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May 23rd

On this day in history in ....

1906 - Frank Gotch defeats Tom Jenkins to regain the American Heavyweight Championship in a three fall match that lasts 57 minutes.

1960 - Pat Rose is born.

1961 - Wilbur Snyder & Leo Nomellini defeat Hard Boiled Haggerty & Gene Kinisky in Minneapolis, Minnesota for the AWA World Tag Team Championship.

1963 - WWWF ranWashington DC, headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeating the Shadow.

1964 - WWWFran Philadelphia, PA headlined by WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeating Hans Mortier

1966 - WWWFran White Plains, NY at the Westchester County Civic Center with the following results:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Ronnie Etchison.
-Vittorio Apollo defeated Smasher Sloan.
-Chief Big Heart defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-WWWF U.S. Tag Team Champions Johnny Valentine & Antonio Pugliese defeated the Beast & Bill Miller.
-WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Curtis Iaukea via countout.

1967 - WWWFran Scranton, PA, headlined by Arnold Skaaland pinning Tank Morgan and WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Prof. Toru Tanaka.

1969 - WWWFran Springfield, MA with the following results:

-Arnold Skaaland defeated Angelo Savoldi.
-Duke Savage defeated Carlos Colon.
-Baron Mikel Scicluna fought John L. Sullivan.
-Women’s Champion the Fabulous Moolah & Toni Rose defeated Bette Boucher & Vivian Vachon.
-Haystacks Calhoun defeated Luke Graham via disqualification.
-Prof. Toru Tanaka defeated Victor Rivera.

1976 - WWWF ranSteubenville, OHat theSt. John Arena, drawing2,000 fans featuring:

-Baron Mikel Scicluna fought Jose Gonzalez to a draw.
-Susan Green & Vivian St. John defeated Kitty Adams & Paula Kaye in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match.
-Haystacks Calhoun defeated Crusher Blackwell via disqualification.
-Ivan Putski defeated Superstar Billy Graham in an arm wrestