-breaking co*ck kissed her lower lips. However, the teasing kept going and going until the girl started to become frustrated. Just when she was about to say something, she felt another big slap on her ass. “Come on, use the contraceptive jutsu that they taught us in health class,” he ordered with a dominant and deep tone.

The girl rolled her eyes. “Why don't you do it? I suck at this,” Naruko barked back. Even if she was an Uzumaki, she was not that good in that field. However, unable to resist the command, she quickly weaved her hands signs and something similar to a womb tattoo appeared on her lower body. It was a basic sealing jutsu that closed her cervix so sem*n couldn't get into her womb.

“It is more fun this way. You may get it wrong, and you could get pregnant,” Ryuko teased her as his bloated balls filled with boiling sperm were ready to do anything in their power to breed Naruko. The boy wanted kids; he wanted a huge family he could actually love, not like his clan.

Naruko opened her eyes wide. For a second, she felt a little bit tempted by the idea of getting pregnant, but then her more rational part beat some sense into her. “What?! I cannot get pregnant!” She yelled as her whole body was trembling while her friend kept teasing her wet puss*. Drops of her fluids were already creating a small puddle on the floor. Even the stench of sex was flooding the kitchen without needing a single penetration.

“Then you better get studying, you lazy ass! I will try to break your seal all the time from now on, so be a proper ninja and study your fuinjutsu!” Ryuko exclaimed with a genuinely worried tone about his friend.

“You are the worst! Ruining our first time with studying!” Naruko barked back; she hated having to read stuff.

“Meh, we are doing it outside my fridge; the moment was already ruined,” the boy quickly answered with a dismissive tone.

The girl let out a deep sigh and nodded. “Fair point,” she gave in before feeling that co*ck leaving her alone and making her brace herself for the impact.

With a swift hip movement, Ryuko impaled Naruko with his massive co*ck, tearing her hymen and inducing a wave of pleasure and pain in both teenagers. The girl howled like a wounded dog as she felt her c*nt getting wrecked by that colossal meat slab that directly punched her cervix. A spike of pure carnal joy mixed with pain made her legs weak, she almost felt to the floor, but the boy made sure to keep her standing. She barely hung to the outline of the fridge; a mixture of the cold oozed from it and the lewd situation perked her nipples to the point where one could see them across her tank top.

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“Ah! You are so tight!” Ryuko moaned, the sensation of being inside Naruko feeling unreal and addicting. Sex was a lot better than just simple masturbation. The best part for him was that the boy was using his ninja-breaking co*ck inherited from his evil bastard family to make his best friend feel so good.

Naruko gritted her teeth, trying to save some face, but her brain was already drowning in pleasure. “f*ck, why is your co*ck so big?!” She barked back as the boy began to move slowly. Each movement made Naruko felt like he would pull her whole c*nt out of her body, stretching and scraping her puss* with so much pressure that she could only squeal, moan, and drool like an animal.

Ryuko slapped that ass again, loving each second of this. Dominating Naruko and reshaping her guts with his co*ck so she would always be with him, even if it was an egotistical act, gave him the reward of a tight, hot, and moist hole that was driving him mad. “It is your stupid, sexy body that makes my co*ck so hard!” He snarled, remembering all the teasing she did during their lives. Now there was no more teasing, just raw, primal sex like two animals in heat.

The sound of two bodies clapping against each other rumbled across the house, even shaking it a little as the glasses vibrated from the howls of pleasure that the two ninjas were making. In the kitchen, the musky stench of sex, sweat, cum, and girl juices followed the place as a light mist.

“Then I'll . . . f*ck. . . make sure to fix that!” Naruko managed to squeal as her mind was turning into mush. She only clenched her puss* harder, forcing Ryuko to move his hips faster as both got drunk on each other's bodies.

If the girl wanted to fight, the boy would give her that. “Byakugan!” He exclaimed with a loud tone, veins around his white eyes popping as he activated his dojutsu. Why did he do it? To see Naruko's G spot it and directly punch it with his co*ck.

The second that he did that, the girl lost. “Wait! It is not fair!” Naruko exclaimed as she surrendered herself to the pleasure and showed how much she was his bitch with each inch of her body. She screamed while crying, snot, tears, and saliva ran down her face as the heat in her loins began to boil.

Ryuko began to move as fast as he could, feeling his balls getting heavy and about to burst, but he refused to finish until he made sure to capture his ray of sunshine so it would never leave him alone. “We are ninjas! We don't play fair!” He finally said that, resolving himself to use any dirty trick in his sleeves to ensure their happiness.

Naruko felt it—how Ryuko was turning her into a completely incurable slu*t. Each strike, each thrust, was engraving in her soul that sex was one of the most joyful things they could do together. It was not only the feeling of getting her puss* stretched but also the stench of sem*n in the air, the warmth oozing from the boy's body, their moans and grunts of pleasure mixing together, the spicy pain of having her virginity torn, and the fact she was doing it with her best friend.

They stop talking, both completely enraptured by their own pleasure and feeling their climaxes getting nearer as the speed reached its peak. After a few minutes, everything ended with an explosion.

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Ryuko's co*ck went as deep as he could into that puss*, punching her cervix, and erupted in a flood of cum. He clenched his balls and shot rope after rope of thick seed inside his best friend. Ryuko gritted his teeth as a string of saliva drooled from his mouth, and his byakugan was fully activated to witness how his seed flooded the interior of Naruko. This was pure pleasure. He wanted to breed her, fill her womb with his seed, and create a huge family; however, the girl had made a decent seal. The talent of the Uzumaki clan in fuinjutsu played against the boy in this case.

The second that Naruko felt that thick and virile sap coating her interior, the heat on her loins exploded into a blazing inferno of pleasure, and she climaxed. A loud screech of pure lewd joy escaped her lungs while she made a wide and dorky smile, and her eyes rolled to the back of her head. The girl could feel Ryuko draining his balls inside her c*nt as she lowered her cervix and squeezed each drop out of him. Naruko's whole body tensed as the string of a bow was about to get shot in the few seconds that both were cumming; her slit squirted girl fluids all over the floor as the thick globs of cum overflowed her puss*. Only when both were finally done tainting the kitchen floors with her juices and teenage hormones, she finally relaxed, almost falling to the ground again.

They stood there completely still for a few seconds, as if the world around them had ceased to exist. For Ryuko, at that moment, the big and scary world that made him feel so tiny and weak was gone. The only thing in existence for him was Naruko, and that made a wave of relief and joy wash over him. A feeling that the boy became instantly addicted to. For Naruko, it was this genuine act of love—something that reinforced her wishes to become Hokage and defend this village. She could make other people like her and love her; her dreams were not impossible, and her future husband was clear proof of that.

After that, Ryuko pulled out. He witnessed the beauty of Naruko's gaping puss* as she felt her body expelling the sem*n inside her on the floor. It was like a white waterfall of sap-like spunk oozing from her c*nt.

“How . . . do you cum so much?” The girl asked with a drowsy tone as her brain began to recover from her org*sm. Naruko's regenerating nature was already in effect, not only restoring her stamina but also healing her puss* back into her prime tightness. Lucky for the girl, her hymen grew back but was a lot more elastic than before, so tearing it with that massive co*ck was no longer a problem.

Ryuko took a deep breath, his co*ck finally relaxing as the refractory period began to kick in. “10 years of you blue-balling me, and I am not even done,” the boy teased as the girl quickly turned her back and rubbed her perky nipples against his chest.

“You better do it; you made a promise,” Naruko muttered with a smug smile on her lips.

Ryuko grabbed her ass again and pushed the kunoichi even closer to him. “And I will fulfill it,” he finally said, and after that, they shared their first kiss.

The rest of the night was marked by the sound of two bodies clapping between each other all the time. They f*cked on each possible piece of furniture in the house over and over again as they both put their stamina to the test. The couple had become completely addicted to each other as they shared fluids non-stop. They were loud, lewd, crying, and moaning like animals while snot, tears, saliva, sem*n, and girl juices constantly mixed. There were only those few moments of calm between mating sessions where they would just take a respite to hug and kiss each other, unable to be apart even during those brief minutes.

Ryuko was an Uzumaki, and their stamina was legendary, but he miscalculated one small detail. Naruko also had Uzumaki blood plus the boost of the nine tails; in terms of sheer endurance, she came on top. . . metaphorically and literally.

As the sun was rising on the window, Ryuko was lying on his wet futon. Naruko was on top of him. “What is the problem, pervert? Are you still mad because I am rubbing my cow tit* all over you?” She muttered with a vulpine smile, her huge tit* wrapping around Ryuko's massive co*ck. The girl moved them up, making sure to milk one last round before the two fell asleep. Naruko hypnotized her lover with the movement of those colossal white fleshy mountains with two huge pink peaks as if she was casting a genjutsu on him.

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The boy made a small smile as a shot of sem*n burst out of his co*ck, coating not only Naruko's tit* but also her face with his seed. A small moan was forced out his lips as the girl kissed the sensitive tip, sucking was left in his tank. “You are breaking my heart,” he said as both looked each other in the eyes, sharing the same flaming passion.

On the outside of the house, hiding in the trees at a safe distance of more than 50 meters, there was a hooded figure dressed in black spying on them. Wearing a strange white mask with catlike details similar to the ANBU, she made sure to remain vigilant about the whole situation. Even if the kunoichi couldn't see inside the home, she could hear and smell what had happened inside. Cold, emotionless, and inexpressive, this enemy made sure to inform her boss about the current situation with the nine tails and the bastard son.

Chapter 2


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Chapter Text

The next morning and after the shower, both were as fresh as lettuce. The legendary Uzumaki regeneration left them happy and ready for their first day as proper ninjas. Naruko said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek to meet her new teacher, while Ryuko just stayed in the house to clean up the mess they made.

After a lot of mopping and an air refresher, the place was like new, just in time to receive his new teacher. The boy found a letter on his door when he woke up, detailing the whole situation. Part of him was thankful that they cared enough to assign him a teacher, but others hated owning these people more and more. Nothing was free in this life, and the Kuroi clan said that saying was just an objective truth. Ryuko dreaded the day that it would be time to pay his debt, but if he managed to get strong enough, that would not be a problem.

The boy was sitting in his living room, studying some Fuinjutsu scrolls, when he heard a knock on the door. It was his teacher. Ryuko opened the door and saw a kunoichi a head taller than him, a little on the older side, like in her late twenties.

“Greetings. I am Shizune, and I will be your teacher from now on, Ryuko Kuroi,” the teacher muttered with a cold and neutral expression as if she were playing poker with the young genin.

Shizune was ready for the worst. With the family history of the ninja, the woman was expecting a basic level of improper movements. That was why she kept this overall distant attitude, trying to make it look as if she was an experienced teacher and not a nervous wreck with this being her first time. The fact that her student was a complete cutie, even if he was on the younger side for her taste, made things really hard for the kunoichi. However, she knew that the second the girl showed a sliver of weakness, her student could jump to her throat.

Ryuko was a little taken aback by that woman. He could see and hear some disdain in her voice. There was some level of disgust in Shizune towards Ryuko.

Ryuko immediately understood what was happening. The boy's family was blackmailing the kunoichi to be his teacher. He felt some empathy toward the poor woman and decided to be nice to her. After all, Ryuko did not need more enemies, and he also felt the annoying leash of the Kuroi clan around his neck.

The ninja made a gentle smile and nodded. “Nice to meet you. Please come in,” he muttered, inviting the woman inside his home.

“Can I offer you tea?” He offered with genuine care for his guest. This was the first time in a long time that someone new walked inside his home, and he wanted to be a nice host to her.

Shizune raised an eyebrow, fearing that there could be some weird drugs in the tea. “No thanks,” she answered, trying not to sound crass towards her student.

The duo sat on the main living room table and began to talk. “So, what will we be doing?” Ryuko asked with a curious tone, trying his best to ignore the dry and somber atmosphere in the room.

"I will be honest with you, kid, and I will admit that I don't exactly know how the Byakugan works, so I will not be the best teacher for that," Shizune admitted to, lowering the genin's expectations.

Ryuko nodded; it was not like he could learn the techniques of the Hyuga clan anyway with the seal in his heart.

The kunoichi raised three fingers. "But from what I know, there are three ways that you can become stronger without the need of the Gentle Fist," she began to explain. Even if this was a shady job, the girl had her pride as a ninja in line.

"The first is really simple. Since you have superior perception than a regular ninja, we could opt for a long-medium range option using the Senbons," Shizune began to say, and from her sleeve, she took out a long steel needle.

Ryuko nodded and began to think about the pros and cons of that way of fighting. "That could work, but hitting those points from afar is not an easy task. The Gentle Fist has the advantage of being in close quarters," the ninja said as he remembered Hinata and Nemu.

The teacher nodded. "That is why you poison them; even if you don't hit the tenketsu points from afar, you will still hamper your enemy's movement. Making you hit their tenketsu points more easily for the next attack," she answered, having a plan to deal with that drawback. Poisons were really useful for ninjas specializing in speed or perception, like any person with the Byakugan.

"Oh, I get it," Ryuko said, knowing nothing about poisons and toxins. It wasn't really his main interest, but now that the woman mentioned it, it had a lot of potential. Slowly, the boy was learning that his eyes had a lot of possible applications that the Hyuga clan had pushed aside in order to favor their main combat style.

"The next option is a lot more . . . complex. So let me explain it with drawings," Shizune said, taking a small notebook and a couple of pens out of her pockets. She began to draw three different schemes on the paper to make her point clear. It was as if the girl was teaching this to a child.

"This is a normal chakra vein with a tenketsu point on top. You can see how the chakra flows, right?" The girl muttered and pointed at the first drawing. It was a basic tube with some arrows to symbolize the chakra flow. There was a semi-circle in the middle of the tube, symbolizing the chakra point.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (10)

The boy nodded. "Yes," he answered, feeling a little disrespected that the teacher had such low expectations of him that she needed to make drawings. Ryuko was the second-best student in his class after all, something that he was proud of. Well, the genin should show her what a good student he was when he had the chance.

“Well, my theory on how the Gentle Fist works is this one,” she said, pointing to the second image.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (11)

It was the same, but now the tenketsu point was bent into the chakra tube, stopping the flow of the energy.

“It presses the point, making it a blockage inside the chakra network,” the medic theorized, thinking that it was the same as a blood clot.

“Hmmm, yes, that made sense. That would also explain why a barrier like a Senbon also has the same effect,” Ryuko muttered and nodded.

Shizune then pointed to the third and final image. “Now that you understand that, this is why cutting the tenketsu points does not work,” she finally said, as the drawing now was the same as the first but with a straight cut in the middle of the tenketsu point. Multiple blue lines indicated the chakra spilling from that point.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (12)

“It leaks, but the flow remains.” Ryuko instantly realized why it was a problem to just cut the tenketsu points instead of blocking them.

The kunoichi raised an eyebrow, impressed by how fast the boy managed to learn this stuff. She was expecting a spoiled child without a shred of talent, but things seemed to be different. “Exactly. I have seen similar wounds, and the leak of chakra is minimal compared to the blood loss of a wound of that caliber in that zone. So the person will run out of blood before running out of chakra,” Shizune finally said.

Ryuko rubbed his chin. “So . . . what you are getting at is that Kenjutsu is a bad idea,” he muttered, learning something new.

"That was what I thought at the start, but then I realized that you do not need to worry about the tenketsu points in the first place if you go in close to your target. This is a chakra scalpel,” Shizune said, raising a hand with her fingers extended. Suddenly, it was covered with a blue layer of chakra that created a small silhouette around it of just 2 cm around her skin. The woman then, from her pocket, took a small rubber ball with the other hand and proceeded to partially slice it with her chakra blade. Why did she do that? To show two things. First, it was that the jutsu was extremely sharp, slicing the rubber without problems. Second, the penetration was not that big; after all, it only managed to cut half of the small rubber ball.

“And you have a pair of eyes that allow you to see inside people. You can clearly see veins, tendons, arteries, and nerves, right?” Shizune asked, trying to guide her student toward the correct solution.

Ryuko nodded. It was a style of fighting that was centered around death by one thousand cuts. Slowly dismantle his opponents, cut by cut. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, I get it,” the boy answered. That would match really well with his taijutsu.

“Yes, if you managed to just add a single shadow clone to the combination. You could become deadly with an attrition style of fighting,” Shizune finally added, knowing full well that his Uzumaki bloodline could endure the chakra cost of having one shadow clone at this young age.

“Interesting . . .” the boy muttered, that would be one of the best options he had. A nice replacement for the Gentle Fist.

“The third option is more something that you should know and take into consideration than something I can teach you since I am not good at genjutsu,” Shizune admitted. She really didn't want to do this since she was really bad at it, but it was worth telling him that. Especially if the boy got a genjutsu master in the future.

Ryuko let out a sigh. “It never really caught my attention either,” he answered, as the genin wasn't also really interested in that type of jutsu.

“Maybe it should, since you have three factors in your favor. First, thanks to your eyes, you have a 360-degree field of vision where you can fire up genjutsu from any angle. Second, the Bykugan already has an inbuilt protection against genjutsu since you see the world in a different way than a normal ninja, making creating convincing illusions a lot harder for you. Third, good chakra control will also synergize really well with medicine jutsu, making it also better with genjutsu,” Shizune explained, as this wasn't just really all conjecture on her part. The woman didn't even have records of the Hyuga clan using that much genjutsu, apart from the most basic ones.

“So basically. It is like a defensive focus Sharingan,” Ryuko answered. At least not getting caught in genjutsu would be really useful for the future.

The woman nodded. “I don't know a lot about those two Dojutsus, but it is a way to see it,” she finally said, getting ready for an answer.

Ryuko decided to start with the basics, just improve his seals, and learn more medicine jutsu. He almost went completely on the second plan they had, but he wasn't sure about learning chakra scalpels. Mostly because he wanted to focus on Fuinjutsu for now.

The training with Ryuko went extremely well. Shizune was surprised at not only how talented the young genin was but also how nice he was with her. He never disrespected her or did the unsavory things that his clan was famous for. Ryuko was not only blessed with a huge amount of talent but also the will to work far beyond the kunoichi's expectations. She even needed to tell him that he must take a break from time to time.

The duo also decided to work on increasing Ryuko's vision range from 50 meters to 100 since he would be alone on most of the missions. The best way for the genin to survive and succeed was to run if a strong enemy appeared or get ready with extra time if it was something that he could deal with. That was why stretching his Byakugan range to its limits was a must.

Starting with the basics like chakra control and increasing his already impressive chakra pool, eventually, she took the boy to learn more about Fuinjutsu and the basics of Ninjutsu. All of it was part of the plan of the woman for the genin to learn the shadow clone jutsu and use it in a safe way. She wasn't expecting that the boy would grow so much in such a short time, but after the third week, and since Ryuko had used his Byakugan X-ray vision to rush his medical training, Shizune decided to take a gamble. The kunoichi was kind of worried that the addiction of her teacher was starting to infect her.

Ryuko had a lot of excess chakra. Those low-ranking missions that he was doing just to get some experience for better and more dangerous tasks only used his shadow clone technique to be completely faster. Since that jutsu returned the chakra once it had dissipated, the boy had a huge surplus of chakra that needed use. The solution that Shizune found was to teach him a lesser version of the legendary seal of her own teacher.

Shizune was scared that Ryuko was be able to master it in just a week. What kind of monster was he? She knew that the Uzumakis had a talent for fuinjutsu, but that was ridiculous. Why weren't the Jonins fighting to have him as a student? Well, she knew the answer, but still, the woman began to feel a little bit happy to have him as a student.

It was a hot morning when Ryuko was ready to keep his training with Shizune going. The boy's head was still a little dizzy from the last night that he spent overusing his shadow clone training method, but apart from that, he felt great. He was expecting her, as every morning when they had lessons outside his house, the kunoichi appeared in front of him.

“So, what is the lesson for today, teacher?” The redhead asked with a soft and excited smile on his face. He was still thrilled by the seal she had taught him, and Ryuko could not wait to put the small triangle in his forehead to test it in a real fight.

Shizune made a small smile. During these weeks, the boy had grown on her. “You have been progressing really well in ninjutsu, so I wanted to check first what your chakra nature is,” the woman said, taking out a small paper square and giving it to her student.

“And this paper is for . . .” the boy asked with a confused tone. Ryuko would like to add some elemental jutsus to his arsenal since he lacked a proper finishing move, but he wasn't sure what that could be.

“It is a special type of paper; just infuse your chakra into it,” Shizune ordered, as this was the easiest method to figure out the boy's chakra nature.

“Sure . . .” Ryuko said, and he did what his teacher asked. To his surprise, the white paper became damp as if it was just soaked in water.

Shizune raised an eyebrow, not that surprised that an Uzumaki would have water affinity. "Oh, so you have water affinity,” she explained with a calm tone.

Ryuko's ears perked up, this was extremely helpful for him. Especially since the biggest problem with the water element was that it needed water in most of the cases, a problem that he could fix with his fuinjutsu. He just needs to seal a lake's worth of water and be done with it. “Can you teach me water jutsus, then?” He asked, trying to hide his excited tone.

"Sorry, but no, I only know wind-style jutsus. However, I can fix that,” the teacher answered, already needing to find someone who could teach him water jutsus. There were still a lot of things that the woman could show him, but that, in particular, wasn't possible for her.

Shizune took a deep breath. "Anyway, that is all for today; tomorrow you have your first big mission, so take the rest of the day free,” the woman finally said since Ryuko needed to relax. After all, the boy would have his first mission with combat, and even a ninja like him needed to be fresh for it.

“But-” he began to mumble before getting cut by the kunoichi.

“It is an order from your teacher,” Shizune said with a playful smile.

Ryuko rolled his eyes and let out a deep sigh. “Fine . . .” he admitted, defeated as the woman began to walk away from his home. However, just a few steps away from him, Shizune turned around.

“Hey,” she said, looking at Ryuko more like a friend than just a student.

Shizune felt like she owed an apology to the Uzumaki. “You are a good kid; don't let people take that from you,” the kunoichi added, the best advice she could give him for this first mission.

Ryuko blushed a little. It always felt strange when people said that kind of thing. “Su-Sure, thanks, teacher,” he mumbled, really not knowing how to take that compliment.

Ryuko decided to take the day to hang out with his other friend. One that the boy hadn't seen in a whole week, so it was time to fix that. He just needed to follow the sound of hardcore training, and the redhead would find her.

With the extra help of Byakugan, he managed to find Lee training inside one of the parks in Konoha. The girl was inside the forest; sweat poured down her forehead as her hands struck a log of wood, carving it with her hands alone. Something not really impressive for a ninja, or Ryuko wouldn't think if he didn't know about the secret of the weights she was wearing on her limbs. The boy felt a twist in his stomach, knowing full well the amount of strength needed to even move with those things.

Lee had long, shiny black hair and round eyes with prominent and very thick eyebrows. Her long hair cascaded on her lower back as she first kept striking the wood. As always, she was wearing a green jumpsuit, orange leg warmers, and the village ninja band as her belt. The girl was a plank—no tit* or ass, but a body sculpted by an inhuman amount of training. Chiseled abs and steel biceps with scars and bruises all over her body. Ryuko was just a simple student of the art of hard work; Lee was a genius on the topic.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (13)

“Well, it seems that someone wants to talk with the Beautiful Green Wild Beast of Konoha!” Lee exclaimed with a boisterous tone as she placed a hand behind Ryuko's shoulder.

The boy saw her move, but it was more like a green blur that was hard to follow even with his byakugan. It wasn't activated, but still, that was an impressive speed. “It's not my fault that you are always training or on missions all the time,” Ryuko said with a small smile on his lips. That sweaty girl with bushy eyebrows was the reason why he understood that no matter how big his talent or his gifts from birth were, he always needed to train.

Lee shook her head. “And why are you not doing that?!” She reproached him once again. More than she liked having the boy near her, the kunoichi knew that training was extremely important for Ryuko since he lacked a team. She would love to have him in her team instead of Nemu, but life wasn't fair.

“I am doing it now. I was getting into taijutsu, and I wanted to see if you could give me some advice,” Ryuko asked with a calm tone since that was the best way to improve his already decent combat style. He only needed more finishing power, and Lee had a lot of that.

Lee nodded with a wide smile on her lips. “Of course, I can give you some advice!” She exclaimed, ready to train with her best friend.

“Let's talk about it over lunch; you need to feed those muscles,” Ryuko said with a gentle smile, wanting to spend some time with his friend while eating.

Lee let out a scoffed laugh and nodded.“But I am paying for my part this time! I will not take advantage of you,” she muttered with a boisterous tone. That was one of the main things they always had to fight about. Lee had this weird way of being nice to the boy, like trying to pay for stuff for him and giving him small gifts like flowers. Such a charming girl.

The duo went to a BBQ place that served the typical array of meat and vegetables for one to cook on the small grills on the table. Ryuko would not dare to go to a ramen place without Naruko; that would be even worse than cheating on her.

The second they entered the place, the ninjas were assaulted by the smell of cooked meat, the sound of small fans extracting the smoke from each table, and the sound of people eating. Both rushed toward one table, ready to get some food when . . .

Nothing bad happened. There was a chance to run into their fellow genins, and that would have soured the mood but it seemed that they were on a mission. That was the only reason Choko would not be in there, gorging herself with meat.

Why didn't Ryuko go to another place if there was a chance of meeting those bitches? Well, Lee liked to eat here, so that was all the reason he needed.

They began to eat and talk about taijutsu while consuming a lot of calories and some sake. It was kind of early to get drunk, but Lee would not say no to some booze, especially since her fast metabolism would burn the alcohol in minutes once they were done. During that conversation, the boy came to the conclusion that his current biggest problem was his lack of speed. He had the endurance and damage of his seal, but that was useless if everybody could just dodge his attacks.

Lee, on the other hand, came to a different conclusion, especially when she began to ask about what he and Naruko were doing living alone. It was easy to figure out what was happening, and as the girl got a little more drunk, she became a lot more bold with her questions.

“So you and Naruko are . . .” Lee began to mutter with a small smile on her lips, her pale skin already getting red from the booze.

Ryuko let out an awkward laugh. “Yes . . . you know . . . doing it,” he said, trying to not hurt the girl's feelings.

Lee scoffed at that notion and got a little too close to the boy. “Well! Are you planning to do it?” She asked, taking the redhead by surprise. He didn't know what she meant by that.

“What?” Ryuko asked, still confused by the gesture.

The girl made an annoyed face and got even closer to the boy. “Come on! Do you remember what we promised when we were kids?” She asked with a frustrated tone while puffing her cheeks.

“Sorry,” Ryuko apologized; he didn't have any idea what she was talking about.

Lee was now just a few centimeters from touching the boy's lips, her drunken breath washing over his face. “That if you fall in love with either of us, you will marry all of us,” she muttered, one of her hands rubbing the interior of his thigh.

Those words made him remember that promise when they were ten. That was an impressive memory from the kunoichi. “Oh . . .” Ryuko blushed, knowing where these things would be going. Well, what kind of ninja breaks their promise?!

After that, Lee pushed forward, enforcing her first kiss with Ryuko. She was a little bit drunk, and that only made her more aggressive than usual. The redhead was assaulted by a wave of bitter alcohol; he wasn't as used as Lee to the taste, and he drank just a little bit, but that saliva infused with sake was enough to get him a little tipsy. In that situation, the boy only kissed back, making this sloppy sound around the restaurant as his hands firmly grabbed those muscular thighs. Ryuko was a little afraid for his health, but he would not be a coward; he would let his lust take charge.

“Let's go to a more private place,” the boy muttered after breaking the kiss, leaving only this bridge of translucent saliva connecting the two. A bridge that Lee quickly destroyed with her tongue as she licked it clean.

Ryuko supported Lee as they got up and went near the counter to pay for something else. All while he hadn't stopped groping the girl across her jumpsuit, with all the training and sweat, that thing was basically painted into her body like a second layer of skin. He could feel those steel-like muscles with his fingers. Ryuko thought that she didn't feel his touch, but that smile on her face said another thing.

One would think that the redhead was taking advantage of the drunken kunoichi, but Lee was actually groping his ass more aggressively than he was doing it to her.

The man at the counter rolled his eyes the second he saw Ryuko and Lee together. “Oh, the Kuroi clan, this way,” he muttered with some disgust in his voice and guided them to a small back room in the restaurant.

It was just a tiny 5x5 wooden room with a big sofa in the middle, some bottles of alcohol in a minibar, and a dim yellow light shining over them. It wasn't rare that the members of the Kuroi clan got horny in public and decided to do dirty acts without caring about anything. That was why, in the most popular places of the village, at the insistence of Hiruzen, they had placed some small f*ckrooms to avoid bringing too much shame to the village.

“Your family is really a bunch of perverts,” Lee muttered as she practically jumped onto the sofa with a huge grin on her face.

Ryuko chuckled, trying not to ruin the moment, thinking about all the hideous acts that were made in this room. At least it smelled like a cheap disinfectant and not something else. “At least they paid for the construction of these rooms,” the boy muttered, already feeling his co*ck trying to break free from his pants.

“Now . . . ” Lee purred and opened her legs towards Ryuko; she used two of her fingers to spread her puss* toward him. Even if she was wearing her jumpsuit, the boy could perfectly see the shape of her slit; it was clear that the girl wasn't wearing underwear under her clothes.

The girl took a few seconds for the boy to admire her body; she almost let out a soft laugh as she saw the redhead blushing. “Do you like what you see?” Lee asked, licking her lips and spreading her legs for Ryuko.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (14)

The boy would not take this teasing lightly. This girl was driving him mad with lust, and he would let that not go unpunished. He pounced on her, and using his hand, he tore out a hole in her jumpsuit, finally letting that puss* take some fresh air. Lee only smiled and kept teasing him now, literally opening her wet slit for him to fully see it. Those small lips, the erect cl*t in the middle, the pinkish interior, and perfectly shaved skin. It took him over the edge.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (15)

“I hope you are ready,” Ryuko snarled, finally pulling down his pants and unleashing his monster. The massive 25-cm co*ck sprung to life with those colossal testicl*s under it already churning with boiling and virile sperm. Ryuko would claim Lee the same way he claimed Naruko.

“Amazing! I always thought that you had a huge co*ck!” Lee cheered him up. Of course, she trusted that her friend would be hung like a horse. What kind of ninja didn't think the best about her friends?

Ryuko took a deep breath and began to weave hand signs. “Safety first,” he muttered and then placed a big seal on the girl's lower abdomen, something similar to a womb tattoo that would prevent her from getting pregnant. The boy would not breed the girl in a dirty place like this; it needed to be somewhere special.

Lee chuckled, feeling a tingle on her loins as the redhead did his jutsu. “Oh, do you think that your Kuroi seed can overpower my ovules filled with the power of YOUTH?!” She exclaimed as she used her hands to open her legs even further, showing her impressive flexibility.

Ryuko made a smug smile, his massive co*ck already throbbing with full virility. “Of course, that is why I am giving you this small advantage,” he teased back as the boy was ready to have some fun and turn this girl into his woman.

“I accept your challenge,” Lee exclaimed with a vulpine grin on her face, ready to face him.

That made the redhead reconsider his decisions. If she wanted a true challenge, Ryuko would give her one. “Well, if you are in the mood for a challenge, what about this?” He yelled and then weaved hand seals to do the shadow clone jutsu. In a puff of smoke, two other Ryukos were in the same room, all of them wielding colossal meat slabs. If a girl could handle this, it was Lee, so this was the best way to test it.

Lee swallowed saliva; now that was a proper challenge; however, the drunk girl quickly recovered her composure. “Bring it on!” she exclaimed, ready for Ryuko to do his worst on her.

Ryuko would fight with his dick, not with his words. “Byakugan!” He exclaimed as his eyes now could see each of the girl's weak points; it was time to strike. The boy pounced at her, as he would strike the G spot on her puss* directly with this co*ck while his clones began to molest her mouth. It would be completely rough and hardcore sheer f*cking but also loving sex.

Lee let out a howl of pleasure as she opened her mouth like a big O letter, pulling her tongue out and rolling her eyes to the back of her head. She could feel that massive co*ck breaking into her puss* and striking her cervix while applying pressure to her weak point. It was her first time but even if her hymen was no longer there thanks to her constant and rough training, she still felt a spike of pain as the meat slab stretched her slit. The best part was that since Lee had already connected the pain of training with the pleasure of getting better, this only made this f*cking even more enjoyable.

The redhead saw this as an opportunity to attack and went for her face. The two clones quickly began to double-f*ck those lips as his main co*ck made sure to keep her mouth open. It wasn't as pleasurable as doing it himself, but he still got some carnal pleasure from the org*sm, as their memories would partially become one in the future.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (16)

A salty and strong taste filled the kunoichi's mouth as the clones began to facef*ck her without mercy. She tried her best to milk those massive co*cks with her hands as she licked and sucked Ryuko's huge manhoods, but her mind was going numb from the stench and the flavor hitting harder than the alcohol.

“Come on, Lee, get used to this feeling because I will be f*cking you like this for the rest of your life,” Ryuko muttered with a soft and gentle tone while his bodies did the opposite. They were f*cking Lee as if they were trying to break her into a sex slave, showing how much love but also strength he could exercise.

It was getting louder in here; the sound of Ryuko's moans and grunts was almost overshadowed by the muffled screams of pleasure that Lee was making as he went faster and faster. The kunoichi senses were getting overpowered by the wet slapping of the bodies, the strong musk and salty flavor of those co*cks abusing her throat, and the manhood reshaping her c*nt.

Ryuko could already feel his balls getting heavier. He couldn't deny it; Lee's muscular puss* was crushing his co*ck. While Naruko was tight, her c*nt was a lot more gentle and submissive. This one? It was strangling his manhood to milk it as if it was the grip of a gorilla. “The few seconds that you are not training will be completely dedicated to you enjoying my co*ck,” he whispered again to the girl, making it clear what his plans were for her.

Lee was completely drunk with those co*cks and those sweet words; her mind was spinning, unable to think of anything except the pleasure rushing through her body. The girl could feel the heat in her loins about to burst, and as the speed was reaching its peak, she closed her legs around Ryuko.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (17)

Unable to hold on for a second, the three co*cks explode. A massive eruption of sem*n struck Lee's face as she milked those two fat manhoods, while the main just burst inside her c*nt. The girl arched her back as her own org*sm came, squirting her juices all over the room in a big arch.

It was a complete mess. Lee could feel the boiling sem*n filling her puss* as those meat slabs twitched and unloaded their spunk all around her body. The girl rolled her eyes to the back of her head as she kept using her hands, c*nt, and tongue to milk her man. She felt nasty and dirty but also happy and good, as if this was the end of another hard day of pure training. Sex was the best.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (18)

Ryuko let out a deep sigh, enthralled by the view in front of him. Lee's face and tit* were covered in his sem*n while her gaping c*nt was oozing his seed. All while the kunoichi was breathing heavily like a fish out of water. “From now on, the Beautiful Green Wild Beast of Konoha, one of the most powerful kunoichis of the village, will be my woman,” he proclaimed, trying to buy some time before his co*cks were ready to go again. This would be a long battle.

Ryuko attacked Lee for hours without mercy, f*cking her mouth and puss* non-stop. It hurt; the sheer size alone was a problem, but the constant attack—the clones taking turns in her body, draining their balls constantly in her puss* and throat—was exhausting. However, all that pain was also mixed with equally big spikes of sheer pleasure. The kind of chemical rush that made the girl grit her teeth and squirt all over the floor like a broken fountain. It was a mixture of two completely opposite feelings that she couldn't understand, but it felt amazing.

Lee felt her brain melting under these contradictory feelings as she chewed on the thick loads of sperm constantly being forced fed to her by both of her lips, the upper and lower ones. She didn't get it, but as the three bodies kept pouncing at her, she didn't care. It was like training; it was painful, but in the end, there was just pure pleasure. As she almost felt her eyes bending into heart shapes, Lee understood she was a masoch*st.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (19)

Outside the room, a waitress was talking with one of the cooks. “Can you believe this?” She asked, more baffled than angry by the sounds coming out of that room. It had been hours; those civilians couldn't imagine the stamina and lust of a proper ninja.

“They even overpower the soundproof foam that we put in the room. Dammit Kuroi clan,” the man cursed Ryuko's family and him. After all, they would have to clean up that mess.

An hour later, Lee was completely defeated by Ryuko's co*cks. The boy and his three clones were sitting on the sofa, with the girl sucking the main body while her hands milked the other two. She was looking him directly in the eyes, admitting defeat without a single word as her lips curled around the boy's dicks. Her whole body was covered in a thick layer of sweat and sem*n; one could even see the drops of his thick seed muddying her black hair.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (20)

Then, the door almost exploded as a blonde girl rushed inside the room.

“Oh, I can't believe you are doing this! Specially with bushy eyebrows?!” Naruko exclaimed with an angry expression as she caught her man and friend doing it . . . without her!

Before Ryuko could react, Lee took his co*ck out of her mouth for a second. “It was a childhood promise!” She barked back to Naruko.

The blonde girl blinked a few times, remembering that promise. “Oh f*ck! You are right. Well, I hope you saved some stamina for me . . .” Naruko exclaimed and took off her shirt, showing her massive tit*.

Ryuko just made a small smile, really glad that his bloodline would let him recover all his stamina for tomorrow. If he was just a normal ninja, the boy would be unable to walk for a whole day after this was done.


Yes, the MC f*cked female Rock Lee. Also next chapter we have a mission in the land of the waves!

Chapter 3


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

There were some things that Ryuko needed to store for his mission. Thanks to his talent in fuinjutsu, the boy could go heavy with his luggage, and he did. Kunais, ropes, rations, camp supplies, senbons, paralyzing poison, medical supplies, oil, explosive seals, smoke bombs, and even some flash tag bombs. The ninja got some empty scrolls just for storage if he found something fancy that he wanted to keep, like some treasure or a cool sword that the bandit could have.

He even managed to get three military rations pills normally used during war, thanks to his family connections. This strong drug, made from powerful stimulants and nutrients, was instantly absorbed by the body once consumed. With this, you could fight for three days and three nights without rest. However, when the effect had run out, you would just collapse from utter exhaustion. Ideal for avoiding sleep for a few days if necessary.

Another thing that Ryuko got was a briefcase full of money in case he needed to indulge in some old and traditional bribery. There was nothing like oiling the gears of a mission with cash to make things go smoother.

For his eyes, Ryuko had a great idea. The boy bought a white reinforced fox mask that perfectly covered not only his eyes with black lenses but also all his face, so the marks of his byakugan could not be seen if he activated it. In the long run, as Ryuko's fame would become bigger and bigger, this would not be useful, but for now, when people didn't know him, it was the best solution. After all, a great part of being a ninja was using deceit and hidden information. Also, this hid his valuable eyes from people from another village who would want to get his dojutsu by force.

Then it came to solving Ryuko's main problem. It was hard for him to land an attack on his enemies. Even if his endurance and physical strength were impressive with the seal on his forehead and his perception was amazing for a normal ninja, the boy's raw speed and hand-to-eye coordination weren't the best. This was the time when his lack of training in Bukijutsu, Taijutsu, and Shurikenjutsu was biting him in his well-toned ass. Landing a killer blow was just hard. However, there were a few solutions he found for this problem.

The solution was just using a ton of smoke bombs. Normal ninjas, unless they were a sensory type or had a special dojutsu, couldn't see across them, but Ryuko could. This basically created a barrier that allowed him to attack a target from any direction with the advantage that they would not see it coming. However, the smoke bombs didn't last for too long, a minute maximum in the perfect weather, and he couldn't use the ones made to hide chakra, but still, they were his best tool.

So, in order to have the bombs at hand, Ryuko made two small paper bracelets on each wrist that contained a couple of them for rapid access mid-combat. The boy could only seal three on each for quick access, but he had more stored in other scrolls.

Another invention he made to solve this problem was a big fuma shuriken with a special surprise in it. The colossal ninja star as big as him, which could just fold to be carried around his waist, had four smoke bombs sealed on each of its four blades. Meaning that when Ryuko threw it, the weapon would work as a decoy for a simple attack, but in reality, it was the perfect tool to set up his smoke field. It didn't matter if the person dodged it or not; the ninja would have the field advantage for a brief moment.

Finally, there was a risky option that he put on the sole of his sandals. He placed two non-flammable explosive tags so that, in the case of absurd energy, Ryuko could technically move in the middle of the air. That would probably damage his legs, if not break them, but with his Uzumaki bloodline and his medicine knowledge, he could worry about the secondary effects afterward.

So, with this gear ready and a nervous smile on his lips, Ryuko went to the Hokage's building to get his mission.

“What do you mean that the mission is already taken?!” He asked, raising his tone and breaking his normal calm facade.

The secretary assigning the missions let out a deep sigh behind her desk; she knew this would cause problems. “Team 10 came early from a mission and asked if there were any C-rank missions available. Since they are a team supervised by a Jonin they had priority over you,” she muttered and got back to her papers, not really paying too much attention to the redhead.

Ryuko counted to ten and took a deep breath. “It . . .is fine,” he muttered with a forced smile, using all his willpower to contain the boiling rage inside him.

The boy's day took another quick turn when he was attacked the second he opened the door of his house when he got back.

Back in his house, Ryuko got ambushed and dragged to the bed. It was a surprise attack with a mixture of pure speed and power that quickly lowered his pants and exposed his massive manhood. “I am sure it was that bitch Ino! She must have figured out that I wanted to get that mission and decided to do extra work just to screw me over,” he yelled, finally discharging all his tension while feeling the soft lips of both Lee and Naruko licking his co*ck from each side.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (21)

“Can you just stop thinking about Ino while I am sucking your co*ck?!” The blonde exclaimed as her long tongue painted with saliva all over his fully erect manhood. She was more focused on the base, as Lee was worshiping the tip.

“Come on, Naruko, put in more effort! If he can talk while getting his co*ck sucked, it is your skill issue rather than his problem,” Lee barked back, making sure to keep eye contact with Ryuko while her hands massaged his balls.

Naruko decided to do a dirty trick and began to rub her cow tit* against the co*ck, putting in some effort like Lee suggested. "Oh, shut up, bushy eyebrows! I was the one with the idea!” The girl said as the Ryuko couldn't stop to let out a chuckle. However, the image of Ino in his head was mixing the pleasure of this double blowj*b with something really dangerous. Lust and anger were not a good mix for the redhead.

“Then act like it! Come on! All the way to the base!” Lee exclaimed and then pushed Naruko's head all the way the way towards the boy's co*ck, forcing the woman to take it all the way to base with such force that even created a bulge in her throat. The blonde was gasping for air until she remembered to breathe from her nose.

A few minutes of loud, slurping sounds and loud moans later, and Ryuko had already forgotten why he was so mad. The only thing in his head now was his bloated balls, about to blow up.

"Girls, I am about to . . .” he muttered, and then both stopped sucking him; they just touched his co*ck with their faces as they gave it a final stroke.

“f*ck!” The boy yelled as his balls tensed and his co*ck erupted with white ropes of spunk covering both girls. Shot after shot of his seed rained over the two kunoichis, filling the house with the musky stench of sex.

The two girls moaned as the thick sap coated both of her faces; it was like a fountain oozing its liquids all over them as that massive co*ck was twitching and throbbing. “There you go. . . Let all your stress out,” Naruko purred with a wide smile, helping her man to relieve some stress.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (22)

After a day of just trying to keep his boiling rage at bay, Naruko went to her mission the next morning. A few hours later, Ryuko was in his home, trying to do some training, when suddenly a clone of her appeared in front of him. It seemed they were having troubles, and they were attacked by a pair of chunin-level ninjas near the village, so like any good boyfriend, he rushed to become extra support. Running as fast as he could, with his fox mask in his face as the whole set of gear he got ready, the ninja managed to catch the group a few hours later, as the sun was starting to set.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (23)

On the road, guided by the clone, he found three ninjas and their client. “Oh, hi Ryuko,” the copy ninja muttered with a calm but disinterested tone as he saw the boy landing in front of them. The mask didn't trick him.

Kakashi, the famous ninja who had copied 1000 jutsu, was there, standing with the typical Jonin green vest, his ninja band covering one eye, and his facemask that covered almost all of his face. The man with silver-spiky hair seemed to be extremely calm about the situation, as he immediately recognized the young boy. There was no animosity in his voice, mostly because even training and carrying his genin team were chores for him. Kakashi didn't have any passion for his job rather than actual hate for the boy. The man just didn't grab him because he only needed three students, and those were picked by the Hokage instead of him.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (24)

“So you brought him?” The prodigy that had taken Ryuko's place as the best of the class muttered.

Satsuki was the last living member of the Uchiha that wasn't a missing-nin. The girl dressed in a predominantly black gi with just some small lines of red in it had a tense and serious expression on her face. Kinda rich coming from a girl with a massive boob window in her clothes that showed a pair of tit* that were on par with Naruko. If you sum up those muscular hips and ass that seemed to be made to repopulate her clan, one was sure that if the girl wasn't so fixated on revenge, she could rebuild her family easily. As a final detail, her long, dark hair was tied in a ponytail as she used her ninja band in her head as Ryuko did.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (25)

“Wait? Ryuko?! Why did you bring that scum to our mission?” Sakura exclaimed, being the only one on the team who didn't manage to figure out Ryuko's disguise.

Sakura was a bitchy and annoying girl, and the only saving grace she had was her amazing ass. Not big in the tit* department, but that posterior was truly one of the biggest and most perfectly shaped of Konoha. The kunoichi had short pink hair, big green eyes, and pale skin. The girl was dressed in a red shirt without sleeves and a pink skirt that couldn't contain her massive ass, so she used a pair of black shorts under it. One would wonder why she was wearing such a slightly revealing outfit if the answer was not obvious. She heard that Satsuki was an ass woman, so Sakura dressed properly to attract that prodigy.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (26)

“Are you done? We need to keep going,” the client said. It was an old man with a huge kasa hat, short hair, and a beard that was already white from his age.

Tazuna was the architect who had put the whole team at risk by lying. The clone told Ryuko a summary of the situation, but basically Gato, one of the richest people that the boy knew, wanted him dead. Ryuko was livid that this scum put his woman in danger for not having enough money to pay for a proper bodyguard team. However, the dice were already rolled, and he would need to protect the man from really well-paid mercenaries together with the rest of the team.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (27)

Satsuki took a second to talk as she evaluated the situation while the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke. “So you are bringing him because his byakugan can help us detect incoming enemies, and since he is a teamless genin, you had almost guaranteed chances that he will be available. Also, since our enemies specialize in sneak attacks, he is the perfect counter. It is a smart move,” she muttered with a strange and rare small smile while looking toward Naruko.

The blonde blinked a few times, confused. “What? No! Ryuko was a little down because his C-rank mission got canceled, and so I brought him to cheer him up,” Naruko exclaimed with a happy and cheerful tone.

“I take back what I said,” Satsuki said with a tired tone, and she let out a deep sigh while rolling her eyes.

The group continued their travel; it would take some time, but a few days in, they were already getting near their location. The dense forest that surrounded the hidden village slowly began to be replaced by this swampy land of small lakes and rivers. Under the morning sky, the ninjas were just walking around a lake when the usual banter between Sakura and Ryuko got a lot more heat than usual.

The boy didn't care about her being an asshole to him. But Ryuko would not tolerate his girl getting disrespected.

“sh*t, I can't believe this blonde bimbo got you on our team,” Sakura snarled with an aggressive tone, looking at Naruko. The girl still hated Ryuko for reasons that were not his fault; at most, it was his family's fault, not his.

Ryuko immediately barked back. “Hey, don't talk bad about Naruko,” he said with a non-gentle tone under his mask. He had his byakugan already active, and thanks to this big chakra reserve, Ryuko could use it for days without any problems.

“Don't think that because you are our medic, I will be nice to you!” Sakura spewed words with pure vitriol.

The boy chuckled, trying to hide his anger under his mask. If they were going to fight, she would need to be the first one to strike, so he would have the excuse of self-defense. “Or what are you gonna do? Use your ninjutsu? Maybe taijutsu? Your impressive genjutsu? Are you a secret master of fuinjutsu? Come on, help me a little. I am running out of jutsus and I still can't find something you are half decent on,” he muttered with a teasing tone and a sh*t-eating grin under his mask.

Sakura turned around and clenched her fist. “Oh, you son of a bitch!" Sakura snarled, ready to get serious, when Kakashi stopped them.

"Come, kids, don't fight,” he said with a tired tone, already breaking the tenth fight of the day. They didn't pay him enough for this, especially since Sakura was the one starting them.

The boy would keep being a smug bastard, especially suggesting she worked for him since the girl was short on cash, but that would have to wait. He saw something coming 100 meters from the direction of the lake beside them. “Sword! 69° East!” He yelled, alerting the team with the type of projectile and the angle it came towards them.

With swift movement, the whole team managed to dodge what seemed like a massive buzzsaw heading in their direction. Satsuki was even so fast that she managed to grab and pull the architect out of the way.

The colossal sword that looked more like a big butcher knife got lodged in a big tree behind the group, almost cutting it in half. Before they could react, there was a ninja standing on it.

It was a tall and muscular man with a ninja mask covering his face. With short, spiky black hair, a forehead protector worn sideways in his head, a naked chest, and a pair of baggy gray pants, it was clear that he was another ninja. The way he stood over the sword oozed pure dread as the four genins began to feel intimidated by the enemy's presence alone.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (28)

"Hmmmm, it seems that you managed to get a sensory type... . . not a really good one since he only managed to detect me when I was 100 meters away,” the man muttered, stabbing Ryuko with his eyes.

What was this feeling that attacked the boy's heart? Why was he feeling . . . happy? Why did being in a situation of true danger with an enemy he knew he couldn't defeat feel so nice? Easy. On that second, his whole world was only this small parcel of land and the ninjas on it. It was small and cozy; he didn't need to worry about the future or the past, just the now. In the same way that being with his girls felt, being in immense danger also made this big and scary world smaller.

“Zabuza Momochi . . . formation, now,” Kakashi ordered as he pulled up the band from his eyes and revealed his sharingan. The famous doujutsu of the massacred Uchiha clan somehow found its way into that man's face. The key that gave the ninja the power to copy jutsus.

For a second, Ryuko could see a clear expression of discomfort on Satsuki's face when the man revealed his eye. They were the eyes of her clan that were on that man, something that he should not have had. However, without wasting time, the three genins surrounded Tazuna in a triangle formation while Ryuko stood on the side. It was clear that he wasn't trained in their strategies.

Zabuza scoffed at those words. “Kakashi Hatake, the famous copy ninja. Now I will also get a sharingan apart from my payment,” the man snarled, exuding confidence.

“Naruko! Flood the field with clones then henge into everyone else!” Ryuko ordered his girl, making sure that she would exploit those massive amounts of chakra to the maximum.

The blonde girl nodded, and without even thinking about it, she weaved hand seals, and dozens upon dozens of shadow clones of her flooded the field. It only took them a second to henge into Sakura, Kakashi, Satsuki, Ryuko, and Tazuna.

“Cursed fox!” Zabuza yelled while his massive sword clashed with Kakashi's kunai as they were firmly entangled in a kenjutsu exchange.

On that second, Ryuko sensed something strange. There were water clones coming from the lake behind them; his byakugan was only tricked by the shadow clone technique, but those elemental jutsus were easy to sense thanks to their lack of tenketsu points. They were imperfect copies that were a lot cheaper than the others but also a lot weaker than Zabuza.

The right one and the left one charged against the mass of clones in the middle of the road, while the third began to quickly weave hand seals from behind. This was bad.

Ryuko knew that the clone was preparing a dangerous jutsu. There were two options about what could happen: a massive-scale water attack to destroy all the clones and kill the target, or a strong, precise attack to kill Kakashi. He may be keeping track of the ninja across all those clones, so Zabuza may be able to land that attack.

The boy came to a conclusion: it was the latter one. Zabuza was too close to the shore to avoid getting damaged by a massive-scale jutsu, and he said that he wanted the eye of the ninja, so a precise attack to not destroy it made more sense. So with that information, Ryuko made a bet.

Without wasting time, Ryuko took his fuma shuriken from his back and threw it toward the middle of the lake. The huge flying blade didn't have striking the clones as an objective but to explode in a massive cloud of smoke, with multiple bombs getting launched out of it the second that the ninja made a hand seal. With a loud sound, that part of the lake was covered by a thick purple smoke that blocked vision and swallowed Zabuza's water clones.

Satsuki quickly managed to catch what Ryuko was doing. The girl turned around as she threw the old man to Sakura for her to protect him. At that moment, the kunoichi managed to catch a glimpse of the water clones before they got swallowed by the smoke. Her mind raced with calculations as she began to take into consideration her own speed and the clone. As fast as only the best girl in her class could be, she rushed toward the shore.

The second that the first clone came out of the smoke, the black-haired woman's chest was already inflated as she took a deep breath and weaved a few hand seals. An explosion of pure flames came out of her lips, and she unloaded an infernal ball of fire from her lungs toward the clone. It didn't have a chance to dodge, as the blazing heat of the attack was enough to completely destroy it.

Naruko managed to catch a glimpse of the other clone coming out of the smoke, wielding the massive sword, and cleaving a bunch of her clones away with a swift movement. So, she threw more at him, abusing that jutsu just to kill that water construct, but the girl only managed to fight it to a stand still.

Sakura gritted her teeth, annoyed that she was basically useless in this situation, as she grabbed the client and tried to move him away from the battle zone. She didn't have long-range attacks or even a half-decent jutsu; she was useless.

Zabuza was getting annoyed; the constant clash with the copy ninja was something that he could handle, but those clones pestering him were a danger. Even if there were a lot and they weren't genjutsu, something that didn't make a lot of sense coming from a simple genin, he decided to play safe.

That second, a clone of Ryuko rushed toward him to punch him, clearly bait. Zabuza created some distance and weaved one seal with one hand. (Water style: Heavenly Weeping!) He concentrated the water in his body to spit out a single needle made out of the liquid that killed the clone, making it puff in a cloud of smoke. It was a basic jutsu that any swordsman should know to not get caught by the normal trap of the kamikaze elemental jutsu. Now the ninja knew that those clones were not living bombs, so he could handle them in melee.

As the massive blade swung towards Kakashi as he dodged, another batch of clones surged toward Zabuza. Another attack with his blade quickly cut in half those copies, as he was getting annoyed.

The sensory ninja made Zabuza not want to waste chakra with the hiding in the mist jutsu. That mist could fill the battlefield and give an advantage, but Kakashi's famous smelling sense, mixed with the fact that a sensory ninja didn't need to use his eyes to perceive him, made it useless. It would block the sharingan, but still, it took too much time that he didn't have to weave that jutsu that wasn't that effective.

Using a big scale attack while fighting Kakashi and a bunch of clones? No, they were too slow, and he would probably get hit by his enemy. Those clones couldn't do a lot of damage, but Zabuza refused to give Kakashi a second to prepare a jutsu.

As his hand firmly grabbed his blade and he launched a hit on Kakashi that he managed to dodge, he came to a conclusion. The sharingan used a lot of chakra, so he would just have to keep it at a standstill until he ran out of it. There was the clone in the background that could help him, and that, in the worst case, would buy him more time, so it was still a win for him.

Another of those annoying fox clones rushed toward Zabuza, he only needed one kick to destroy the copy, but then, as the smoke was dissipating . . . he noticed an explosive tag. Ryuko put one behind one of his shadow clones, while Zabuza was busy dealing with Kakashi and the other clones.

An explosion erupted as the mercenary flew across the air. He managed to brace himself for the impact, and there was no way that a simple explosion would kill him. It hurt, but it was a mere scratch on his body. However, Zabuza knew this wasn't the goal of the attack; the true reason was creating an opening.

The second that Kakashi saw Zabuza flying in the air, the ninja knew what he had to do. He was too rusty to do a proper final attack, but this would have to be enough. Kakashi arched his back, lightning chakra concentrated in his hand as the sound of a thousand birds flooded the lake while sparkles flew across the air. On the ninja's hand, a massive amount of electricity had collapsed into this ball of pure energy, so potent that he needed to use his other hand to hold his palm straight.

“Chidori!” He yelled and rushed toward Zabuza with a speed that not even Ryuko could follow with his eyes.

In the few fragments of a second that the mercenary had to react, he gave up the idea of blocking or even dodging this attack. Zabuza put all his trust in his blade, placing it as a shield between him and Kakashi as he rushed toward it, but in the last instant, he moved Kubikiribocho, trying to parry the attack and change its trajectory.

The sound of metal getting shattered rumbled across the battlefield as Ryuko saw the result of the clash. Zabuza was alive, but his blade was completely shattered, and a chunk of his lower left arm was completely gone as the Chidori had bitten off part of his chest, giving a glimpse at his ribcage. The only reason Zabuza wasn't bleeding out was because the lightning on that attack instantly cauterized the wound as the stench of burned flesh made it clear. All his medical knowledge told him that the wound was enough to kill a normal person, but that ninja seemed to be far from done, even if he was just barely standing with Kakashi a few meters behind him.

On that second, the third clone came out of the smoke, ready to unleash his jutsu, but Satsuki already had a fuma shuriken of her own ready to use. The girl just threw it to the copy and quickly killed it without giving it a chance to cast that jutsu.

Zabuza caught blood inside his mask as his plan of striking Kakashi with a surprise water dragon used by his clone was gone. However, the ninja refused to give up, even if one of his arms was useless and he had lost his blade.

Ryuko saw that situation and could feel one thing in his gut. This was exciting and amazing, but still, the boy longed for more. Letting that ninja die right now would be a waste since he was a mercenary, so his family could buy him. If the mission kept throwing ninjas in their direction, getting him on their side now that he was wounded would be the best option. After all, Zabuza had two options: accepting this offer or getting killed.

Ryuko rushed toward Zabuza, now surrounded by him and Kakashi, as the man was at the end of the line. “You should surrender yourself now. My family can double whatever they are paying you,” the boy with a fox mask said with a serious tone, making Kakashi raise an eyebrow the same time that he felt a sharp pain in his sharingan. It was better to just let it rest for now; the man knew that he didn't need to deal with Zabuza in that state.

“You damn brat! Do you think that I am done?!” Zabuza snarled, clearly being done while Kakashi still had his kunai pointing toward him, but his eye was now covered again by his headband, just in case.

Ryuko managed to see a figure moving towards them with blinding speed, so fast that he couldn't react in time.

"Yes, you are,” a voice muttered with a cold tone as it threw a senbon toward Zabuza's neck, piercing it and making the man fall to the ground.

It was a small man dressed in a cyan kimono with long, flowing black hair tied into a pair of twin tails. The ninja's face was covered with a white mask with just a small slit for his eyes. The mask also had a symbol of four weaving lines on its forehead and a red spiral in the middle of what would be his face.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (29)

“What?” Ryuko exclaimed, confused and a little intimidated by the speed of that ninja.

Kakashi immediately recognized the ninja that slowly approached Zabuza's corpse. “An Anbu from the Mist? Are you here to kill the rogue ninja?” He asked, still with the kunai in his hand.

The figure nodded as, in the background, the last water clone melted, making it clear that Zabuza was no longer alive. “Indeed, I will pretend that your genin was just buying time for you to kill him. I appreciated you creating the opening to catch my target,” the ninja said with a calm and cold tone.

Ryuko didn't understand what was happening, but he understood one thing. That man was lying. He could see perfectly well with his byakugan that Zabuza's chakra was almost gone, but that was the catch. He wasn't dead but in a near-dead state. “Wait, he is still alive!” He yelled, warning Kakashi not to let his guard down.

Before the impostor could act, Kakashi had already acted. (Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique!) The ninja cast a normal but effective genjutsu toward the mysterious figure to buy some time.

What did the impostor see? Something really simple. That genjutsu created an illusion where he would see his worst fear. In this case, he simply missed his shot and actually killed his target.

The ninja just collapsed to the ground, his knees touching the wet floor of the forest as all life left his body, leaving him completely vulnerable for a few seconds.

Without wasting a second, Ryuko threw an explosive tag toward the ninja, pointing to the ground, in order to knock him unconscious. He wanted to save him and Zabuza from Kakashi for a simple reason. They were the perfect target for his most powerful ninja tool, the briefcase full of money he had. The duo were mercenaries, so getting them as an asset for the future was a must. Especially if they needed to deal with more of Gato's goons.

The kunai with the explosive tag tied to the end impacted the wet ground and created a massive explosion that threw the imposter across the air, impacting against a tree with a loud cracking sound. This sneaky attack was enough to fully knock out the enemy as he lay limp on the floor as Kakashi approached to end the job.

“Wait! We cannot kill them!” Ryuko said, rushing to stop Kakashi with his byakugan still on just in case while Naruko dissipated her clones.

Sakura, who was a few meters away from the fight, rushed back with the old man in her arms and left him on the floor. “Why?! They are our enemies!” The pink-haired woman screamed clearly angry with Ryuko, even if he had done a lot more in this battle than her.

Naruko rushed toward them. “How can you kill an enemy that cannot defend themselves?! That is only what cowards do,” the blonde girl barked back with an angry tone toward Sakura, clearly having more noble intentions than Ryuko.

Satsuki just stood silent, watching and listening to what was happening before giving her opinion. The girl just approached the group and crossed her arms.

Kakashi let out a tired sigh and nodded. "Well, Ryuko, explain yourself,” he said with a calm tone. The man would give the boy the benefit of the doubt as a reward for assisting him to set up the Chidori.

“Are you seriously listening to him? He is not even part of our team!” Sakura bitched back, unable to tolerate that someone like Ryuko would just come barge in and do mostly anything. At that moment, her hostility was born more out of jealousy and frustration than any logical conclusion.

“Why not? It is not like they will wake up any time soon,” the teacher answered, as he didn't need his sharingan or a byakugan to know those two were out of commission for at least a couple of hours. Honestly, if they didn't get first aid, Zabuza would probably die.

“They know where Gato is located and his forces. I have a briefcase full of money that can lend us that information. We can go in, find Gato, and kill him before he sends more dangerous ninjas to kill Tazuna while he builds his bridge,” Ryuko said with a calm tone, trying to explain his situation and the best way to solve this problem. Also, in order to protect Naruko, he knew what that kind of person would do to someone when they held a grudge. So it was better to kill them before that.

“And he would not stop there; are you really sure that Gato would just not blow up the bridge once we are done?” The boy finally added, raising a good point.

Kakashi closed his eyes and nodded. “And what will you do after you are done with them?” He asked back, his tone as calm and neutral as ever.

“Well, since I am looking for teachers and I have a water affinity . . . Zabuza would be the best option I could buy as we stay in the land of waves. I could even share his teaching time with Naruko, so you will not be so busy with her,” Ryuko answered, as this was an appeal to the teacher's laziness. After all that Naruko had told him about the copy ninja, working was not one of his priorities. The more that he thought about it, the more he realized that Zabuza could be an extremely useful teacher for him.

The man nodded. “That sounds like a solid plan . . .” Kakashi began to speak before getting interrupted by Satsuki.

The Uchiha had a problem; it was too early for her to bear her fangs against the Kuroi clan, and she was too weak for now. However, she already caught on to the full ramifications of this plan, even if Ryuko didn't know it or he was hiding it. This plan would create a massive void in power in the land of waves, a void that someone would need to fill. The Kuroi family was primed to do it. This plan would give more resources to her enemies.

"However, I have an objection. You are risking our team by doing more than the initial contract asked for,” the black-haired girl muttered with a cold and calculative tone, using that excuse as the only weapon she had for now.

Ryuko was taken aback by how much Satsuki worried about her companions. Even if they didn't like each other, he could respect someone who worried about Naruko that much. “Our mission is only to be the bodyguards of Tazuna; killing Gato is way more risky than just defending him,” Satsuki finally added, giving a reasonable argument.

The boy nodded, trying to find a counterargument. “Well, this mission is already a mess of missing information and dangerous fights. We are already out of our league,” Ryuko said back, trying to sound calm and collected.

“Also, Ryuko is right! Gato can hire someone to blow the bridge later! We need to stop him,” Naruko exclaimed, completely on the side of her man before he raised a hand to stop her. If Satsuki worried so much about Naruko and Sakura's security, he would give her that.

“However, I understand your approach. That is why I alone, with the help of these two mercenaries, will be in charge of the assassination mission. Team 7 would not need to be involved in it since my presence in this mission is already an extra,” Ryuko suggested, placing his own life on the line not only for Naruko but also for the whole land of waves. Why? Well, Shizune ordered him to be a good boy, and he would follow his teacher's lessons. It was only this sh*tty man who tricked them into this dangerous mission; the rest of the people on that land did not have the fault.

Kakashi gave a final nod. “Well, that fixes everything, I think. Does anyone have other objections? ”The Jonin asked, looking at the group. Satsuki shook her head, admitting her defeat for now, while Sakura was just kicking the ground in anger.

“Well then, let's apply some first aid,” Kakashi finally said, helping Ryuko stabilize those two after he weaved some hand seals to create massive stone handcuffs for the duo.

Also, since nobody seemed interested in it after they were done, Ryuko took on the role of sealing what was left of that massive sword that Zabuza was wielding into a scroll. He even made sure to save the chunks of metal just in case.


Kakashi did a little trolling.

Chapter 4


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The imposter woke up from his slumber with his whole body hurting. He could feel bandages around his torso and legs, as well as a burning sensation on them. The boy tried to move, but two massive stone handcuffs anchored him to the ground. Then he remembered what a horrible thing he had committed.

“What?!” He screamed in both physical and mental pain. With his mask gone, revealing his feminine face, and inside the tent, he began to hyperventilate.

Next to him was Zabuza, in a similar condition but looking a lot worse. He was unable to move, and his arm almost fell out of his torso. “Calm down, Haku. Kakashi must have struck you with a genjutsu,” the ninja muttered while gritting his teeth.

A wave of relief rushed across Haku. Zabuza was alive; that was all that mattered. "Master, you are alive . . .” he said, but then got a look at the chunk of flesh that was missing from his arm.

“Wait! Your arm!” He exclaimed, trying to rush to heal him but unable to move.

Kakashi, in the corner of the tent, closed his book and looked at the duo. “Well, it seems they are finally awake,” he said with a relaxed tone.

The second that Ryuko saw the commotion inside the tent, he rushed in. “I hope you are feeling alright. I treated you the best I could, but you are still hurt,” the boy, still wearing his fox mask, said with an apologetic tone.

“Please, I beg you. I am a medical-nin, and if I don't treat my master arm now, he will lose it! I will do anything! I will even give you my own life!” Haku begged, pressing his face into the fabric of the tent that made the floor in a submissive gesture.

"Anything?" Ryuko muttered, a little sad that he wasn't into guys and that he wasn't egocentric enough to be attracted to the dark hair reflection in front of him.

“Yes, anything!” Haku begged, willing to do anything to heal his master.

Ryuko nodded. “Well, this is what we are going to do. First, I will request a free job from you if you want to heal him,” the redhead suggested with a calm tone and a smug smile under his mask.

“Yes, I accept!” The ninja exclaimed, and then the handcuffs on his arms were gone. The second that it happened, Haku rushed to check on Zabuza, running a proper medical exam, as he had a lot of work to do.

Zabuza rolled his eyes. “Do whatever you want,” he answered with a lack of interest, even if the boy was saving his arms.

“Excellent, this is what we are going to do. I will help you two by hiring you as a mercenary. Since you, Haku, will help me to kill Gato for free, now I need you, Zabuza, to become my teacher,” Ryuko demanded, as this was his big plan after all.

The veteran ninja chuckled. “You sneaky fox, you have everything planned out, don't you?” He answered with an aggressive tone but was unable to move his body due to the damage to his neck.

“Well yes. You are a mercenary, and I want to hire your services. There is nothing wrong with that,” Ryuko muttered with an innocent smile under his mask and a calm tone.

“Do you even have the money to pay me? I will not train a stupid genin for free,” Zabuza barked back.

Ryuko had the perfect chance to tell him that a ninja who had lost to a group of genins should be cheap, but he decided not to make that insult. Instead, he pulled out his strongest ninja weapon from his pocket. “Is this enough?” He asked as, with a puff of smoke, a briefcase came from one of the scrolls he had in his pocket. The boy opened and showed Zabuza enough money to hire him and even a little more.

“What? How?!” Zabuza asked, not believing what was in front of his eyes.

“Kuroi clan,” Kakashi muttered with a dismissive tone.

Zabuza let out a frustrated chuckle. “You are a Kuroi clan member?! That explains a lot,” the ninja said, as now he knew that the genin could give him as much money as Gato. However, he made a small pause since there was something that didn't make sense to him.

“I would never believe those sc*ms would have enough talent in their blood to give birth to a sensory ninja,” he said, baffled by the miracle that was Ryuko's existence.

Ryuko chuckled and then pulled down his mask. “Oh, I am not a sensory ninja,” he answered with a smug smile. If Zabuza was going to become his teacher, he needed to know this, sooner or later.

Zabuza opened his eyes wide, and everything clicked inside his head. “You son of a bitch! That explains everything. Wait, why did you not engage me in melee combat like all the members of the Hyuga clan?” He asked again with a confused tone.

“It is a long story, and we have time to talk while Haku heals you,” Ryuko said, spending the next hour giving Zabuza a full explanation of his situation.

After they were done, the boy had picked up the swordsman's interest. Such a power could be useful for his goal. “That explains a lot. . . training a byakugan user that is not tied to the Hyugan clan sounds interesting, but I will do it under two conditions,” the man exclaimed.

“First, give me back Kubikiribocho, and second . . . your family will become my main employer, ensuring a sufficient flow of cash to finance my cause,” he finally said without mentioning that he wanted Ryuko to finance his revolution.

Kakashi let out a loud yawn, as it was already late at night outside the tent. “Well, it seems that I need to go to the bathroom. As the Jonin in charge of the mission, I order you to not accept any deal that will put Konoha in a hostile relationship with another village and blablablabla,” he muttered with an uninterested tone as he walked out of the tent, giving Ryuko time to talk alone about this topic.

Ryuko took a second to think. He now realized this would create long-term problems for him, so it was better to keep it safe. “Can I include a clause that if I secure enough finances out of my family, you will swap employment from them to me?” The boy asked as he began to think about where he could get that source of money. Well, Gato would no longer need his fortune when he died.

“Do you think they will backstab you?” Zabuza asked with a sardonic smile, his sharp teeth shining like daggers across his mouth, like the vicious demon he was.

The redhead shook his head. “It is prudent to have a contingency plan just in case,” he added, making sure that it was in his interest to keep his family on his side. For now, at least.

“Also, can I ask about your cause?” Ryuko asked with a curious tone. He wanted to understand how his future teacher worked.

Zabuza scoffed at the question. “The copy ninja didn't tell you?” The man asked back with a sarcastic voice.

“He did, but I want to hear it from you,” Ryuko replied with a gentle smile, trying to be nice to the demon.

“Fine. My goal is the assassination of the fourth Mizukage from the hidden mist village, Yagura Karatachi,” the ninja said with a matter-of-fact tone.

Ryuko nodded, confirming this was supporting an act of war against another village. However, it was a proxy war, something that would not really go against his beliefs. After all, if Zabuza failed, it would be his head rolling, not the ones of the people he cared about. “Yes, the jinchuriki of the three tails. I can see why you failed the first time. Why go through so much effort?” He asked again since that was a huge task. A perfect jinchuriki of a tail beast was between one of the most powerful ninjas in the world, basically a one-man army.

“I disagree with how the village is run. Cruelty without purpose will only bring ruin to our nation,” Zabuza explained, only showing a sliver of humanity in his voice. A sliver was a lot more than what Ryuko was expecting to find.

The redhead nodded, a little happy that he was helping at least a theoretical noble cause. "Ok, you have my support; you will get your sword back . . .or what is left of it. Is there even a blacksmith that can fix it in this country?” He asked with a curious tone.

Zabuza chuckled. “Foolish brat, Kubikiribōcho does not need that. My sword can feed on the blood of my enemies to repair itself,” he answered with a mocking smile on his lips.

“That is an interesting property,” Ryuko muttered. He would totally keep a fragment of the sword for himself. After all, that could become an amazing piece of metal for studying and reproducing.

The group kept traveling toward the village without any incidents. Haku did his best to carry Zabuza's body around while the team kept their guard up just in case. Killing Gato would have to wait since Ryuko wanted to at least get some training in assassination from the swordsman, and there was no way that Haku would leave the man's side in that condition. So it would have to wait. After all, the group had a few weeks before the bridge would be finished, so they had a lot of time to train.

After traveling for a few days and taking a boat toward the island that had the bridge under construction, they reached the village. It was a small fishing town in horrible conditions. Ryuko was shocked; even the worst parts of Konoha were a lot better than this town. It really put into perspective how much fortune his family and the whole village had. There was one multiple-story building in the middle of the town, what one would suppose to be the city hall, but even that looked as if it was about to crumble with chipped paint and cracks in its concrete walls.

The second that Ryuko and the rest of the group set foot in the town, a commotion occurred. People rushed to meet them as anybody looked at them with their eyes wide open.

“Tazuna is back, and he brought back the Uzumaki!” One of the fishermen screamed, alerting the rest of the town about this event.

Ryuko realized that his bright red hair was a clear flag of that clan. “What, Uzumaki?” He asked with a confused tone at the VIP.

“Yes . . . the island and the village used to be part of the land of whirlpools, the home of the Uzumaki before they were wiped out . . .” Tazuna muttered, feeling uncomfortable talking about the topic.

“Can you tell me more?” Ryuko asked with a curious tone. He was really interested since it was the first time that a group of people actually treated him well and were happy to see him.

Tazuna rolled his eyes. “My daughter knows more details. Researching the story of that nation is her pastime. . . It keeps her head busy from the death of her husband,” he muttered with a sad tone.

“Husband?” Naruko asked, a little bit sad for the woman.

“Yes, Gato executed him, and now she lives alone with their son,” the man finally said, giving Ryuko a rush of excitement.

Well, that was good news for Ryuko. If that man had a daughter, the boy knew how to take revenge for his act of putting Naruko in danger. Even if she was a widow and even if she had a child, the dark drive of the Kuroi clan pushed him in an evil direction.

“Great! Let's go, Naruko!” The redhead exclaimed with a happy tone, ready to set up in the woman's house as there were two types of training he wanted to do.

The blonde let out a groan of pain. “History lessons now?! But I wanted Zabuza to teach me a cool jutsu!” She begged already barking about not having to learn new stuff that wasn't flashy.

“Not yet; this is important for us,” Ryuko finally said, grabbing Naruko by the hand and dragging her toward the house of the widow, where the team would be staying. Well, the two would be staying in the building; the rest would just put their tents in the garden outside the house.

It took them a few minutes to reach that small hut that was the woman's house that she lived in with her only son. There was only one bathroom, a small kitchen that also worked as a living room, and two rooms for her and his kid. It was clear that the place had seen better times, but it was at least really clean.

Tsunami was a young mother, older than Ryuko but still keeping perfect skin and a plump body. Her pale skin was white as the moon, her purple hair reached her child-birthing hips, and those sets of breasts that made it clear that she managed to feed her son well were charming. Even her deep, dark eyes and nervous smile made that simple white apron she was wearing under those ragged clothes look cute.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (30)

“It is a great honor to have an Uzumaki in front of me,” Tsunami said with a wide smile as she sat in front of Ryuko and Naruko on a small table, offering them some cheap tea she managed to get for special guests like them.

Ryuko nodded without his mask and a gentle expression on his face; for now, he would be a good boy. “I am only half Uzumaki, but thanks anyway,” the boy muttered as he took a sip of the tea, enjoying the flavor even if he actually didn't like it.

Naruko chuckled. “Yeah, me too,” she answered while sitting firmly beside Ryuko.

The mother nodded with a big smile on her lips. “Oh, it is fine. You two together make a full Uzumaki, and after all, your group has done this; giving you my house is the least I can do,” she said in a tone laced with some happiness and adoration for the duo as if they were celebrities.

Outside the house, Sakura was barking as always. “Why do they get to sleep in a cozy house while we need to stay in our tents?!” She screamed as it was clear there was no room in that small place anymore. Even having those two ninjas was stretching the space inside to its limits.

Kakashi let out a sigh. “Just let them have this; it is the first time that a crowd didn't throw rocks at them,” the ninja said with a dismissive tone. With his sense of smell, he was actually happy not to have to share a house with those two teenagers.

“So, what happened to the clan?” Ryuko asked with an eager tone. He would have some fun with that woman in the future, but for now, there were more important things to do.

“Oh, the fall of the land of whirlpools is a tragic story. I don't want to sound rude, but don't you know it? It is the same one that explains the cause of death of the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju,” the mother asked with a nervous smile.

Ryuko went silent for a second. “Actually, no. All I know is that he died from a curse,” he answered with an honest tone. It was kind of weird that they taught them so little about how the founder of the village died in school.

"Yes, well . . .” Tsunami took a second and closed her eyes, trying to put what she knew in the best way possible.

“Many centuries ago, the Sage of the Six Paths and his brother sealed the ten tails in the moon. However, the will of the demon goddess Kaguya managed to escape that fate, so in order to avoid it causing more chaos in the world, the Sage sealed it in this land and gave the Uzumaki clan the task of keeping it sealed,” the woman said with a calm tone. She was mostly talking from memory since that story had a little problem since it used the ten tails and Kaguya as the same, and it was the first time that Ryuko had heard that name.

“Hundreds of years passed until one fateful day when that catastrophe managed to break loose and lay waste to the whole land,” Tsunami finally said with a serious tone as Ryuko and Naruko listened with attention.

“Such was the destruction that even the God of Shinobi, Hashirama Senju, was involved in the fight against that monster together with the whole Senju clan and the Uzumaki clan.” The women kept talking as the duo now began to understand this event better.

“It was a massive battle that sank most of the islands of this nation and ravaged this land. At the end . . . Hashirama was the only survivor,” Tsunami finally said with a somber tone.

“The will of Kaguya was gone, but in the same way most of the Senju clan and all the Uzumaki. The few that managed to survive this fight were prey to the horrible curse that the calamity gave them in its last breath,” she warned as Ryuko began to have a lot of questions. For the boy, that sounded more like a legend than a proper historical fact.

“A disease that slowly rotted from the inside out, consuming their chakra and bodies. That is the tragic story of the Uzumaki clan, a clan that failed their task but sacrificed themselves to redeem themselves,” Tsunami finally said.

"Wow, that is sad . . . ” Naruko muttered, really not understanding the full implications of that story.

Ryuko nodded and took another sip of tea. “I have two questions. First, how would we exist if all the Uzumaki died, and second . ., why didn't other nations or other clans help? Like the Uchiha clan,” he asked with a soft smile.

Tsunami made a nervous smile and lowered her head in an apology. “Sorry. I don't know the answer to that question; I am only telling you what I know from what was told to us from mouth to mouth,” she muttered.

“It is fine,” Ryuko answered, now feeling a sick curiosity to know the truth about that event.

“Wait! If you have more doubts, let's visit those ruins and do some research!” Naruko quickly exclaimed.

The redhead raised an eyebrow. “I thought you didn't care about history,” he asked with a joking tone.

“But you do!” The blonde girl answered with a wide smile.

“Awww, thanks,” Ryuko said, giving her a small hug.

“Well, there are a few ruins on other islands with seals in their doors that only Uzumakis can open and a lot of underwater islands that could give you a clue, but they are really far from our village and they are dangerous,” Tsunami explained, making it clear that even for ninjas, the land of whirlpools was a dangerous place, with just a few islands like this as an exception.

“All sorts of monsters and bandits roam those lands,” she finally added.

“Fine . . .we will leave it for later,” Ryuko said, as he had more important things to take care of now. However, these lands were technically his birthright, so with that information, the boy's mind began to wander towards a solid conclusion. This would become his land.

After this meeting, Kakashi was doing some basic training with his team of Genins outside the house. A basic exercise that consisted of controlling the flow of chakra in your feet to climb trees was something that Ryuko had mastered a few weeks ago with Shizune.

Of course, Sakura did it on the first try, with Satsuki being a close second and Naruko in last place. Ryuko could see the smug smile of Sakura as she saw his girl fall to the ground, and he decided to do something mischievous.

"Oh, training climbing? Let me try it!” The boy exclaimed with a wide smile, faking that he didn't know about this exercise, and immediately climbed to the top of a tree.

Sakura felt a gut punch; finally, something that she thought was special was just a lie. “What?!” She screamed with her eyes wide open.

The redhead chuckled. He had to recognize that the girl had a talent for chakra control, and she may become a powerful ninja in the future if raised correctly. “It was really easy,” the boy answered with a smug smile, teasing the kunoichi.

“I hate you,” Sakura barked back, staring daggers at him and feeling a little down.

With the taste of sweet victory on his lips, Ryuko went back to the ground with a jump. "Anyway, I am going back to my . . . why are you not using your clones to train?” He asked with confusion, as there was only one Naruko in the training field.

The blonde girl blinked a few times. “Using the shadow clones for training? That is an amazing idea!” She screamed and immediately spammed a few dozen clones. It was the first time she thought about using them for non-dirty stuff.

“Didn't you teach her that?” the boy asked again with a confused tone.

"Oh, right, the shadow clone training method. I completely forgot about it; thanks for reminding me about it,” Kakashi answered, as if it wasn't that big of a deal.

Ryuko counted to ten and calmed himself down. The man was a powerful ninja and expert assassin, not a good teacher. If he needed to blame someone, it would be Sarutobi who put him in charge of this group, or that was what he wanted to believe.

Satsuki's ears perked up. “Can I also do it?” She asked, always vigilant in her quest for more power.

“Only people with massive reserves of chakra can do it, like Naruko or Ryuko. If you expend all your chakra making shadow clones, you will not have enough to train your jutsus properly,” Kakashi explained with a calm tone.

"Also, you should give her a chakra test to test her nature,” Ryuko added, trying to help the teacher teach his woman.

“I don't have the paper, and we will not find it here, so I will do it when we come back. However . . .” the ninja began to mutter, deep in thought, and then lowered his eyes to the small book in his pocket.

“If you master the tree climbing exercise, I will teach you a cool jutsu,” he added almost as an apology to Naruko.

The girl's eyes opened wide. “You will?! Yes!” Naruko exclaimed as she made small jumps of happiness.

“And send some clones with me for double training with Zabuza,” Ryuko suggested for her to fully squeeze each drop of experience she could get out of her clones.

“Got it!” Naruko nodded, hyped to train really hard now that she had just a cool reward in the future.

It was a long day of work for the boy. As it was late at night and two of his clones were keeping Naruko busy, he went to shower in the house's small bathroom. It only had a toilet, a shower in a corner, and a sink. It was so small that only one person could comfortably move around in that place.

While the hot water caressed his tired body, creating a thick layer of mist in the room, the boy heard someone getting close; he activated his byakugan and got a nice surprise. Tsunami was bringing him his recently washed gi for him to wear. She even went so far as to open the door and enter the bathroom with only a small curtain of plastic separating the two. It was the right moment to strike.

Tsunami tried to be nice to the Uzumaki and went to give him his recently cleaned clothes. However, what the mother did not expect was that he pulled the curtain and ambushed her. She gasped and opened her eyes wide. Not only by the way the wet crimson hair cascaded down his face, making him even more cute than usual but also by his massive bitch-breaking co*ck.

The widow didn't know that they could be this big, as Ryuko had a second forearm hanging from his loins. A thick and veiny meat slab with a set of colossal and virile balls that hang under it. Not even her dead husband came anywhere close to that thing.

“Oh, thanks!” Ryuko exclaimed with an innocent and adorable smile while the woman was in a state of shock, still unable to believe what she witnessed.

Tsunami closed her eyes and bowed before Ryuko as an apology. “I-I am sorry! I thought you were a girl! I am leaving!” She exclaimed, clearly blushing at the whole situation, and was about to get out of the bathroom when the boy grabbed her arm.

"I am pretty cute, aren't I?" Ryuko muttered with a gentle smile, trying to sound friendly. However, inside, the lust for revenge was burning and bright. He would make sure to take this woman for himself and teach Tazuna the lesson to NEVER put one of his girls in danger ever again. Also, it would be a nice receptacle for all these breeding urges that his Uzumaki bloodline was giving him. It was almost as if the spirit of the clan was pushing him to spread his seed.

Ryuko turned Tsumani around, forcing her to face him while the door behind them was closed, making it clear that there wasn't a place to run."Oh, do not worry; however . . . all this training is leaving me really, really pent up. Would you like to help with this?” He asked with a smug smile that was drenched in poison and viciousness, all while his massive co*ck became fully erect.

Tsunami gasped as that colossal meat rod was so big that it even reached her belly button. The woman felt in danger; she felt scared, but at the same time, the heat she had only felt on her wedding night was starting to creep inside her. “I mean . . . sorry, but I can't . . . I am still not over what happened to my husband,” she muttered and gritted her teeth, trying not to look at that throbbing pillar of virility, but her eyes were attracted to it as if it had its own gravity.

“Are you sure? You are talking about him, but your eyes are glued to my co*ck,” Ryuko teased with a small chuckle as one of his hands began to caress the mother's fat posterior.

Tsunami shook her head, refusing to believe what her touch-starved body was craving. “That is not . . .” she purred and then felt those nimble fingers breaking into her pants and caressing her lower lips. The widow struggled, trying to get out of the grip of the boy, but any fighting will she had gone away the second the pleasure and strength difference was clear between the two. The mother resolved to endure this not only for the community but also for her child and ex-husband.

With the same sad*stic lust that he had when fighting, Ryuko got near her and began to lick her ear. "Hmmmm, you are getting wet down there, and it is not the moisture in the room,” he whispered with words drenched in lust that stabbed her directly into the brain.

The widow took a deep breath, trying to hide her moans. “Just . . . a blowj*b, nothing more. Ok?” She tried to negotiate in a futile attempt to stay loyal to her dead husband.

Ryuko chuckled and let the woman go as he took a seat on the closed toilet. "Great, then, come on. Use the lips you used to kiss your husband on my co*ck,” he ordered with a smug smile on his lips. The boy hated to admit it, but behaving like this felt as good as f*cking the girls he loved.

Tsunami got closer to that massive, throbbing co*ck and got her face near it. She kneeled on the hot tile floor as her face was struck by the strong stench of the ninja's manhood. The mother was taken aback; he just took a shower and smelled like this. That musk was something that normal people like her would never understand. However, as her face touched the base of that manhood and she could sense the boiling and virile sperm churning inside those colossal balls, she understood something. Tsunami couldn't let Ryuko come inside her, under any circ*mstance; if that happened, she would get pregnant no matter what. So the mother steeled her resolve to drain the young man with her lips completely.

“I will do it. . .” The mother said this and then kissed the tip with her lips as the taste flooded her senses. It was virile, it was manly, and she could feel her whole body getting ready to mate while her clothes were getting wet from sweat. It was so big—bigger than her husband—but slowly, Tsunami began to engulf that manhood. Using one hand to massage those balls, another to caress their length, and her lips to devour the tip of the spear, she was slowly getting drunk with it.

Ryuko couldn't stop moaning, thanks to the technique of the mother and the dirty feeling of stealing a woman from another person. He couldn't believe how good it felt, corrupting the lips that used to lovingly kiss another man with his co*ck head. “Aaaaaaah! You are so good with this!” He praised the woman while caressing her purple hair. The widow only answered by staring daggers at him, trying to look mad, but the slurping sounds she was making were telling another story.

Minutes passed as the woman slowly took more and more of Ryuko in; she finally reached half of the manhood as it began to touch the back of her throat. She hated to admit it, but the woman's loins were on fire, craving for that co*ck that was now f*cking her face.

“Do you really love my co*ck so much?!” Ryuko asked, fully enraptured by this feeling. He could never get tired of this.

Tsunami wanted to hate this, but it was feeling so good. Even better than when she did it with her husband. It was not only the size and strength of that co*ck but also those moans of pleasure—the fact that someone was enjoying this act so much apart from her. The fact that he was an Uzumaki also didn't help; her adoration for the clan made this situation a lot more messy than it should be.

“You made me fall in love with your throat puss*. What a horny mother trying to seduce young boys with your devilish sloppy blowj*b!” Ryuko said, sounding like a total brat while Tsunami, as the proper daughter of an architect, was building a bridge of saliva and precum between the two.

The widow wanted to yell back, refute those words, and slap him in the face. However, Tsunami forgot when she stopped sucking in order to not get pregnant, as now she was licking that co*ck just to get drunk with the flavor. She may be a horrible woman who liked having a kink for the Uzumaki and young boys. Tsunami wanted to think about her kid and husband to slay those dirty thoughts, but all in her mind right now was Ryuko's co*ck.

More time passed as the expression of hate the woman's face twisted into one of submission. All in time for when Ryuko reached his limits.“Almost there; drink it all!” Ryuko moaned and clenched his bloated balls.

A tsunami of sem*n exploded from the boy's balls directly into the mother's throat. Tsunami felt it striking her body; that thick and hot sap with an extremely salty and strong flavor flooded her senses. Each rope of spunk shot from those twitching balls and throbbing manhood struck the woman in the core. The musky aroma, the heat, the consistency, and the flavor were too much for her, as they filled her stomach and even came out of her nostrils. Even if she was getting suffocated, she didn't want air; she wanted more of that stench as the boy groaned and moaned.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (31)

After what felt like an eternity for Tsunami and a second for Ryuko, he finally pulled her mouth off. The woman's face was now bleached white as the sem*n that oozed from her nose covered her. She opened her mouth with a few red pubic hairs stuck in her lips and showed that the pinkish interior was painted white thanks to his thick seed, then closed it again. Chewing on the spunk and then swallowing it.

“Are you . . . done?” Tsunami finally asked while gasping for air. The woman's loins were on fire, and she hated it, but after this, the widow would have to masturbat*, not thinking about her husband for the first time in her life.

Ryuko took a deep breath; normally, his co*ck would take a nap after such a magnificent blowj*b. However, the boy's drive for breeding kept his manhood full mast, he would just power up across the refractory period and force a second erection. “Sorry, but this will not be enough. I will have to use your puss* now,” the boy muttered with a sad*stic smile as he narrowed his eyes like the dastardly smug fox he was.

“Wait!” Tsunami begged as the boy pulled down her pants, revealing her soaking wet puss*. Those big lower lips and fully erect cl*t were exposed to the air as the bush on top revealed that purple was her natural hair color. A wave of shame struck her as another man saw her puss* for the first time in so long.

The boy shoved a finger in there as the ropes of girl juice shone across the bathroom. “By the sage! You are so wet down there. If you wanted me to f*ck you so bad, you should have said it,” he mocked her and placed her in a proper position.

Even if Tsunami was telling him to stop, her body did not struggle against him for a second. She let Ryuko sit her on the toilet and open her legs, ready to breed her with a mating press. “Stop!” The widow managed to finally speak before being claimed by Ryuko. Tsunami's whole body tensed as that massive co*ck lubed with her saliva kissed her lower lips.

Then, with a long wound up hip movement, Tsunami's world changed forever. After all, Ryuko was using all his legendary Uzumaki stamina to f*ck her non-stop and the Byakugan to strike her weak points.

The woman let out a loud squeal of pleasure and pain as the massive co*ck stretched her c*nt far beyond anything a man had done to her before. It was as if the boy was reshaping her guts while punching her cervix at the same time.

“There we go. f*ck, you are tight for a woman who already gave birth!” Ryuko complimented that c*nt while making sure to tear her shirt and bra, revealing those massive tit* and perky dark nipples. He would buy her something nice when they were done.

Tsunami tried to cross her arms to hide her breasts from the boy in a last attempt to save some face, but he made sure to keep her from that. “Pull out! You are ruining me!” The woman begged, tears running down her face, not because this was a traumatic experience or because she was getting hurt, but because she loved it. She hated how much her c*nt was made for that co*ck, sending mind-breaking waves of pleasure directly to her brain as the boy reshaped her c*nt.

“More than giving birth? Thanks for the compliment!” Ryuko exclaimed, buried deep inside the woman, and then stole a kiss.

The mother's brain melted from the double attack. The sloppy kisses on her face as the Uzumaki pulled her tongue from her mouth to make out with her, and the meat slab kissing her cervix.

As if they were a pair of pigs, the two began to mate, flooding the whole bathroom with the stench of pure sex. Moans, screams, and squeals mixed together with clapping sounds and the sloppy harmony of the two kissing. Tsunami was fully drugged and drunk by the pleasure of sex after so many years of not feeling the touch of a man. Her whole body was shivering and accepting this boy as her master without an ounce of doubt.

“Stop it . . . I am feeling weird,” she managed to beg as Ryuko was using her mouth as a bowl to mix their saliva together. He didn't feel a single sliver of disgust from the tears or snot oozing from the woman as they mated.

That only made the redhead move his hips faster as the mature c*nt crushed his co*ck. “Come on, forget about your husband; you are mine now!” He ordered with a dominant tone, his hips moving with unfathomable speed. The drive to finally breed a woman and get her pregnant was melting his brain as much as his co*ck was breaking Tsunami.

A mixture of water and sweat flooded the place, creating a proper musky mist of pure sex. The stench of mating filled both nostrils as they reached their limit. Ryuko could feel his balls getting heavier again, filled to the brim with a potent seed, and Tsunami could feel her womb lowering to accommodate the ninja co*ck. Her body had fully given out, and she accepted him as her partner.

“Come on, get ready to be bred by the Uzumaki clan!” Ryuko moaned, already committed to making this woman his.

With the last sliver of love for her deceased husband, the mother managed to speak. “Not inside!” The woman begged, but her legs were already around Ryuko's hips, pulling him as deep as she could.

“Get pregnant!” Ryuko finally yelled, biting his lower lips and rolling his eyes to the back of his head, his pale skin red from the explosion that happened in his balls. A volcanic eruption of pure sem*n flooded the woman's womb; he could feel it and see it with his byakugan. From the head of his co*ck poking inside her womb to the fertilization process. It was raw, it was dirty, and it was depraved, but the boy loved each second of it as it became his new addiction. So strong was that ejacul*tion that it even knocked out the family photo in the living room.

The second that Tsunami felt that boy draining his bloated balls inside her c*nt, she came like a broken fountain. Gush after gush of her girl cum exploded from her loins as her brain melted under the pleasure. She didn't even know that an org*sm could be that strong; the woman even forgot about her dead husband in the few seconds that the boiling seed filled her womb.

With the constant strike of the Uzumaki co*ck, the boy had managed to awaken four fertile eggs from the mother. The strong and virile swimmers of the redhead quickly found and pierced the weak chemical barriers of the civilian as a kunai pierced an exposed neck. They tore them up and mixed their genes together, creating a total of four kids that carried the Uzumaki bloodline with them.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (32)

It was another of the long nights when she could not sleep. Maybe because that woman looked like her mother or because she really distrusted Ryuko, but late at night, Satsuki decided to investigate strange clapping sounds and screams coming from the house bathroom. The woman was just worried about the mother's safety, and she even thought that Ryuko could be slapping her. However, the second she peeped inside the bathroom window to see what was happening, she felt a knot in her stomach.

The vision of Ryuko being balls deep in her mother, filling her with sem*n, was carved into her memory as the one tomoe sharingan that she got from the Uchiha massacre activated as a reaction to the stress induced by the image. She quickly tried to look away and run from the scene, but it was too late; the photographic memory of the dojutsu had already recorded that image.


Well, first milf getting ntr-no-jutsu by the hidden co*ck of the leaf.

Chapter 5


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

The training with Zabuza during these weeks was hellish. But it was the good type of pain that ensured that Ryuko would reach the peak of his performance. After all, the man couldn't move, so Haku needed to be the one exerting physical pressure on the redhead, and the ninja seemed more than eager to do it. Probably some revenge for what they did to his teacher.

Starting with the basics, Zabuza focused on improving Ryuko's flexibility, dexterity, and speed. To become swift as a coursing river, delicate as a drop of water falling from a leaf, and fast as the flow of a waterfall. Obstacle courses were made out of ice when a silly mistake would end with him impaled, dodging barrages of water needles and a lot of stretching. Why did the man focus on that? Because it was the foundation to teach Ryuko the mist village art of silent killing.

The veteran ninja knew that Ryuko wasn't constrained by the rigid traditions of the Hyuga clan, so he could become an incredibly powerful silent killer—better than him with those eyes. So, after the boy reached a certain level of dexterity, he began to teach the art of moving like a thief in the night. Slow and methodical, taking into consideration everything, from the terrain around him to the beat of his own heart. With the help of his byakugan 359° field of view, X-ray vision, and range, Ryuko managed to master this art in record time.

Once that was done, it was time to keep up training his chakra pool to keep with the ninjutsus that the man would teach him. Heavenly weeping, the jutsu that Zabuza used against Ryuko's clone was the first he learned. It was a fundamental tool to get rid of enemy clones without too many problems and get a powerful long-range attack since, with his byakugan and medical knowledge, Ryuko could point to vital organs a lot easier than a normal person.

Then came the deadly combo of Hidden in the Mist and Water Prison jutsu. The first part of this combat was a jutsu that created a massive mist around the user that would make him invisible. Mixed with the silent killing art, Zabuza doubted that anybody could find the redhead in there. The second part was a one-hit-kill movement, the Water Prison. The massive orb of water summoned by the user could deal with most of ninjas if caught off guard. Combined with the boy's mastery of the shadow clones and his raw talent, he could take on at least six ninjas simultaneously.

However, this invincible combo was only an assassination technique. Zabuza was very clear that Ryuko should only be used it in situations where the enemy couldn't just run out of the range of the mist. Like when they had VIPs to protect or were locked in a room. In order to kill Gato, it was the perfect combo.

With the little time that they had, Zabuza also made Ryuko train in bukijutsu and chemistry. The first was obvious: the redhead's skills in melee combat sucked; even with his new speed, he lacked form, so becoming better and not only wielding a kunai but also throwing it was a must. The second one was Zabuza trying something new. Since the boy was interested in medicine, knowing how to craft poisons, acids, and explosives would be handy for him. Even if it wasn't his personal style, mixing water jutsu and poisons was a popular combo in the ninja world for a lot of assassins.

As the training days passed, Kakashi crossed paths with Zabuza, who could barely move in the camp. “You really have a type of student, don't you?” He muttered, thinking about Ryuko and Haku.

Zabuza chuckled and nodded. “Yes, prodigies,” he answered with a prideful tone.

The copy ninja rolled his eyes and kept walking. “Whatever you say,” he muttered with a pinch of teasing in his voice.

Zabuza raised an eyebrow, confused and angry that he didn't catch the meaning of that comment. “What do you mean by that, Kakashi?!” He snarled as the man walked away; he was too hurt to follow his speed.

“Hey, Kakashi! Answer the question!” Zabuza barked again as Kakashi left him alone and frustrated.

After a few weeks, Naruko and Ryuko were talking outside the village, relaxing a little from all the hard-core training. “So, how is training going?” The boy asked, as even for him, his chakra reserves were running low.

Naruko nodded and gave a wide smile. “Well, not that great, but Kakashi taught me a super cool jutsu!” She exclaimed. The clone training method wasn't as good for learning the basics, but it was amazing for speedrunning learning new jutsus.

“Oh, what is it?” The redhead asked with a curious tone.

“Jejejeje,” Naruko muttered, got away from her boyfriend a few steps, and began to weave hand signs.

Ryuko quickly went into a defensive stance, but it was too late. “Twin Wild Lion's Mane Technique!” The girl exclaimed, and her blonde twin pig tails shot toward Ryuko. The pair of golden tendrils coiled around his body as they grew multiple times their size and behaved like a pair of living snakes.

The redhead tried to break free, but the blonde rope kept him restrained. “Nice, this mixed with your clones can leave the enemy open for any attack,” he complimented Naruko as she got near him slowly, a terrifying smug expression drawing on her face.

“Can you let me go now?” He asked with a worried smile since they were kind of in public near the village.

Naruko shook her head, her hair still firmly grappling Ryuko in place. “Nah, I don't think I will . . .” she finally said, ready to have some fun with the real one and not some clones.

Satsuki was having a hard time learning the tree-climbing exercise. Mostly because the image of Ryuko f*cking Tsunami, who looked like her mother, was engraved in her mind. It was something that filled her with a mixture of hate and disgust. She was sure that Ryuko had planned all of this.

The redhead made enough noise to catch her attention and decided to f*ck the person who looked almost like her mother. How did he know that? Those damn bastards of the Kuroi clan must have had more intel than she knew. It must be all a plan to sabotage her growth so they could get rid of her when the time was right.

“Why can't I focus?!” Satsuki barked as she fell from the tree again late at night, with Kakashi reading a book beside her.

Kakashi rolled his eyes. “Did you see something that disturbed you?” The man asked, knowing well that it was a problem of the sharingan.

“Yes! Is there no way I can forget something that I saw with my sharingan?” Satsuki asked, tired of each time that she closed her eyes, that image assaulted her mind. From those massive balls clenching to the sem*n overflowing that puss*. It was like constant torture. She did not need more traumatic images in her mind.

"Sadly, no. You will learn to live with it,” Kakashi answered with an honest tone. That was the curse of the sharingan.

Satsuki took a deep breath and nodded. If she could withstand the memories of the massacre of her clan, she could endure this. “Dammit,” she cursed for herself and kept training, letting the pain, the sweat, the tears, and the blood take over her mind instead of those images.

Sakura was in pain. The girl had mastered the tree-climbing exercise really early, but now there was nothing else she could do. She wanted to show Ryuko that she wasn't useless to shut up that bratty mouth, but Kakashi didn't seem that interested in teaching her.

“Come on, teacher! There must be a way that I can become stronger!” She begged Kakashi while he was chopping some wood for the camp.

The man rubbed his chin; she had good chakra control, so there was an easy solution for that. "Hmmmmmmmm, you could learn genjutsu,” he suggested with a calm tone.

Sakura scoffed for that suggestion, against a byakugan user she would always lose the fight. She didn't only want to become better than Ryuko; she wanted to humiliate him. To make him pay for what his birth had done to her family. The scorn burned deep in the girl; if it wasn't for the redhead, she would have a family to get back to when she returned from the mission. That cold house filled with deafening silence was his fault, and she wanted to make him pay. Even if it didn't make sense, she knew that someone had to pay for that crime.

“I'm not interested in it,” Sakura muttered. She was expecting something better, something stronger.

Kakashi let out a deep sigh. They didn't pay him enough for this sh*t. “Well, what about . . .” the man said, looking around the camp for ideas until eventually they reached the wooden ax he was holding.

“This is an ax. Bukijutsu may be what you need,” the ninja finally said, running out of ideas.

Sakura perked her eyes. “Yes . . . I can see this working,” she admitted, interested in the concept. Using weapons could give her the advantage she was searching for. After all, the byakugan users were all about getting up close and personal, but Ryuko couldn't learn the gentle fist. With a proper tool, she could have the advantage.

Tsunami started her long weeks of training in a state of shock. After their first mating session in the bathroom, she woke up in her bed with her puss* sore and her legs in such a state that her son asked, “Why are you walking funny, Mom?” She tried to repress the memory and imagine that it was all a dream, as her mind was unable to react to that event. However, the next night, Ryuko attacked again.

She tried to resist, but the boy quickly made sure to eat her puss* for the first time in her life. The redhead made her moan and scream while licking her lower lips and pulling out her cl*t, pinching and rubbing it until she squirted all over the bed. Then it came the f*cking; he always focused on her mouth and tit*. Of course, Ryuko gave her a huge load in her puss* each time, but the widow always ended the night with a stomach full of Uzumaki seed.

As the days passed, Tsunami was in denial. This couldn't be happening; a young boy like him should not be in love with her mature body. However, the more he f*cked her, the more she began to get conditioned. Each time that she saw Ryuko, the phantom stench and flavor of his seed assaulted her senses. It became almost a reflex, especially since the boy was getting more and more bold with each passing day.

Ryuko taught her the pleasure of his hands, groping her tit* and ass all the time in public places. From when she was cooking to when she was talking with her son from behind. Even when she was scolding her son for being such a brat with the guests, Ryuko was behind Tsunami, firmly grabbing her asscheeks. Of course, she got angry with him, and she yelled at the ninja, trying to stand her ground and draw a line. What did she get? Being f*cked even harder.

He abused her, slapping her tit* and making sure she knew her place while his sem*n put down any flame of rage or rebellion inside her. The worst part was that Tsunami was loving that rough f*cking. From the full Nelson against one of the house windows to the doggy style that left her body covered in bite marks.

She then tried to bargain with the ninja, saying that he needed to take it easy, that her body couldn't handle all of this, and that he should focus on training. Ryuko rewarded her by always sending a shadow clone to f*ck her. Now she almost couldn't do the house chores without getting a dick in her mouth and puss*. It was a constant assault all the time, melting her brain into a submissive whor*.

At the start of the third week, Ryuko was too busy, even with his clones, to take care of her for only ONE day. That was horrible; she even felt depressed for the first time in a long time as her body craved the taste of his cum. She just wanted to fill her stomach and nostrils with that virile and young seed again.

The straw that broke her back was when she finally got a pregnancy test and tested positive. This was it; she was pregnant with Ryuko's children. Her life was completely changed by the ninja, and she could only accept her destiny. Tsunami wanted to be mad, to be sad, to be in despair, to cover her mouth with disbelief as tears ran down her face. However, the mother could only smile and bite her lower lip.

Tsunami was lying belly up on her bed, her body completely naked, filled with bite marks on her breasts, red pubic hairs in her mouth, and sem*n oozing from her gaping puss*.

“So, are you really going to come with me and leave your drunken father and whiny boy to come back with me and become my permanent sex maid?” Ryuko asked with a bratty tone while sitting on the bed, ready to take this woman with him.

“But Gato is still alive . . .” she mumbled, her mind still foggy from the org*sm she just got.

The redhead chuckled. There was this wave of relief and pride in him for breaking his first woman. “Fine, I will kill him, and then you will come with me,” Ryuko finally said with an evil smile on his lips.

“I . . . ” Tsunami began to mumble before her master talked again.

“Just say that you are taking a job as my secretary; I will send a lot of money to this place so you don't have to worry,” the Uzumaki said, giving her no excuses to become his seedbed for the rest of her life.

A small tear came out of her eye. “Thanks,” Tsunami muttered with a smile on her broken face.

“Thanks, what?” Ryuko asked with a serious tone.

“Thanks, master . . .” the pregnant woman answered while making a small heart-shaped gesture with her hands over her lower belly.

Ryuko patted her head and gave her a happy grin. “Good girl,” he finally said.

The time was getting near. The bridge was about to be finished and they were running out of time. Zabuza knew that Gato would send his mercenaries just before the bridge was built so this was the last they had to strike. The man, already able to walk, gathered with Haku and Ryuko outside the village as they got ready for their mission.

“Are you not gonna help?” Ryuko asked, using a basic henge to change his appearance to look exactly like Haku just in case there were some witnesses after they were done.

Zabuza shook his head. “Take this as your last test,” the man said and then made a small smile.

“So hey, when the time comes, and if you are a proper ninja I would like to request your assistance on the assassination of Yagura Karatachi,” the ninja asked, prideful about his work. Those two boys in front of him were oozing with talent, works of art he had carefully crafted, and tools for his future goal.

Ryuko raised an eyebrow under his mask. “That is a really risky task. What would be the reward?” He asked with a curious tone.

“I will give you one favor. Cannot be getting the 3-tail beast, anything else goes,” Zabuza said. Corpses, secret hidden jutsu, weapons, for his assistance, if everything went right, he could give anything to Ryuko for his help.

Ryuko stopped to think for a second. This was a huge task; killing a kage and a jinchuriki wasn't a joke. However, the boy couldn't help but be hyped by the idea. Such a wonderful battle that would be. Also, with this, he ensures that the mist village will be in the hands of a possible ally, increasing the future power of the leaf.

“Deal, but I will choose my reward later,” the boy said, as he wasn't sure what to ask for this favor.

Zabuza nodded. “Fair, now go there and complete your task,” the man ordered, sending the two young boys to kill Gato.

“It will be done,” Ryuko muttered, and the duo began to run toward the mansion of that criminal lord covered by the dark of night.

At 3 a.m. in the night, the duo reached Gato's heavily fortified mansion. Surrounded by a big forest and built beside a huge river, the place was really massive. Two layers of walls with moats between them divided the exterior from the buildings that hosted what seemed to be a small army of bandits, and finally the inner keep where their target was.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (33)

Haku and Ryuko stood outside the fortress, hiding inside the trees, as the humidity of the environment on this hot night made an excellent setup for their assassination. Well, a storm or rain would also really help them, but beggars couldn't be choosers.

Without wasting time, the redhead activated his byakugan. The boy's range wasn't enough to see even past the second wall, but it was enough for him to get a general idea about the layout of the place with the information that Haku was giving him. There were four barriers between him and Gato.

The first one was the exterior wall. A thick layer of gray stone and blue roof tiles with a dozen watchtowers on top that held a guard on each of them. The barrier was not hard to break, and with the water outside it, he could easily use water jutsus to take down the guards and proceed to the next one.

The second one was a lot more complex. It was an encampment of bandits getting drunk or sleeping that were living in between the two walls. Sneaking across them would not be a problem if it weren't for the sheer number of them; there were more than 200 men armed and waiting for them. They were normal bandits, but with those numbers . . . it would be a problem if they got caught.

The third barrier was the wall separating the main building from the courtyard. Smaller than the first one but filled with mercenaries that weren't as useless as the bunch of drunks on the previous barrier. Killing a target and taking his form would be hard, but sneaking around without using the hidden mist technique would be really hard.

The fourth and final barrier were both of Gato's bodyguards. Two samurai would be a problem fighting them individually, but the pair together could be a danger. Mostly because they could make time for the rest of the guards to arrive and put Ryuko in an uncomfortable situation. If there was a moment to go all out and turn on the alarms, it was when fighting those two to quickly kill them and then deal with Gato.

There was also an extra mission inside Ryuko's head. If he wants to get access to all of Gato's fortune and have his family help him take over, he would need all of that man's records and deeds. They should be inside the main building, but searching for them would take some time. Killing all the goons, doing this without getting caught, or even trying to just withstand the avalanche of bandits while searching for it were all options that Ryuko could take.

The first thing they had to decide was Haku's role in this whole deal. Ryuko knew that he could take on this task alone, but it would be kind of rude not to allow a tool to do its job.

Ryuko had a plan, and for that, he didn't need Haku's interference. “Stay outside and kill any enemy that manages to escape,” the redhead muttered. The boy really wanted avoid witness from this attack in order to not get into trouble if Konoha asked some questions after he was done.

“What would you do?” Haku asked, focusing on the mission before him, which used to be just a tool without opinions.

“I can make a total of six shadow clones that each can cast Ninjutsu,” Ryuko answered, explaining his plan. With his massive chakra reserves and the fact that there was water nearby, this jutsu was a piece of cake. After the mist was set up, he just needed to dismiss the clones to regain that chakra.

“I will use the water of the moats to create a massive mist jutsu around the fortress to cover my tracks. With four of them on each corner of the fortress, it will be enough,” he added with a calm and dry tone, even if he had a nervous smile under his mask. This was extremely exciting to him—the same kind of rush of adrenaline he got when the boy saw Naruko bending over the fridge months ago.

The other ninja nodded. “I understand,” he said, as Haku also had a similar strategy. The ninja would also use clones to cover the most amount of terrain possible and silently kill any bandit that wanted to run.

“And Haku,” Ryuko said, almost as if he was forgetting something.

The boy raised an eyebrow under his mask. “Yes?” he asked again, his tone calm and somber.

“Good luck,” Ryuko finally said before rushing to his target.

“T-Thanks,” Haku mumbled, taken aback by those words.

Ryuko activated his byakugan and then summoned his shadow clones. Four of them went to each corner of the forest and began to cast Hidden in the Mist, creating this colossal wave of mist that slowly engulfed the whole fortress, limiting vision to just a few meters as long as you were on the outside. The other two transformed into a pair of shurikens he saved inside his pocket to use just in case.

With everything set up, the ninja ran across the wall of one of the towers and quickly climbed without making a single sound. The only sliver of noise that he made was the bubbling sound of the slashed artery from the guard he murdered with his kunai. It was his first time killing someone, and for some reason, it felt . . . good. It felt exciting; this whole deal was making the boy almost giggle with happiness. Being so focused on the mission in this live or die task made the whole world less scary, and all those worries about the past and future were just banished. He was 100% focused on the now, and that lifted that massive weight from his shoulder, giving him the joy of freedom as long as his life was on the line.

Ryuko quickly hid the corpse inside one of his storage scrolls, and then hengen into that guard, taking his shape. The boy's plan was simple: use that guard to disguise himself and infiltrate the castle.

He took the form of a middle-aged man with dark brown hair and a goatee, with a big scar in the middle of his face and a loose kimono that held a katana at his waist. Ryuko then began to walk down the tower, trying to act normally to not raise any suspicion.

Under the tower, there were at least five other mercenaries hanging around a table, playing dice late at night. The redhead hoped that they were too focused on their game to pay any attention to him. He could have just jumped out of the tower and sneaked inside the country yard, but maybe someone from the inner wall could see him; the mist had not fully reached that part of the mansion.

“Hey, Satoshi!” One of them yelled, catching the boy off guard.

“Yes?” He asked, having no idea about the personality of this man. Ryuko hoped that he wouldn't be in any direct talks. Thanks to his amazing chakra control, the copy was perfect, but now what was put to the test were his acting skills.

“What are you doing outside of your post?” The mercenary playing dice asked.

Ryuko's byakugan was trying to find a way out. There were a few men outside the tower, so it was to avoid making a mess. “You caught me; I was getting something to drink to pass the time. It is boring as f*ck up there,” he said with a calm tone, trying to play it lightly.

One of the guards chuckled. “Dude, you just went for a drink an hour ago. Do you even remember who Kyoko is at this point?” He asked, inadvertently placing Ryuko in a stupidly hard position. He didn't know who Kyoko was.

Ryuko needed to answer that question; it would be incredibly suspicious if he didn't. But what were the chances? There were three possibilities: a mother, a wife, or a sister. Judging by the man's age, it was possible that his mother was alive, and every single person had a mother, so that was his best bet. “Well . . . yes! My mother!” He exclaimed, almost reaching the door outside.

There was a second of silence. “It was your sis-” Before the bandit could finish his sentence, a Kunai flew to his forehead, killing him in the act as half of it penetrated his skull.

“Intruder!” Another screamed, raising the alarm as Ryuko unsealed a smoke bomb from his armband and flooded the small room with purple smoke. Now that only he could see, there were a few options.

It was a dire situation where Ryuko needed to act very fast. The boy would die, no matter if he was a ninja; there were too many enemies. He had a limited amount of stamina, and his skills were not perfect; every single cut and every single attack would build up and eventually make him commit a mistake. This mistake would evolve into a wound that would make him worse and worse; it would be a snowball effect that would put an end to his life. The best and most logical option was to just run.

That would be what a loser would think. What kind of ninja would just let something as stupid as the almost assured risk of death stop him? There was a chance, and if there wasn't one, he would make one; there were no excuses.

The top priority for Ryuko was conserving chakra, no matter what, so it was time for his kunai to do most of the work. Enraptured by the blinding smoke and using his byakugan to be the only one able to see in that purple hell, he began to attack vital points as Shizune had taught him with the silent movements that Zabuza had trained him.

In a few seconds, the room was silent, but the outsiders were already alert. However, the mist had already covered the main yard, and there were 200 bandits outside the room. None of them could see Ryuko, but Ryuko could see them. A malignant grin possessed the boy's face under his mask; it was time to have a real fight.

He dismissed the clones outside and recreated them inside the small room as he dropped his henge. Now there were 200 vs 5, still unfair for them.

A massive explosion blew up the door, creating a barrage of splinters that impacted the few brave ones trying to enter the room. From it, the clones burst like the wave of calamity they were.

Screams and howls of horror quickly flooded the whole mansion as it was a unilateral battle. Ryuko and his copies used the byakugan and the mist to their full extent, becoming a one-person army. Clusters of explosive seals were triggered to deal with the bigger mobs of ruffians or the ones hidden inside buildings, while a quick kunai or shuriken to the neck was reserved for the most dexterous ones.

They tried to fight back, to swing their weapons into the air, or to shoot their arrows toward where Ryuko supposedly was, but how could you hit a ghost that couldn't be seen or heard? The only trails he left behind were people bleeding out their necks or burned corpses as the fire began to engulf the whole mansion.

The mist even began to be tainted red as the red light of fire and ashes mixed with the droplets of water, filling the air with the rusty stench of iron, fire, and gunpowder. However, in that hell that Ryuko had created, even if he was covered in sweat as his muscles began to hurt and his lungs were begging for a rest, he felt . . . happy as a kid playing with a new toy.

The few dozen survivors managed to run towards the main building and just barricade there. They moved all the furniture toward the doors and windows, trying to make it impossible for the ninja to sneak on them as all of them were in a circular formation, watching each others backs in the main hall.

“What the hell is this man?! Zabuza betrayed us?!” One of them screamed, his trembling hands almost being unable to hold his sword as his nostrils were filled with the stench of burned flesh, and his mind was assaulted by the screams echoing inside his head.

Another one scoffed at the notion. “Don't be an idiot! He died against the copy ninja! The town must have hired a ninja village to kill Gato!” He yelled back, trying to think about a way to overcome this situation. There was a hidden escape tunnel in the basem*nt of this place; maybe if he rushed toward it . . .

“With what money?!” The first one barked back before a barrage of shurikens flew across the small holes they didn't manage to cover with the furniture across one of the windows.

“Shurikens!” One screamed as the mist began to bleed inside the room from that wound on the building.

A wave of relief coursed across the criminals as those weapons did not explode. “He must have run out of explosives . . .” the coward muttered and then saw his whole life flashing before his eyes.

In a puff of smoke, one of the shurikens turned into the masked ninja. “Indeed, I did,” Ryuko said with a teasing tone before unleashing a final smoke bomb inside the room.

Ryuko took a deep breath, his body drenched in blood and gore as his lungs burned with exhaustion. His whole body was itching since he only had ¼ of his chakra left. This took a lot out of him; he wasn't hurt, but his stamina was almost depleted. With his hands shaking from a mixture of excitement and tiredness, he dropped his now dull kunai to the floor and began to analyze what to do next.

Gato was twenty meters above him, in a big office room surrounded by two samurai. There was only one entrance and a window that was now closed.

The redhead licked his lips as he could imagine the sweet song that the hearts he was seeing were making.

Ryuko took one of the soldier pills he had stored for moments like this. It would be a hell of a hangover, but those extra two days of non-sleeping would be really fun for Tsunami and Naruko. The second that the boy felt that bitter ball of medicine entering his body, he immediately recovered his stamina. It was miraculous how much of a boost that drug could give him.

Now that Ryuko was in better condition, he quickly set up his assassination plan. It would be a shame to end this with a simple and brutal brawl; the boy wanted to at least kill his main target with a sneak attack.

He sent two clones to quietly put two massive vessels filled with water under the office room for him to set up. Thanks to his byakugan, the boy could see that the floor of the office wasn't waterproof, so he would have access to use his water jutsus with this small tactic.

Then, the mist came in, creeping inside Gato's office from under the main door frame.

“Don't just stand around! Do something!” Gato screamed at his two samurai. The fat old man, who was almost a midget dressed in a black suit, was quivering in his boots as he was constantly fixing his small glasses.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (34)

One of the samurai was wearing a loose-fitted gray kimono that showed his naked torso. He also had an eye patch over his right eye and had brown hair tied into a topknot. “We need to wait and react when he attacks! It is the only solution!” He yelled, his hand firmly grabbing his katana.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (35)

“Yes, don't worry, we can take care of her! She will be almost out of chakra after dealing with the bandits!” The other samurai, a lot younger, added as he was mistaken about Ryuko gender. He was wearing a gray jacket with many pockets and a purple beanie hat.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (36)

A barrage of shurikens flew across the window, and the samurai managed to run and parry them without problems as they gave their backs toward the door.

“We got you!” The young one exclaimed while Ryuko jumped inside the room as Gato just curled under his desk.

It seemed that this would be a hard fight for the young boy when, in an instant, the shuriken that now were lying beside the samurai turned into shadow clones.

Since they were covered by the mist oozing from the door, the duo didn't manage to see them, as the clones had more than enough time to cast the Water Prison jutsu from the liquid in the containers under the room. In just a second, both samurai were imprisoned in massive orbs of water that put so much pressure on them that they were unable to move; all they could do was drown.

“Wait! I can pay you!” Gato begged as Ryuko grabbed him by the neck. The old man was squealing like a pig about to get butchered.

Ryuko chuckled as his kunai got near his neck. The pleasure of not only fighting but also punishing a man who dared to lift a finger against Naruko was driving his hands. “Don't worry, you will,” he answered, and with a swift hand gesture, he completed his mission.


Kakashi: It's Pride Month, Zabuza. You know what that means.
Zabuza: Huh, what?
Kakashi: . . .
Zabuza: Do you want me to kill gay ninjas?

Chapter 6


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Ryuko took a deep breath and saw the two men gasping for air inside the water prison. “So what to do with you two now . . . hmmm?” He muttered under his mask and took off his henge to stop looking like Haku. The boy would take this time to have some fun doing something really stupid.

“First, this is something that I always wanted to do; I am a man,” Ryuko proclaimed, raising his hands and then showing them his massive co*ck.

The two samurais were even more disturbed by the revelation. For some reason, this humiliating defeat felt even worse knowing that they were tricked in such a way.

“See?!” He exclaimed again, making sure they knew he was a man before pulling his pants up. It felt really nice doing this after thinking about it for so long.

“Second,” the redhead muttered and with a flip of his fingers, both clones were gone, releasing the samurai from their prison.

The two men fell to the ground, gasping for air as the dirty water coated their clothes, and they swallowed some of it in. However, after a second, they were back into an offensive stance.

“What?!” The younger one exclaimed, his hand trembling and not knowing what to do.

The older one was a lot less disturbed by all this charade. “What are you planning?” He snarled, pointing at the ninja with his katana.

“Names first, I am Ryuko,” the boy muttered. He was standing behind Gato's desk with his corpse on top of it, while the samurais were on the other side.

“Waraji,” the older one said, gritting his teeth as he used his peripheral vision to check for more clones. It seems there was only one redhead in the room.

The younger one nodded a few times. “Zo-Zori,” he mumbled, his grip a lot looser than Waraji's.

Ryuko let out a sad*stic chuckle. This was a horrible idea, but he couldn’t just let this opportunity go to waste. As when the boy was f*cking a girl, he wanted more and more until he couldn't move. He was an addict to the sweet nectar of risking his life. “Well, this is what we are going to do. We are going to fight to the death. Kill me, and you can go free, fail, and well . . .” Ryuko said with a gentle and cold tone, trying to hide his giggles of excitement while his hand gripped his kunai.

“Are you mad?!” Zori exclaimed, taken aback by the sheer madness of that ninja. Ryuko had just killed 200 men; didn't he have enough?

Waraji chuckled. “You are truly a f*cked-up sad*stic psycho, right?” He snarled back, amused by the decision and already wanting to take advantage of it.

Ryuko nodded, having time to be honest with those two men. He was a little sorry about Shizune's request, but this good boy would be a little naughty with those two men. “Oh yes, absolutely. I am the worst. But hey, if that is what I need to survive in this world, why not also enjoy it?” The redhead exclaimed as his heart beat in his chest like a drum, feeling each inch of his body with sheer ecstasy.

“Smart bastard,” Waraji complimented him as he and his companion were starting to circle around him, trying to attack from each side at the same time.

The younger one took a second to calm himself, still tasting the bitter taste of that water on his lips. “Tsk. . . He must be almost out of chakra; let's finish this quick,” Zori muttered to himself, trying to see himself winning this fight.

Ryuko couldn't stop getting surprised at how unfair it was to have a byakugan active and other people not knowing it. If it wasn't for the pride of the Hyuga clan to show their dojutsu to everybody, they would be a lot more effective as ninjas. However, now it was time to use another unfair technique he had learned.

The redhead sent a small chakra signal to the small purple triangle on his forehead, unleashing the power of the Strength of Ten Seal. He instantly felt a rush of energy bursting out of his forehead and spreading around his body. It was this warm, almost hot feeling that was making his blood boil with pure battle lust. Ryuko could feel each inch of his body getting stronger as his chakra was unleashed.

“Come on! Show me a good time!” The ninja exclaimed as he gripped his kunai, ready to close this night with a magnificent ending.

“Focus on his hands! Don't let him make any hand seals!” Waraji exclaimed, jumping toward the ninja as he kicked the desk toward them. The samurai managed to slice the wooden furniture in half aloing with Gato's corpse as his companion rushed towards Ryuko.

The ninja quickly dodged Zori's slash and then used his leg to kick a chair toward the young one. Splinters burst out of the chair as Zori managed to cut it, but it was just a visual barrier for Ryuko to cover his attack. However, when he was about to stab the samurai in the neck with his kunai, Waraji came from behind and tried to give him a slash.

Ryuko quickly changed his position, kicking Zori in the chest to use him as a platform to jump back and above the strike. He broke some ribs, but the attack was far from lethal. “Nice move!” The redhead complimented the old one, as he almost caught him; he would if it wasn't for his byakugan.

“Shut up!” Zori exclaimed, his chest burning with pain as he tried to stay up as he and Waraji pounced against Ryuko.

The boy began to interchange attacks with the duo, and the sound of metal hitting metal rumbled across the room as they were at a standstill. The two could land an attack on the ninja, but he was unable to find an opening to strike without also receiving a strike.

“Come! With a little more energy!” Ryuko exclaimed and jumped back, his back almost touching the only door in the room as he made just one hand seal with the little space he had between attacks, the boy needed to throw his kunai in the air to then catch it when the jutsu was done, risky but effective. (Heavenly weeping!) He spewed dozens of small needles of water against the duo from under his mask, too many of them to dodge or parry as they landed on the samurai.

They didn't manage to hit any tenketsu points; Ryuko wasn't as good at that yet, but they were annoying and painful. It was like him spitting on them to break their concentration.

“He is messing with your head! Don't pay attention!” Waraji exclaimed, knowing perfectly well what Ryuko was doing.

The boy chuckled as Zori charged again, gritting his teeth across the pain. “See?! He is the smart one! You should take Waraji's advice!” Ryuko exclaimed as he went to receive the attack with his arms open.

With one hand, using his kunai, he focused all his chakra to parry the blade with it. The katana changed his trajectory, only making a small cut on his right leg as it went down, exposing Zori to Ryuko's other arm. It hurt, but the adrenaline of the fight allowed Ryuko to launch a powerful blow toward the samurai's throat, collapsing his windpipe.

“You almost got me there!” Ryuko exclaimed as he stepped on the back of the blade, making Zori unable to move as the boy was about to land the finishing blow.

“Agh . . .Ahhhh . . .” the samurai managed to mumble before feeling a sharp blade stabbing his heart and also slashing the arm that Ryuko was using to punch his face.

It was a deep vertical slash that almost reached his body if it wasn't for the byakugan’s properties that warned about the incoming attack thanks to his X-ray vision. Ryuko thought that he was fast enough to land the finishing blow and get out in time, but he miscalculated his speed.

The redhead took a step back, blood oozing from his arm as Zori fell dead on the ground. This was the first serious wound he got in a real fight. “Using your own ally to create an opening,” he muttered, still processing what had happened.

“An arm for my companion, a fair deal,” Waraji muttered, his stance firm and without a sliver of regret in his voice.

The boy felt this rush of pleasure across his body; this was fun, this was exhilarating, and he was almost high from the adrenaline rushing across his body. “True, true, true! Now it's just the two of us! Come on! You actually have a nice chance to kill me and get out of here alive!” Ryuko yelled, as he only had one hand to fight with the samurai now. No more parries or seals for the rest of the fight; just dodging.

Ryuko and Waraji danced with each other for minutes, neither of them managing to land a finishing blow as Ryuko's speed was too much for the samurai, but at the same time, the man managed to use his blade to keep the distance. Small cuts and bruises began to infect and plague both warriors' bodies as they shared kicks, punches, and slashes with their weapons. However, as the time on the seal on his forehead was running low, it was the moment for Ryuko to put an end to this.

What turned the tide of the combat was a simple kick that Waraji made toward the boy's legs. He jumped in the air to dodge it, and just at that time, the samurai tried to land a lucky strike. Ryuko saw the blade coming to slice his chest, and he could not just dodge in mid-air. Well, that would be the case if it weren't for the explosive tags in his sandals that he had put in there a few weeks ago.

At the last second, as the blade was slashing his chest, Ryuko moved his legs, pointed toward the samurai, dropped his kunai, and unleashed the seal on his feet. An explosion pushed him out of the range of the man, and Waraji was almost shot through the window, but he managed to endure the explosion.

Thanks to the chainmail that Ryuko was using, the cut on his chest had just damaged his skin, but his legs were shaking and really hurt from the explosion. He should try that again but with something less explosive. However, Waraji only seemed hurt and exhausted but still able to move.

“Using explosives to move mid-air. . . you are truly insane,” the samurai said with a little bit of respect in his voice as he was sure about his victory. The ninja had lost his weapon; his legs were damaged, as were his arms. He would win this fight.

"Hmmmm, it seems that it worked but could be done better,” Ryuko muttered as the seal in his forehead disappeared, having already expended all the chakra on it.

The samurai got closer, his body looming over Ryuko. “You lost your speed and one arm; it is over,” he said, ready to put an end to this.

"Indeed, it is over. Well, thanks for everything, Waraji," said the boy with a strange calm tone as the samurai raised an eyebrow, confused.

Then Waraji felt the effects of the poison.

The man was too distracted from the pain of the water needles to even realize that his body was getting numb with each second until eventually it completely broke under the pressure of the toxin. He couldn't move a muscle, as the poison in the water prison had already taken effect.

“What are you . . . aggh!” Waraji cursed as he tried to put an end to this fight, but his body would not move.

Ryuko got up slowly, grabbing another kunai from his pocket. “The liquid that I used to create the water prison was laced with poison. I am still not really good with it, so it took a lot more than I expected, and I am still working on the taste, so it should have been a little bitter,” he explained with a calm expression under his mask.

“You bastard . . . since the beginning, you . . .” The man was still trying to move, unable to accept defeat after going this far.

“Yes, this fight was over before it even started. Did you really think that I would let you leave?” Ryuko asked with a bratty tone, placing the kunai near the samurai's throat.

“Dammit!” Those were the last words that came out of the man's lips, as Ryuko just slashed his throat.

"Well, at least I gave you a chance to kill me before dying; that is as far as my charity goes,” the boy finally said as the man bled out on the cold office floor.

No matter the wounds he had in his body or how close he was to actually dying, this felt amazing. It was the best fight he had in his life, and Ryuko was already looking for the next one that would test his strength. After this, the world didn't feel as big or scary.

Ryuko took a deep breath and used three scrolls to save the three corpses. One from Gato, another from Waraji, and another from Zori. The first was obvious, but the other two could have rewards if they were wanted criminals, so better safe than sorry.

Then the ninja began to treat his wounds. Especially his arm that had its muscles and tendons damaged. It was a really nasty wound that would have left another ninja out of commission for at least a month and left a nasty scar, but the Uzumaki genes would quickly heal that damage in a few days. His priority now was to stop the bleeding.

The fire outside was just consuming the second wall of the mansion, so Ryuko had time to search for important papers around the building. An easy task thanks to his byakugan X-ray vision. He easily found a safe hidden in a random guest room on the upper floors. From there, he just needed to use his eyes to guess the combination of numbers from the inner mechanism, and he was done. The safe and all of Gato's dirty laundry were his.

Deeds from properties, really nasty information about important people in the country, records of all his illegal activities, contacts, etc. This was all he needed, with the help of his family, to take over the man's business. However, as he was salivating about taking over the country, Ryuko found Gato's personal diary.

“What the hell?” The boy said, reading the man's plans. He wanted to become a daimyo with his own ninja village. Once the takeover of the land of waves was complete, Gato would start gathering forces to create a ninja village, and what was really terrifying was that he found a way to legitimize that claim.

Ryuko's eyes opened wide. “Are you f*cking kidding me?! He knew about this?!” He yelled, unable to believe what he was reading.

In the land of hot springs, inside a deep cave that used to be a mine, some explorers reported a massive creature with six tails that looked like a slug living there. Gato made sure to silence anybody who knew about the topic and be the only one who knew that information. He was even planning to hire a mercenary group called Akatsuki to retrieve that tailed beast.

Ryuko couldn't believe he had the location of a missing-tailed beast in his hands. He took a deep breath and sealed the information inside another scroll. “Well, it is my lucky day,” the boy muttered to himself, trying to stay calm. He needed his head clear to think about what to do with this information. For now, Ryuko had looted everything he needed to take over the country and even more.

Outside the castle, surrounded by frozen bodies, Haku was waiting for Ryuko. “Are you done?” The boy asked while seeing the redhead.

Ryuko looked around, happy that Haku had managed to plug those leaks. “Yes, a little bit hurt, but I can move,” he muttered as the pain of his wounds became more noticeable since the adrenaline of the fight was leaving his body.

Haku nodded. “Finally, I made sure that there were no witnesses,” he muttered, and then began to run toward their base, but he was interrupted by Ryuko letting out a small chuckle.

Maybe it was the loss of blood, being low on chakra, or that he was still high from the fight, but the boy couldn't help but laugh about a stupid joke he thought of.

“What is so funny?” Haku asked a little bit more aggressively than usual.

Ryuko shook his head and raised his healthy hand as a gesture of surrender. "Oh, nothing; I was thinking that we look like brothers and Zabuza as our dad,” he said out of nowhere. Mostly because he and Haku looked like twins under the icy moonlight.

“What?!” Haku barked back, taken by surprise by such an implication. Seeing Zabuza as his dad? Seeing Ryuko as his brother? Why did such words have so much effect on him?

“Similar faces, stature, long hair, get confused for girls a lot . . . you get it?” Ryuko added, trying to explain his sh*tty commentary and regretting creating this awkward situation.

Haku paused for a second, a strange heat touching his frozen heart. Just for a second, the boy didn't see himself as a weapon but as a person, a brother. “Yes . . . I get it,” he muttered under his breath, confused and not knowing how to process these emotions.

“Anyway, let's go back,” Ryuko said, trying to get away from this topic and back toward more important things.

Haku smiled under his mask. “Fine, brother,” he muttered with his best try at a teasing tone. The boy could get used to this feeling.

It was dawn in the village as the fishermen were getting ready to set out on the sea to catch today's prey when the town erupted in chaos. There was something happening in the main plaza; people were just running to witness the miracle that Ryuko had given them.

On a cross, as it had happened with Tsunami's husband, was Gato's corpse, with Ryuko standing next to it. The magnate's hollow eyes were accompanied by a grimace of pure terror, as it made clear that the last moments of his life were horrible.

Ryuko just wanted to give some morbid spectacle and then retire to get his reward, but as people began to gather around him, he was unable to move.

“What is that?” A woman screamed.

More people gather around him, witnessing the macabre and sad*stic display. “Can it be?!” Another man yelled.

“The Uzumaki killed Gato!” An elderly man screamed, raising his fist in the air as some of the younger fishermen took down the corpse and began to beat the ever loving sh*t out of it.

“Take this you bastard!” Laughs, tears, and howls of victory flooded the whole village, with people hugging each other and celebrating while profaning that corpse.

Ryuko was paralyzed by that reaction and the chants that came after it. “Uzumaki! Uzumaki! Uzumaki!” The mob of people drunk on violence screamed.

They were happy, and they really liked Ryuko for what he had done. Their adoration for a boy who lived his whole life like a pariah felt good—too good. It was this feeling of pure joy that supported his violent and almost psychotic actions and reinforced his bloodthirsty nature.

Tsunami was in the kitchen of the house completely naked, only wearing an apron. The widow's holes were still sore from last night's f*cking with Ryuko, as her tit* had already started to leak milk from all the stimulus. However, thanks to the constant help of the boy and Naruko, that wasn't a problem.

The woman had to admit that she really wasn't interested in other girls before this month, but serving an Uzumaki, male or female, was a privilege that she couldn't deny. Also, that young lady seemed really starved for some sort of mature female figure in her life.

As she was deep in thought, Tsunami felt it. That massive and virile co*ck took her by surprised and rammed itself all the way into her cervix.

“Master! I am making breakfast!” She squealed as the boy lifted one of her legs for easier penetration. The woman dropped the plates on the sink as her hands tried to not lose balance by grabbing at the edge of the furniture.

Ryuko let out a loud moan that made sure to wake up the whole household as his sweaty hips, tainted with blood and ashes, slapped against the woman's posterior. “No need; I already killed Gato. You bloodthirsty slu*t, are you happy now?!” he snarled with a sad*stic grin, turning all the bloodlust into just normal lust.

The news shook Tsunami to her core as that massive co*ck was reshaping her mature puss*. “Yes! I am! I am a murderous whor* that likes to get f*cked by the man who avenged her ex-husband.” She finally confessed, her nipples splattering milk all over the counter as she moaned and squealed without a single ounce of shame.

Ryuko chuckled and then noticed Naruko getting to see what was happening. “Come on, Naruko, help me to accomplish her dream of becoming an Uzumaki's broodmother,” the redhead said with a wide smile as he grabbed the blonde's head and pushed her towards his sweaty and musky balls.

Naruko chuckled and took a deep sniff of her man's testicl*s before starting to lick them. “We will have so much fun together, Tsunami!” The blonde girl exclaimed as her tongue danced around Ryuko's balls, making sure that those sperm tanks reached their peak of virility.

“Come on, clench that puss* and apologize for resisting from the start!” The boy demanded, the pain in his body getting drowned in the pleasure of that thigh and wet hole and the tongue dancing over his testicl*s.

Tsunami had now been completely conquered by the boy. “I am sorry, sorry, sorry! I should have never fought against you!” She begged as the minutes passed, the heat in her stretched puss* reaching the boiling point as the stench of sex impregnated the wooden walls of the house.

A firm slap on the ass made it clear that it wasn't enough. “My destiny was always to be your sex slave!” Tsunami yelled, breaking and accepting her life as Ryuko's personal slu*t. She no longer cared about her son or father; she only lived for the co*ck pounding in her puss* at this exact moment.

“See? Are you not happier now?!” Ryuko snarled, feeling his balls reaching their limit as Naruko did not stop for a second from massaging them.

“Yes! I can finally move on!” Tsunami screamed, her c*nt squirting all over the kitchen counter as Ryuko came again inside her.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (37)

The boy gritted his teeth and pierced her womb with his co*ck, unloading his seed directly into his favorite f*cktoy. “And become my permanent slave!” He moaned and clenched his massive balls, making Naruko feel those sperm tanks draining their load directly into that widow's puss*.

They stood connected for a few seconds, both enraptured by the pleasure of their own org*sm and then Ryuko slowly pulled out, leaving the woman gasping for air as Naruko quickly went to clean his co*ck.

“You really blew a huge load there,” the girl muttered, kissing the tip of the boy's meat slab.

Ryuko chuckled, still full-mast and unable to do anything to put it down except abuse the holes of the girls in front of him. “I took a soldier pill, so get ready to have a lot of fun in the next three days,” he muttered with a smile while one of his fingers began to prod Tsunami's dark brown star.

"Master, what are you . . .” Tsunami muttered as she could feel the boiling seed in her womb, as well as the nimble finger of Ryuko teasing the entrance of her asshole. Not even the woman's husband had touched that part of her.

Ryuko took a deep breath and kissed the woman's back door with the tip of his co*ck already lubed by her own c*nt and Naruko's saliva. “I always wanted to try this hole, and now that you have accepted your role, I will give you the privilege of letting me f*ck your asshole,” he muttered while his hand firmly grabbed those mature asscheeks and his co*ck battled its way inside.

Tsunami gritted her teeth; it hurt a little, but that was nothing that she couldn't handle after enduring the pain of childbirth. “Ah. . . it feels weird,” she moaned and groaned, trying to hide her reaction but failing on each attempt.

The redhead let out a loud grunt. “This is so tight . . .” he muttered while Tsunami was squealing like a pig getting butchered. The mature woman couldn't contain her moans, as the pain and pleasure of doing it in that forbidden hole were erasing what was left of her self-respect.

"f*ck, her asshole is sucking me in!” The boy exclaimed, and with a final hip movement, he was balls deep inside Tsunami's backdoor, stretching and ruining it as he took that woman's anal virginity.

A final slap on that ass was all the mother needed to climax, squirting over the kitchen floor again as the pressure was melting her brain. “Be proud to give your asshole as a tribute to the Uzumaki clan!” Ryuko said and then began to move his hips.

“Come on! You aren’t paying attention to me!” Naruko said this and began to kiss the boy, rubbing her fat cow tit* over his chest as she summoned a pair of clones to join in the licking and kissing.

Ryuko returned the kiss, feeling the woman's tongue getting a lot more adventurous than before as the firm grip of Tsunami's asshole strangled his co*ck. “Take it easy. It will be your turn soon enough,” he muttered in between sloppy kisses as he was getting kind of addicted to the strange sensation of anal sex, and judging by the widow's moans, she was also getting into it.

After some minutes, the boy reached another climax; he increased the speed to the same speed he used to stab Gato in the neck, and with a loud grunt, he came inside Tsunami. “Oh f*ck!” He groaned as his eyes rolled to the back of his head while his seed overflowed that backdoor and spilled over the floor.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (38)

Tsunami let out a final squeal. The woman's body was covered in a thick layer of cum and sweat as her asshole was filled to the brim and her colon bleached. She was gasping for air like a fish out of water while all kinds of fluids dripped from her shaking legs. The mother had forgotten about breakfast and was now a complete wreck over the kitchen counter.

Ryuko finally pulled out and watched with sad*stic glee the gaping holes of his pet oozing sem*n all over this now profane place that she used to prepare food for her old family. The boy felt pride and joy from breaking that woman, and the best part was that he got a really nice secretary out of it.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (39)

“I think you broke her,” Naruko muttered as her clones got closer to Tsunami, ready to lick her clean.

“That was the intent,” Ryuko confessed, as this was just the start of three long days.

As Ryuko would be up for a long time, he offered himself to write the mission report. Even if they were just a formality and they always left a lot of room for interpretation, he wanted to make sure that nobody would write something that could put Naruko or him in danger. Kakashi, lazy as always, accepted the task while Satsuki and Sakura were too busy training to do it, and Naruko was Naruko.

There was a huge list of things that Ryuko would not say. Anything related to his training with Zabuza and Haku was a big no, as were the things he had learned from them. They were not relevant to the mission, and as a ninja, it was important to keep those details hidden. The boy didn't mention that the Kuroi clan would take over Gato's operation and that he would become the symbol of the Uzumaki returning. Ryuko knew that he was too young to take care of all the politics related to the deal, so it was the job of his clan to take care of that. He would give his family a lot of jobs in his new country and become a powerful ally, so the best they could do was facilitate the relationship with Konoha, as the reborn Land of Whirlpool would be basically a vassal state for the Land of Fire.

Finally, it was all about the topic of the six-tailed beast. Not sharing this information would be treason, and he knew it; however, the boy hid it anyway. The reasoning was simple: he wanted to protect Naruko, Lee, and Hinata; he trusted them, not the village. Ryuko knew how many spies and evil influences were in Konoha, his family being one of them, so the boy did not trust that the Hokage would make the best choice with this information. He would never forgive himself if the man decided to give the tailed beast back to Kirigakure as a diplomatic gesture. Especially since Ryuko would kill their kage in the future. He needed to get a lot stronger, and becoming the Jinchuriki of the six tails would give him the key to that. Was it egoistic? Was he egocentric? Was he putting his whole village at risk if this went wrong? Yes and he knew it. However, Ryuko would do anything in his power to protect the only stars that shone over him in this dark and cruel world.

The rest of the report was mostly true. Zabuza attacked the group, and then he was driven off by the group after the clash with the twin brothers. Tazuna was interrogated about the situation, and the information was that the man was getting targeted by Gato. With the mission parameters changed, they followed the task of escorting Tazuna to the wave and protecting him from the rich man. Ryuko then requested to handle the assassination alone, since the danger of a constant barrage of assassins put the group in danger. He failed the henge impersonation to get closer to Gato, guards sounded the alarm, and Ryuko proceeded to do his best to defeat the 100 or so bandits in total using explosive tags, smoke bombs, hit-and-run tactics, etc. Nothing that a normal genin who was a prodigy couldn't do.

The ninja knew there were more than 100 men, but he wanted to keep his combo of Hidden in the Mist and his byakugan a secret for now. Killing 200 bandits would be really suspicious, so he low balled the number.

Then Gato was killed, but the ninja had a lot of wounds from the battle. Ryuko made it look like it was mostly a miracle that he survived, downplaying his full power while also creating a convincing lie.

Ryuko was sitting on the kitchen table of the house talking with Tazuna since they were about to leave the village in the morning. Under the table was Tsunami sucking the boy's co*ck as her body was covered by sem*n and sweat. The noise and smell made it clear what was happening. With a leash firmly grasping her neck, the boy was pulling on it with one hand as if she were some kind of pet while talking with her dad.

The woman was completely enraptured by the manhood rubbing the back of her throat as her nostrils sniffed the virile potency of the redhead. She didn't care at all that her own father was just a few meters from this scene.

"Well, with everything done, I hope you are happy with my service,” Ryuko muttered with a wide and gentle smile, and his face was fully red. His vision allowing him to see how those eyes that one exuded mother love were corrupted into a gaze of pure depravity and lust.

The old man clenched his fist. “Ye-yes I am thankful for you saving my country,” he answered, completely humiliated by the situation.

“Good! Also, I wanted to make something nice for my girl, so . . . can you call the bridge Naruko Bridge when it is over? We don't want any problems when we leave, so I think that name will be good luck,” Ryuko suggested. Well, mostly it was a threat since he was fine with them having a bridge as long as it was a monument to his love for the girl.

Tatzuna just nodded, unable to talk while the room was filled with the sound of his daughter giving this bastard redhead a sloppy blowj*b under the table.

“That is nice. I hope you learn . . .aa AHH . . . f*ck!” Ryuko started to talk but then rolled his eyes to the back of his head. He clenched his balls and unleashed another torrent of seed directly into the woman's stomach mid-sentence.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (40)

There was only the sound of someone chugging liquid for a few seconds until, eventually, Ryuko kept talking after letting out a loud sigh of relief. “Your lesson: next time, please add ALL the details about the mission. We don't want to put any of our ninjas at unnecessary risk, right?” The boy said and chuckled at the end, showing how much of a bastard he was.

“Yes . . .” Tazuna was forced to say as his daughter was taken from him.


It feels so refreshing to write an absolute bastard of an MC.

Chapter 7


(See the end of the chapter for notes.)

Chapter Text

Ryuko woke up in his house after getting back into the village. It was a long time to get back home, but Tsunami and Naruko made sure to keep him amused after his daily training. As he looked around, it was already a little late; the after effects of the soldier pill were still affecting his body, making him sleep more than normal. The only person in the house was Tsunami, in her uniform, getting his breakfast ready.

The woman was now wearing a skimpy black jacket that left her breasts almost exposed to the air for easy milking. Her short skirt made sure to leave her puss* and fine lingerie visible for her man, as the no pants and panties rules also applied to her. Finally on her neck was the leash that Ryuko had bought for her. What kind of owner would not have a pet with a proper collar? However, the change that was more noticeable was how her body and expression had corrupted from a normal housewife to a complete sex toy that craved her master's dick each moment of the day.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (41)

“Oh, you are finally awakened, master. The head of the Kuroi clan is waiting for you,” she muttered, making sure to give her master a good-morning kiss on the cheek.

Ryuko nodded, feeling amazing for such a magnificent prize he managed to get. “Thanks; you look amazing in the new outfit that I gave you,” he complimented her, as even if the house was getting a little cramped now, the boy didn't mind.

“I feel sooooooooo good now. Thanks for showing how much of a whor* and slu*t I am,” Tsunami purred, her loins already wet in expectation for today's use and abuse.

Ryuko quickly grabbed her ass, his hand groping it so hard that it left a mark on the woman. “MY whor* and slu*t,” he exclaimed, making sure that she knew that nobody of the Kuroi clan would lay a finger on her.

“Yes, of course,” the woman nodded as her asshole and puss* were itching in anticipation for that boy's young and virile manhood.

Ryuko went into the patriarch's office in the main building. The second that he opened the door, a wave of various smells struck his nostrils. The stench of sex, the incense aroma so thick that it almost left a chemical aftertaste in the boy's throat, and, of course, the smell of food. The boy stepped into place with a big fake smile. It was such a fine room, with a black marble floor, red carpets, fancy portraits, statues, and vessels. An opulent and expensive one that contrasted with the small and modest Hokage office.

Sitting on a massive desk, he was the head of the clan. The man looked and smelled like the obese, bloated corpse of a drowned man, and the sounds coming out of his mouth sounded like the gases that the body would be expelled in its late stage of decomposition. He was old, fat, ugly, and had short blonde hair he had bought from medical ninjas. It was a miracle that the red tar that he had as blood managed to pump across his veins.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (42)

The man gave a wide smile and opened his arms. "Well, well, well, if it isn't the young Ryuko. You did a lot of things on your first mission outside the village. You basically conquered a whole country!” He exclaimed with a friendly tone, a lot different from the normal cold one that he used to refer to Ryuko.

The idea of poisoning him crossed Ryuko's head for a second. However, by the way the man ate, the poison would not be enough to kill him. The man ate so much trash that he should have toxic resistance.

"Oh, it wouldn't be possible without the help of our family,” Ryuko muttered, trying to sound polite to him. After all, he needed him for now.

“True! True! True! Such a wonderful kid! and you also made sure to get a nice souvenir on the way back. I always knew that you were a Kuroi in your heart,” the man answered with a heartfelt chuckle.

The redhead nodded, standing before the man and not taking a seat. He knew what kind of stuff they did in there, and he wanted to be as far away from any of those fluids as possible. “I appreciate the compliment, patriarch,” he answered.

“Bah! Don't be so formal! We are family! Call me Dayu!” The old man said back, trying to sound friendly. Before this, he thought that Ryuko was just a walking ninja sperm tank, but now that he had proven to be worthy of his last time, he was ready to fully embrace him in the clan.

"Well, Dayu, I hope you are happy with the booty of my last adventure. I hope that I get the whole support of the clan to administer this venture,” Ryuko added, playing the modest card.

“You have! And the detail about the Uzumakis returning to legitimize the claim? Chef’s kiss!” Dayu complimented the boy again; his tone sounded genuine, or maybe he was really used to faking it.

Ryuko raised his hands and shook his head. “It was the least I could do,” he muttered as his chest inflated with pride.

The old man chuckled. “Come! Tell your uncle what you want as a reward!” Dayu offered as Ryuko was taken aback by the man's generosity.

“I need a bigger house, and the Uchiha clan base seems like the best option,” Ryuko asked with a devious smile on his lips. Naruko really liked Satsuki, and he wanted her to be close to her friend; he wasn't a controlling asshole, and he knew that the girl would be really happy by living next to her teammate.

The old man's eyes lit up with excitement, impressed by how bold the boy was. “Ooooooooooooh, the Uchiha girl . . . well, she is having a lot of problems paying the taxes on that land, and her clan savings accounts are running dry. The Hokage really wants her to keep the place, but my friend Danzo and I think otherwise,” he said with an equally evil grin on his fat lips. So Ryuko wants the Uchiha bloodline now? Such a greedy ninja, he was just as worthy of his clan name as his own daughter.

He nodded a few times. “A magnificent play! I will do my best to get you a proper Uzumaki clan hideout!” The fat bastard exclaimed, playing along with the reconstruction of the Uzumaki clan game. After all, one of Ryuko's wives was a Uzumaki, and he had the Kuroi name. A union between the clans would help the family evolve from a rich group trying to become ninjas to a proper ninja clan.

“That is all I can ask for,” Ryuko muttered, happy to get a mansion apart from the Kuroi compound where he could relax with his girls.

The next thing on the agenda was meeting Shizune again. It was time for Ryuko to talk with his favorite teacher about all the crazy stuff he had done on that mission.

Back at his house an hour later, he was drinking tea on the kitchen table with the adult woman. Tsunami was just too busy cleaning the floors of the bedroom to be in this conversation.

“Ryuko, I hope you had a fun time with your first mission,” the black-haired woman muttered while taking a sip of tea with a wide smile on her lips.

The boy nodded a few times. “I did!” He exclaimed while taking another drink of his tea.

Shizune made a happy smile and put some small scrolls over the table she had managed to buy from her trips while Ryuko wasn't in town. In those weeks, the woman felt a lot happier than usual; now she had a personal project in life, something that she wanted to see grow. She didn't know until now, but Shizune loved being a teacher, especially with such a nice student. “Here, I bought some gifts. They are water-style scrolls from Sunagakure,” she added with a wide smile.

Ryuko nodded and went to see the jutsus inside those scrolls. All the water-based ones were extremely interesting but hard to master. Most importantly, two of them synergized excellently with his poison and taijutsu, and the last one was ideal to keep him alive in the more dire situation. “Thanks! I learned a lot of stuff on that mission,” the boy answered, as he couldn't wait to get back to training with the woman.

“And you even got a maid,” Shizune said as the teacher saw Tsunami walking around the house doing chores. Just for her alone, Ryuko had ordered the widow to wear pants around the house to not make the woman feel uncomfortable.

“Yes . . . well, that town was really poor, so I decided to hire her to funnel some cash back,” the redhead explained, saying what was technically true.

Shizune chuckled. “You are such a good boy. Now tell me everything that happened. Did you defeated a lot of bandits?” She asked, curious about the juicy details of her student's first mission.

Ryuko took a deep breath. This was hard to explain, but he decided to trust Shizune for two reasons. First, she wasn't a Konoha ninja, so she did not have any loyalty to the village itself or any of the strong bonds and oaths created in the ninja academy. Second, he really needed help from someone more experienced than him on this topic, and the woman was the perfect candidate for that.

"OK, so first, can you promise to not tell anyone what I am going to mention now? I kind of hid a good bit of information from the official report. I fear that the security in the Hokage office is not as tight as I would like,” Ryuko asked with a serious tone.

Shizune's face took on a more serious grimace. She thought that the companions of Ryuko treated him really badly and threatened him not to say anything. “Oh? Sure, you can trust me. You have my ninja word,” the woman said with a motherly smile on her lips, making sure to reassure the boy that everything would be fine with her.

The redhead took a deep breath. “Fine . . . the thing is. . .” he began to tell the whole story.

After a few seconds, Shizune was pale as milk. “You were taught by Zabuza?! The Demon of the Hidden Mist?!” She exclaimed, unable to believe what she was hearing.

“It gets more complex . . .” Ryuko muttered with an awkward smile and kept talking.

The woman's jaw almost dropped to the ground. “200 bandits and 2 samurai?!” Shizune yelled. She knew that Ryuko was strong, but that was just far beyond her expectations.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (43)

Ryuko nodded as he took time to explain the whole situation. “Yeah, the hidden mist jutsu and byakugan combination mix well with the assassination style that Zabuza taught me. However . . .” he took a deep pause, ready to drop the biggest bomb.

“What else?” Shizune muttered, almost fainting but thinking there should be nothing more impressive than that. She was wrong.

“A tailed beast location . . .” Shizune muttered on the brink of fainting.

Before she could finish the sentence, a cat-sized slug jumped out of her tit* and onto the table. The creature with white, sticky skin and three long green lines across her body quickly raised its head toward Ryuko. “Wait! You know where my bestie is! I haven't talked with her for decades! Take me to her,” the slug asked with a high-pitched but feminine screech.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (44)

“Lady Katsuyu! Please! This is a really important matter,” Shizune exclaimed, taken aback by the summon reaction to that information.

The slug nodded a few times. "Indeed, it is; friendship is really important!” She answered with a serious tone.

Ryuko blinked a few times and made a gentle smile. “Oh . . . hi, I am Ryuko Kuroi,” he muttered, presenting himself to the slug and not really knowing how to react.

“I am Lady Katsuyu from Shikkotsu Forest. Nice to meet you,” the slug answered with a friendly tone.

“Can you explain this situation? I am a little confused,” the boy begged, not really understanding what was happening.

Shizune took a deep breath. “Well, she is the personal summon of Lady Tsunade. . . my teacher. She can divide herself and work as a message network for sharing chakra and communication. My teacher always asks me to carry at least one on me while I am not with her to. . . ” she said and made a small pause.

“Buy her booze on the way back,” the woman finally admitted.

Ryuko's eyes opened wide. “Wait! You are a student from the legendary Sannin?!” The redhead exclaimed, taken aback by the revelation. Now he knew why that woman knew so many sealing techniques and medical jutsus without being affiliated with any village.

Shizune let out a nervous chuckle. “Yes . . . well, it seems that both of us have our little secrets,” she muttered, clearly ashamed by the revelation.

“Anyway, tell me where Saiken is. I have a lot to catch up on with her,” Lady Katsuyu said, really looking forward to meeting her old friend.

Ryuko resisted the urge to cuddle with the slug. After all, this would not be treating her with the respect she deserved; maybe later. “Oh sure, it would be an honor to help you with that, Lady Katsuyu,” the boy said with a gentle smile.

“Excellent!” The slug exclaimed, but Ryuko raised a hand.

“However, would she be friendly with me?” He asked, referring to Saiken.

Katsuyu nodded a few times. “Oh sure, Saiken really likes humans in general,” she answered, remembering that her old friend was as friendly as she.

That was the perfect setup for Ryuko to attack. “Can you introduce me to her? I'm actually interested in talking to a bijuu . . . that doesn't have a personal reason to dislike my headband,” he asked with a calm tone. This would be the perfect chance to get the tailed beast for himself.

“I can do that; do you want to make a contract with me? I could reverse summon you to Shikkotsu Forest after I meet her,” the slug proposed, catching Ryuko's attention.

The boy rubbed his chin. “Wait. . . How are you going to move her there? Can Saiken not reverse summon herself to that place?” He asked, confused about why the 6-tail wasn't back home yet.

“Because Saiken never did a summoning contract with me,” the slug explained with an almost frustrated tone.

Ryuko nodded a few times. “Oh, that makes sense. So how does it work?” He asked for more information before making this decision.

“Well, easy. I go to her location, and then I reverse summon her with me back to the Shikkotsu Forest. Then I reverse summon you to Shikkotsu Forest,” Katsuyu said, as one of the big benefits of being able to divide herself into millions of small parts was that.

“So you are basically a teleporting network?” Ryuuko asked, as now he had an incredible chance to get the tailed beast. However, this had a huge secondary problem. What kind of excuse could he make if, one day, he came back to the village with a tailed beast inside him? The boy needed to think about this really carefully.

"Well, it takes a lot of chakra for me to do that, and I need to be in multiple locations, but yes. On this occasion, I am making an exception for you, young boy, if you accept my contract,” Lady Katsuyu finally said. Even for her, being so big and strong that nobody had ever summoned her to full size in this world, moving a tailed beast was a massive task, and even a normal human was a huge tax on her body. The woman was basically not that good in that kind of jutsus.

Ryuko nodded. “Sounds great. I accept,” the boy said, agreeing to this summoning contract. However, Ryuko had never tried one before, but getting the same contract as a legendary Sannin was the best he could ask for.

“Shizune, dear! Get some expensive sake to celebrate!” The slug exclaimed with a high-pitched tone.

Shizune took a deep breath, a little bit jealous that Ryuko had a contract with Lady Katsuyu before her. Well, she needed to be proud of her student after all. "Yes, Lady Katsuyu,” she muttered, and she immediately went to get what was asked of her.

“Would you like me to reimburse you for the chakra cost for reverse summoning me? I have rather high reserves, after all. I could help a little with reverse summoning the Si- Sorry, Saiken, as well,” the boy said, trying to sound respectful toward his summoning.

The slug nodded a few times. “Oh right! You are an Uzumaki! Did you learn the technique that allows you to give chakra to others with your blood? That would be the perfect way to do it,” she answered as she remembered Mito Uzumaki doing the same trick with her.

Ryuko raised an eyebrow; it was the first time that he had heard about that technique. “Sorry . . . not yet,” he apologized with a cordial tone.

“Well, you have a task ahead of you then,” the slug queen said with a calm tone. She looked forward to working with her new summoner.

After getting the contract done with the slug queen, Ryuko kept his training as usual; he even asked Shizune why she didn't have one already, and the girl was just dismissive about the topic. The teacher really didn't want to get into that, and he respected that.

Time passed as always; however, at night, Ryuko was summoned by a servant toward the main mansion. There, the leader of the family escorted him to a massive library hidden underground, right next to the sex dungeon and the wine cellar. The boy was impressed that the fat man could move without exploding his ankles.

“So, did you want to talk with me?” Ryuko asked with a curious tone, hearing the moans and grunts of his family doing business around him. This time, the boy was smart and had turned off his byakugan; there were things that not even he wanted to see.

“Yes, come with me . . .” the fat man muttered, opening the door to a massive underground library.

Ryuko looked around; there were hundreds of scrolls, some of them really new and others so old that a gentle breeze would make them crumble. “Why do you have so many ninja scrolls here? It is a full library,” he asked with a curious tone.

“Yes! Our family had been collecting these specials jutsus for decades as preparations for when we became a proper ninja clan!” Dayu exclaimed, raising the tube lard that he had as arms in the air.

“And since now you have proven to be a true Kuroi, all of them are yours!” He pointed towards them as Ryuko quickly grabbed one to check on them up.

“Wow, thanks!” the boy muttered and then began to read it.

The boy should have expected what was written on them. “They are all . . . lewd,” he muttered, a little surprised by such a revelation. Each of them was related to sex in some way or another.

“Yes! From secret arts from Kumogakure to ancient jutsus used by sages from the warrior periods! All tools for you to break and breed countless Kunoichis and spread the blood of our clan!” The old, fat man yelled with a clear intention. He wanted Ryuko to spread his genes far and wide.

The redhead nodded with a wide smile; he truly could use some of them to have more fun around the bed. “Thanks, I will make good use of them,” he finally said, ready to get some late-night study going on.

“I would not expect anything less from my nephew,” the fat man said, giving the boy a firm pat on the back.

Ryuko showed how much of a pervert and prodigy he was by learning those lewd jutsus in days. The lust clone technique was the easiest to master since it was something that he was already doing with his shadow clones from the start. However, this way, the boy could spam more than twenty copies without getting tired. The best part was that he got all the memories and pleasure from those encounters instead of just a fraction like before. So from now on, one of them would always stay at home with Tsunami while he was out of the house.

The next thing he learned was an evil and bastard technique of seduction. A small invisible seal in his balls constantly turned his chakra into a pseudo-genjutsu that worked as basic pheromones, ideal for attracting more women for them to be prey to him. It was also ideal for some proper musk play.

After that came a simple but really effective jutsu. Applying henge to only his co*ck. This allowed him to turn his manhood into anything he wanted, from bulbous wolf co*cks to virile equine manhoods with flat tips. Even more bizarre stuff like double co*cks and even tentacles. The best part was that every single one of them had their own special way of giving him extra pleasure, so they were amazing for him and his women. That, combined with the clone jutsu, made him able to run a full zoo over a girl if he wanted.

Finally, there was a jutsu that Ryuko didn't have the chance to test yet. One that would turn any woman into a permanent anal whor*. He just needed the right target to practice this on.

Outside the village, Ryuko and Shizune were trying to complete the water walking exercise to improve the boy's already impressive chakra control. The redhead was good at it, but he wasn't that great; it was like walking over mud for him. However, under the noon sun in that forest, the two were having fun.

Now on the side of the river, Ryuko was changing clothes; his almost naked body only had his wet fundoshi as his small but firm muscular mass shone with the rays of the sun clashing against it.

Shizune couldn't contain herself. Lately, something had changed in Ryuko; he was a lot more attractive than usual. Maybe it was the fact that his fame as a playboy was spreading far and wide or the fact that she actually really liked him as a person. However, the age difference and the fact that he was her student made this a taboo romance.

The worst part was that he being a forbidden fruit made Ryuko even more tempting for the lewd woman. Shizune had a lot of repressed feelings thanks to the constant stress of babysitting her own teacher. The kunoichi would lie to herself if she refused the true urges of her body. After all, Shizune had flipped her bean multiple times, thinking about Ryuko.

“Hey, Ryuko . . .” the woman approached her student. Shizune's face was red, almost drooling, unlike her puss* which was already wet. There was this visible hunger in her eyes as she ogled an almost naked boy. She felt wrong; she wanted to apologize to Ryuko, but her body had needs.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (45)

“Yes, teacher?” Ryuko muttered with a smile, knowing full well what was going to happen. He needed to test his new jutsus after all, and if his teacher wanted to help him learn them, that would be great.

“Are you . . . having enough time to relax? I think a boy your age should be resting as much as he is training . . .” Shizune mumbled, trying to keep her distance and not sound like the creepy old lady lusting for the teen she was.

Ryuko let out a chuckle. "Oh, don't worry! Lee, Naruko, and Tsunami keep me company,” he muttered, immediately focusing on getting a massive and visible erection as a way to give the woman consent to keep going.

Shizune was shocked by the sheer size of the monster trying to break free from the fundoshi; she knew that Ryuko was big, but that was ridiculous. “You still seem really pent-up,” she muttered with a nervous laugh, getting closer and closer.

“Well, it is your fault, Shizune. You can't go around with such a lewd body and not have your student jerking off thinking about you,” Ryuko admitted, then went closer and finally stole a kiss from his teacher.

Shizune froze for a second as that long tongue entered her lips and began wrestling with her own. However, after the initial shock was done, she returned the gesture really aggressively. Her hands grabbed the back of Ryuko's head, pressing their lips together as they began to mix saliva as if they were making a concoction for a new medicine.

They stood there for a few seconds, enjoying each other's taste, until Shizune eventually broke the kiss, leaving a web of saliva connecting the two.

“Wait, Ryuko . . . we shouldn't do this . . .” the mature woman muttered, the age difference making this a lot more awkward than it should be. However, her neglected body and dirty mind pushed her forward.

The redhead chuckled. “Why not?” he asked, lusting for his teacher's body as his hand began to grope that fat ass. Ryuko didn't know why most of the ninjas had such amazing bodies, but he could get addicted to Shizune without a problem. He wanted to show the woman a really good time as a reward for all her hard work for him.

Before Shizune could say something, those nimble fingers massaged her ass, making her puss* drool even further. “You want to get f*cked by your young student, right?” Ryuko purred next to her ear, caressing her skin with his hot breath.

Those words broke the teacher's mind. She had read about this a lot during her time as a babysitter for her teacher. What started as curiosity about reading Icha Icha evolved into an obsession with p*rn literature. Especially the kind of taboo stuff where there was a power dynamic like this. So at that moment, Shizune decided to be a little bit selfish and indulge in her kinks. “f*ck yeah, I want to fill my puss* with my student's big and fat co*ck,” the kunoichi finally confessed as one of her hands began to grope Ryuko's ass in return.

“I want you to use my throat like a f*cking toilet,” Shizune purred, returning the sloppy kisses with a lot more force than expected.

Ryuko wanted to say something back, but the woman hugged him tighter. “f*ck my asshole until it becomes my second puss*,” she moaned as the boy began to sneak a hand under her gi. Ryuko widened his eyes as her c*nt was drenched. The second that one of his fingers touched that slit, he was almost sucked in.

Shizune let out a soft moan and bit her lower lip as the sensation of that finger getting inside her puss* shook her body. “Do all kinds of humiliating and lewd sexual training on me; force me to use toys 24/7,” the girl muttered as she rubbed her tit* against Ryuko's naked torso.

The redhead made a nervous smile; he had never imagined that his teacher was so lewd. “Fill my veins with so many drugs that I become your retarded pocket puss*!” Shizune groaned as she was 100% honest with her student, letting all her fantasies flow.

"Ok, the last one was a little bit too much,” Ryuko answered while making an awkward smile. This was a little too much even for him, but even in those conditions, his finger kept exploring the teacher's wet hole.

Shizune blushed and nodded. “Sorry, it is my first time doing stuff like this,” the woman apologized; however, her c*nt made it clear that she still wanted to keep going.

“It is fine, let's see. . .” Ryuko muttered, trying to reignite the mood.

“I know that you want to be treated like a dirty slu*t,” Ryuko muttered, and without wasting time, he went just in between Shizune's legs. While standing, the woman now had a redhead hiding under her skirt as he removed her panties with a quick movement.

With that wet and perfectly trimmed hole in front of him, Ryuko licked his lips and with his hands he groped that massive ass and made her unable to leave. “And just for that, I will not give you that,” the boy said, the hot air of his breath striking the sensitive lower lips of the woman.

Shizune let out a loud moan as she felt Ryuko's tongue kissing her wet slit for the first time. It felt so warm but, at the same time, wrong. She was getting addicted to this feeling.

“Wait, Ryuko!” She barked back, trying to pretend she didn't love each second of this as her mouth was wide open, panting like the thirsty bitch she was.

Ryuko only became more aggressive, with one hand going to pinch her erect cl*t, stretching and rubbing it to cause the most amount of pain and pleasure possible. The other hand went to play with her ass—one finger, then two, and then three.

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“You cannot lick your teacher's c*nt in public! What if someone catches us?!” She begged, as her whole body was shivering. From the fingers playing with her asshole like the toys she used to wear to the hand abusing her cl*t, she loved each second of it. It didn't take too much time before the heat began to build up inside her.

Even if the woman was protesting, Ryuko kept playing with his teacher's body, gleefully drinking the juices oozing from her c*nt as he could see her org*sm getting closer and closer while standing over him. Shizune, on her part, was gritting her teeth, trying not to moan and squeal while in such a public place. However, her student was doing everything in his power to make her fail this task.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (47)

“I am so close . . . If you keep doing this, I am going to come from getting my puss* licked and my asshole fingered by my student!” Shizune exclaimed, her mind deep in those fantasies she had read before. The heat in her loins reached boiling, and then, with a simple kiss on her lower lips, Shizune finally climaxed.

“I can't hold it anymore!” She warned Ryuko before finishing. The girl arched her back and tensed her body; gushes of girl fluids exploded from her loins as she squirted all over Ryuko and the forest ground. She screamed and moaned, and her face was completely red while she arched her eyes to the back of her head and pulled her tongue out. The pleasure of this forbidden org*sm completely dominated her mind.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (48)

After a few seconds, she finally relaxed. Her legs were trembling and completely soaked in her own juices as the boy slowly emerged from her loins.

Shizune was breathing heavily; her whole body was extremely hot even after this massive org*sm. It was hard to believe that she was such a whor* that having her puss* eaten would not be enough to satiate her. “Ah . . . ah . . .what have I done . . .” the teacher muttered, the realization of the taboo she had broken slowly sending a wave of dread across her body.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (49)

“You just had an org*sm from getting your puss* eaten and your asshole played by your cute student. What a groomer I have for a teacher,” Ryuko answered with a friendly and cute giggle, his face drenched in the juices of the woman.

Shizune looked down, her body still trembling. “Sorry . . .you were such a good boy and I ruined you with my lewd body. . .” she lied. The teacher wasn't sorry at all. The woman would do this again without even doubting.

“Well, you better take responsibility for this,” the redhead muttered and then took down his fundoshi, revealing a monster.

Ryuko showed the special henge that he had prepared for Shizune. The second that he lowered his pants, he showed her his massive demonic co*ck. A bright red monster that had extra girth thanks to the massive studs all over its length. Paired with his massive and pent-up balls, the wave of musk made Shizune kneel in front of him.

“Why does it have that shape?!” The teacher exclaimed, taken aback by the shape and size of that co*ck. There was no way that her c*nt would not get completely messed up after having sex with that. Her student would reshape her c*nt, and she was actually looking forward to it.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (50)

The boy grabbed her by the hair and pulled the woman deep between his balls, getting her drunk on his strong and powerful musk. “First, because I will ruin you for any other men,” he muttered as the drops of precum began to fall over Shizune's head.

After giving Shizune a few seconds to get used to her new position, Ryuko kept talking. “Second, you are my teacher; Are you not supposed to help me train new jutsus?” He said it with a chuckle and a gentle smile in the end.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (51)

As the salty stench of that co*ck made her head spin, the woman nodded. “Yes . . . It is my duty. But you better pull out! Even if I am 28, my womb is really, really fertile, and just a single drop of your virile cum will get me pregnant,” she warned Ryuko, making it clear that she wanted a non-consensual creampie.

Without wasting time, Ryuko turned the tides around and was on top of Shizune. He didn't even take off her clothes; he just made enough space to reveal her wet c*nt and expose those massive tit* with those pink, perky nipples. “I understand, teacher. I definitely won't f*ck you so pregnant you can't even walk back to Tsunade,” Ryuko muttered with a gentle but teasing smile.

Shizune nodded with a nervous grin, her face fully red, as she could feel the boy about to f*ck her with a mating press. The best position to conceive a kid and the one that would completely breed her. Or at least that was what she had read in all those dirty books.

A deep and sloppy kiss was the preamble before the redhead began to drill inside the woman. What started with a gentle push on her lower lips quickly became this battle inside her guts—that meat slab was fighting and stretching for each centimeter inside her. “Ahhhh! Ryuko! You are too big!” The woman screeched as Ryuko was finally balls deep into her, his massive co*ck punching her cervix and even pocking with the tip inside her womb. It was painful, but it was the kind of pleasure that her masoch*st ass loved.

Ryuko let out a soft moan while his face was rubbing against his teacher's soft pillows of fat. “Are you really getting that excited from f*cking your student? What a pervert!” The boy exclaimed as he began to move slowly, making sure that each strike made a loud and clear wet-clapping sound.

It started slow, but each movement felt like the boy was dragging her c*nt out of her body and putting it back in. “f*ck, f*ck, f*ck! You are too deep!” Shizune squealed, her hands and legs coiling around Ryuko as tears and snot began to ooze from her face. It was too much pleasure; the strange shape of the co*ck was really making her feel like a virgin who had never even had a finger inside her c*nt.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (52)

As the speed got faster, both began to kiss and moan together, mating like a pair of pigs rather than proper humans. Mixing their saliva together as Ryuko weaved this mixture of puss* juices and precum outside Shizune's stretched c*nt. The stench of raw sex was now omnipresent in the glade as the ninjas made sure to go as primal as possible. With the activation of his byakugan to strike directly at her weak spot, there was no longer any resistance left on the woman, apart from just simple kinky words.

“Do you like it? Do you like getting ruined so no other men will ever give you pleasure?! Do you love being your student's cum bucket?!” Ryuko mocked her as his speed was getting faster and faster, and his mind was drunk on the hot and wet feeling of his teacher's puss*.

Shizune nodded, her loins feeling hotter and hotter as her second org*sm drew near. Not only that, but she could also feel her womb on fire, kissing that fat co*cktip each time it touched her cervix. “I love it! I am just your dirty whor*!” The woman admitted it with her mouth filled with the young boy's saliva and her c*nt filled with his monstrous manhood.

At that moment, when the speed reached its peak, the boy's perfectly shaped posterior was just pounding that hole with reckless abandon as his balls felt extremely bloated. “f*ck, I think I am going to cum inside,” he purred with a cute tone, even if he was about to permanently mark this woman as his.

Shizune could feel it—the sheer drive to mate, to become one, and to create a new life with the boy. “Wait?! No no no no, don't cum inside! You will get me pregnant!” She begged even if her cervix was glued to Ryuko's tip and her c*nt was doing all in its power to milk the boy as much as she could. Even if he wanted to pull out, her body had him in a firm leglock.

With a final hip movement, Ryuko was balls deep into his teacher. “Please, teacher. Can I breed you?” He asked with a adorable smile while his balls reached their limit.

Shizune's heart skipped a bit. She wanted to say yes, but her more kinky side pushed her to say no. “Pull out!” She begged while pushing the boy as deep as she could into her. She wanted to be a mommy, she wanted to have a future, and she wanted Ryuko.

“Sorry! But your slu*tty legs and c*nt are pushing me in! Get pregnant by your student!” The redhead finally exclaimed and clenched his balls. A massive torrent of boiling seed, almost like sap, burst out of his co*ck and was shot directly into the woman's womb as she moaned and squealed. The feeling of his balls getting drained into a fertile c*nt never got old for him.

The second that Shizune felt the hot seed touching the back of her virgin chalice and filling her to the brim, she came. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” She screamed and squealed, her whole body tensing up and then relaxing as her puss* squirted again. The woman could feel it—the thick seed coating the interior of her womb and breeding her.

Shizune was right; the girl on this day of the month was extremely fertile. To be exact, there were six eggs waiting to be fertilized that never imagined to ever meet any sperm. However, Ryuko's evil and virile seed would take advantage of those mature ovules. They pounced and tore down those chemical walls protecting them, then unloaded their young and potent genes directly into them, using her womb as a chamber to revive the Uzumaki clan.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (53)

They were glued together for a few minutes until Ryuko finally pulled out. He took a step back to watch his dear teacher twitching and shivering on the forest floor, her gaping c*nt now filled with his baby batter. It felt amazing, and the view was good.

Shizune's fingers were still curled from the strong org*sm; her face was a mess with tears, saliva, and snot covering it, mixed with a thick layer of sweat. Sex was amazing. “I can't believe it . . .” she muttered to herself as her stretched puss* still felt the hot sap inside her, making it clear that she would get pregnant no matter what.

Ryuko chuckled at the reaction; he was just getting started. "Well, I hope you are getting ready for more; I am just getting started,” the boy said, and then multiple clones of him were summoned. At least two dozen of those lewd clones were weak in comparison with the main body, but they still had the same sexual prowess. The best part is that all of them had different co*cks, wolves, horses, pigs, and even more esoteric ones like tentacles or demonics like the original redhead had. He had become a one-man ganbang, ready to run a zoo on Shizune.

Shizune swallowed saliva, her body tingling with excitement for what was about to happen. "Oh, those are a lot of clones,” she said while bracing herself for the worst.

“Just the best for my favorite teacher,” Ryuko muttered, ready to do a lot of nasty stuff to the woman.

Five hours later.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (54)

The glade had become a swamp, and Shizune was covered from head to toe in a toxic concoction that was 90% pure Uzumaki sem*n. She was just lying there on the mud, completely naked, face up, and legs spread, as both her asshole and puss* were gasping for air as much as her. Each of her holes was brutally f*cked multiple times, exploring her body as the boy was exhausted and almost as mind broken as her from the constant org*sm.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (55)

“That was intense,” Ryuko purred, being the only one standing as he sat on a rock, also naked.

“You will take responsibility, right?” Shizune managed to say, with a few red pubic hairs still lingering in her mouth.

“Of course! But let's talk about your teacher . . . I kind of get worried that my pregnant wife is going around being the babysitter of a gambling addict. I know she is a sannin, but I am worried about you and our kids,” Ryuko asked with a true, gentle tone as his byakugan confirmed the woman's pregnancy.

Shizune made a deep sigh, still covered by that mud as if it were a warm blanket. “Well, what am I supposed to do?” She asked with a frustrated tone, her mind still foggy from the gangb*ng but knowing that her life couldn't just keep going like before.

Ryuko took some seconds to think; there were two ways to do this. "Well, first off, I will pay her debt to get that out of the way,” he muttered with a calm tone. That was the starting point and the one that was easier to fix; after all, he had all the money of a small country to deal with that.

“Second, we should just set up an intervention with you and Lady Katsuyu. Let's talk like normal people, mention your pregnancy, and say that you want her to be the godmother of your kids. Let's try to solve this as normal and responsible ninjas,” the boy added, trying to sound reasonable. That would be the best option since that would also facilitate having Tsunade as his teacher, something that would give him a huge boon in terms of progress.

Shizune took a deep breath, the salty taste of sem*n still lingering in her mouth. “And if that doesn't work and she doesn't want to come back to the village?” She asked, knowing full well that just talking would be really hard for the woman. After all, Tsunade was a true gambling addict with a drinking problem.

“Then I will resolve this like a normal and responsible Kuroi clan member. Probably making a bet and then seeing what happens from there,” Ryuko muttered, as this was the more devious way. The good old "breaking a girl until she becomes a co*ck drunken fool" strategy.

The woman blinked a few times. “Are you going to rape a Sannin?! I have my differences with Tsunade, but I still love her!” She exclaimed, really not into doing this kind of thing, and actually feared for Ryuko's safety if he tried that.

“Trust me, I want her to be as happy as you, but I will not let my wife waste her life on a drunken gambling addict,” the redhead answered, as this would be a last-ditch effort. However, he drew the line on that kind of toxic behavior; even if it was dangerous for him, Ryuko needed to do something about it.

A rush of a strange type of happiness assaulted Shizune the second that Ryuko muttered those words. “Wife? I will be a wife . . . with kids . . . a family . . . and a stable income!” She cheered up, as this was just too good to be true. Finally, the woman had found a way out of the bottomless pit that was her life.

“Of course you will, teacher,” Ryuko reassured her, making it clear that her life was no longer tied to Tsunade but to him from now on.

Apart from the new lewd nature of their relationship, the training with Shizune kept going like always, but even more hardcore now. Now that Ryuko could summon more shadow clones, the training intensified and allowed him to show her his true colors and all the experience he gained on his small raid in the Land of Whirlpools.

Training the basics, Ryuko focused on his dexterity, strength, perception, and chakra pool. Using a training method inspired by Lee's monstrous routine, the one thing that Ryuko managed to improve above anything was his speed. Maybe it was genetic, or maybe it was pure talent mixed with hard work, but the redhead managed to reach low Jonin levels of speed. Then came his perception: after a lot of training, Ryuko managed to push the limits of his byakugan even further than before, gaining a range of 600 meters, an absolute improvement to his already impressive range. The boy's strength also got higher as his compact muscles became denser and denser, being able to reach the point where his whole body and durability were equivalent to a normal Chunin. He was truly becoming a monster, though not in the same way as other legends like Itachi, Kakashi, or Minato, but he was on his way there.

In terms of ninja arts, Ryuko follows Shizune's advice and decides to improve his bukijutsu. Using senbons was a good idea, especially now that he was getting better and better with his poison and explosives. It reached the point where Ryuko could hit his target tenketsu points from a few meters away with those metallic needles. A hard feat, but possible thanks to his incredible perception and speed. The art of silent killing also helps with this method of assassination.

Of course, he also improved his own medical knowledge. It was a must to create a poison resistance on his body for his own concoctions as well as to know how to aim at the weak points of another person easily.

Then it came to Ryuko's extremely hard taijutsu training. Having Lee and Naruko as training partners pushed him to learn the basics at an extremely fast speed or face the risk of having to pay the loser’s price of these duels. He would not have been able to advance so fast in this skill if it weren't for those girls. At the end of this time skip, the boy was already on a really decent level of hand-to-hand combat, not as good as a proper Hyuga clan member but still impressive for his age.

In terms of Ninjutsu, Ryuko also advanced a lot, especially since he focused on the best way to use his water techniques. Basically, he would just carry water with poison sealed in scrolls around him, then use all his water jutsus with that toxic liquid. He even learned the Water Clone Jutsu from a scroll he bought to create poisonous clones that, once burst, would drench his enemies with that contaminated water.

Genjutsu also became an important topic that Shizune taught him, mostly so the boy would bolster the already impressive resistance that the byakugan gave him. After some research, they came up with the basics for his 360° Genjutsu field. Since he could expel chakra from any tenketsu point, he was able to pull that move even if the boy wasn't that good with that art yet. However, he managed to learn the common genjutsu of Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing, the same that Kakashi had used against Haku a few months ago.

Finally, Ryuko trained his strongest and most powerful skill, fuinjutsu. Using the sealing jutsu that Shizune had taught him, he gained a pseudo-poison release. On his kunais and senbons, the boy managed to seal a small amount of his alchemical concoctions that would burst inside the target once the weapon penetrated the flesh, basically a more effective way to administer the toxin as if it were an injection. The second seal he learned was a combo of two: one that held compressed air in the back of his throat and another that held venomous gas in his palate. Once unleashed, Ryuko could spit a huge cloud of poison to infect his targets.

However, all of this would pale in comparison with the new jutsu he managed to learn from his mother.

It was a dark night when Ryuko was searching the ancient library of lewd jutsus to learn something new, something that he could use on Shizune when he found a strange scroll. It was different from the rest of them since it held the Uzumaki symbol on it. Interested in what kind of kinky stuff his clan was into, he went to open it when the boy found an interesting surprise.

The scroll was sealed, only one type of blood could open it. Well, it had sense since the clan was an expert on fuinjutsu and this kind of security should be easy for them to implement. So with a small bite in his finger, he opened the piece of paper and began to read it. What Ryuko did not expect was to find a card from his deceased mother to him in this place. They must have put it here by accident when she died.

“My son, my beautiful son, if you are reading this it means that you are one of the last Uzumaki clan members alive.”

Ryuko raised an eyebrow, taken aback by reading the words of his mother for the first time. The boy thought that she should have hated him because his existence ruined her life and killed her but it was comforting to know that she loved him.

“In this scroll, I stored one of the most powerful technique of our clan. The Adamantine sealing chains. It pains me that I will not be there to train you with them but it is a must that you keep this traditional technique alive. This is my second to last gift to you.”

Lucky for him, Ryuko was in the only library where getting a boner was not only allowed but expected. Kinda weird that it was his own mother that produced that reaction but knowing that he could learn that legendary jutsu could only have one reaction.

“My last gift is a warning. I know that the ninja world is big and strange but there is one thing that you should never do. Something that may sound strange but you must take into consideration.”

Ryuko raised an eyebrow, confused by the last part.

“There is a region that is called the Land of Waves that was one time ago known as the Land of Whirlpool. This place was the ancient home of our clan.”

Well, that would be helpful to know before he caused that event. Officially now, the Uzumaki were ruling over that land.

“Under no circ*mstance, the Uzumaki should return to that cursed land. If they do, a calamity like the one that wiped out the Senju and the Uzumaki clan will happen again.”

Ryuko's eyes ran across the scroll, trying to find more information about this cryptic message but there was none. The only thing left was the instruction to learn the complex jutsu that would take him a lot of time to master.

The boy took a deep breath, well another reason to try to get stronger. If he became more powerful than the Senju and the Uzumaki clan together, this would not be a problem.

During this time, Naruko also began to evolve into a better ninja, mostly at the insistence of Ryuko. She sadly lacked a proper master until the girl had a genius idea. Naruko just sent a clone to Kakashi each day, to each hour, until he began to do his job properly. What happens when the ninja just destroys it? Well, she sent another, and another, and another one. It was like this constant buzzing of a fly that eventually pushed the ninja to finally properly train the blonde girl.

That, mixed with her legions of clones for constant training, really pushed her further as a ninja. Especially after discovering that she had wind affinity, mastering jutsus in that style was just a piece of cake, with her horde of clones working all day non-stop.

She learned how to infuse air chakra into her hair to turn it into blades. The same with her nails, which add even more potency to her already strong taijutsu thanks to her fights with Lee and Ryuko. Naruko even learned how to spit balls of compressed air to knock down her opponents, and taking into consideration that her clones could do that, it became a massive barrage of wind attacks. Finally, she took the time to learn a defensive jutsu that increased the already strong protective layer of her clones. It was a chakra-intensive wind jutsu that created a whirlwind around her. By using a wall of clones with that jutsu, Naruko also obtained the capacity to use it as a wind wall.

It had been a long week for Satsuki; she went to seclude herself on the outside of Konoha to focus on her training. She had bought a really rare and expensive fire jutsu to use against people with Dojutsu, and the girl had focused all her attempts on mastering it as fast as possible. Satsuki even needed to sell ⅔ of the Uchiha compound to buy it and pay her massive debt of unpaid taxes. However, it didn't matter; she could just buy them back in the future. So as the morning sun struck the set of buildings outside Konoha that made her home, she began to think of a lot of nice stuff, something that she rarely did. From her tomato garden to that blonde bimbo that was her only friend, she even blushed a little thinking about Sakura; after so much time together, she was starting to like her.

What the girl saw when she got near her house shocked her to the core. Lee and Naruko were doing naked yoga in the house right next to hers. Those women were in a complete state of undress, stretching their bodies, with Lee doing it without problem while Naruko was having some trouble with it.

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (56)
Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (57)

“What is the meaning of this?!” Satsuki screamed, not really knowing what those two naked people were doing. However, her nose could smell the stench of Ryuko all over them.

Naruko got up and waved her hand at her, exposing her c*nt and tit* to the woman without a single ounce of shame. “Oh! Hey neighbor!” the blonde girl said with a wide smile.

“Satsuki! You came in time to do some morning stretches with us!” Lee said as her mind was completely focused on the sweet pain of stretching her muscles.

Just before the veins on her forehead popped, Ryuko came out of the house with an innocent smile. On that second, Satsuki rushed toward him. “Ryuko! Explain this! What are you doing in my land?!” She snarled with an aggressive tone.

The redhead nodded a few times. "Oh, hey, Satsuki! Do you remember that you decided to sell part of the compound? Well, since Naruko is your best friend and a lot of nasty people could buy the rest of the place, I decided to buy all the parts you were selling,” Ryuko exclaimed with a gentle smile, happy to see that girl so energetic as always.

The Uchiha was baffled by the bad luck she had; this was the worst possible scenario. She had her second worst enemy living right next to her. “You . . . you . . . you . . .” she mumbled with a surprised face, not really knowing what to do.

Ryuko made a proud smile and puffed his chest, happy that he had made Naruko's friend so happy that she was left speechless. “Hmp, no need to thank me! My house is your house, so don't worry about us; just keep living normally like you did before,” the boy muttered, completely missing the point as Satsuki took this opportunity to put her mask back on. After all, with Lee and Naruko nearby, killing him was impossible. She was good, but not that good. For now, the girl just decided to bide her time.


The slugssy was confirmed :V

Naruto: Konoha 12 - Spiderling77 (2024)


Is it Konoha 11 or 12? ›

The Konoha 11 (木ノ葉の11人) is the collective nickname of four Konoha genin teams, led by Hatake Kakashi, Sarutobi Asuma, Yuhi Kurenai and Maito Gai. Uchiha Sasuke is not included in the group as he had defected from the village prior to its formation.

What is the IQ of Konoha 12? ›

Teen Genius: His I.Q. is over 200. Note that in the real world, only one person has ever been verified to have an IQ over 200. Weak but Skilled: Shikamaru has little direct attacking ability but his cleverness and very productive use of standard ninja tools prove to be more then a match for incredibly powerful ninja.

Who is Konoha 13? ›

Konoha 13
Leader(s)Sasuke Uchiha (Formerly) Shindō Shunsoku (Current)
Member(s)Akamaru Chōji Akimichi Hinata Hyūga Ino Yamanaka Kiba Inuzuka Naruto Uzumaki Neji Hyūga Shikamaru Nara Shino Aburame Rock Lee Sakura Haruno Tenten Higurashi
6 more rows
Feb 9, 2024

Who is in Konoha 12? ›

As in the members that make up the Konoha 12. If so, it goes as follows; Team 7 is Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno, Team 8 is Kiba Inuzuka, Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuga, Team 9 is Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee and Tenten, and Team 10 is Shikamaru Nara, Choji Akimichi and Ino Yamanaka.

Is Naruto 12 years old? ›

Naruto's age spans across the three series: he starts as a young boy at 12, becomes 16 during a major arc, and ends as a 17-year-old after the fourth great ninja war.

Is Naruto 12 plus? ›

Depends on the kid - if they can handle it, it's an A+ show

I think a good age range for naruto, would be between 10-12 yrs old before a kiddo starts watching it. as an adult who recently started the series, and is a anime fan in general; I was surprised that the show was on Nickelodeon as a kid growing up.

Who has 200 IQ in Naruto? ›

Shikamaru, on the other hand, had an IQ of 200 and served as the Allied Forces' chief strategist after his father's demise. He was also the youngest of the Konoha 11 to become a Chunin and went on to become Naruto's trusted aid after the latter became the Seventh Hokage.

Who has the lowest IQ in Naruto? ›

The Least Intelligent Characters of Naruto Franchise
  1. Hidan. Hidan is a crazy dude. ...
  2. Fourth Raikage. He is the worst speedster ı ever seen. ...
  3. Rock Lee. He is cool, respectfull and enthusiastic but thats all. ...
  4. Seven Swordsman of the Mist. Most of them.
  5. Jugo. ...
  6. Choji Akimichi. ...
  7. Kisame Hoshigaki. ...
  8. Fourth Kazekage.

Is Kakashi IQ higher than Shikamaru? ›

5 Kakashi Hatake

He advanced to the rank of Jonin by just 13 years of age and had mastered techniques that even the most experienced ones failed at. According to Naruto, he has an IQ greater than that of Shikamaru, and in combat, he is far more adaptive, as seen several times in the story.

Did Konoha destroy Uzumaki? ›

At some point after Kushina Uzumaki immigrated to Konoha, Uzushiogakure was targeted and destroyed, some believing the village was too powerful to be allowed to continue.

Is Uzumaki from Konoha? ›

The Uzumaki did not join Konoha. They had their own village, Uzushio. However, they were allied villages, just like Konoha was with Suna (at least at the start of things). Either to strengthen or even as a cause for it, we are never made clear, Senju Hashirama married Uzumaki Mito.

Is tsunade in Konoha? ›

Tsunade herself became convinced that achieving one's dreams was impossible and that to be Hokage was a "fool's job". She therefore left Konoha during the height of the Third Shinobi World War, taking Dan's niece, Shizune, with her to train her as an apprentice.

Who is the weakest Konoha 11? ›

Ino was Konoha 11's weakest member, meaning that she seldom got in individual fights.

Who was the 8th Hokage? ›

To bring things under control, it was expected of Konoha to appoint a new Hokage. In Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 1, it was revealed to the fans that Shikamaru was made the 8th Hokage.

Who is the youngest in Konoha 11? ›

8 Himawari, The Youngest Of The Konoha 11 Children, Has Time To Grow. Himawari is the least mature of the Konoha 11's children by default.

What is Naruto op 11 called? ›

Assault Rock (突撃ロック, Totsugeki Rokku), performed by THE CRO-MAGNONS, is the eleventh opening for Naruto: Shippūden. It began with episode 257 and ended in episode 281.

Is it Konohagakure or Konoha? ›

Konoha (Konohagakure or The Village hidden in the leaves), a ninja village from anime series Naruto.

Who is team 12 in Naruto? ›

Team Inodai (Inodai-han), also known as Team 12 , is a Konoha Shinobi team of three led by Inodai Yamanaka . It's members are Hitomi Toho Shuzoko , Sukuno Nagi and Hakuro Hyuuga.

What is Naruto Season 11 called? ›

Naruto: Shippuden season 11
Naruto: Shippuden
No. of episodes21
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseJuly 28 – December 28, 2011
5 more rows

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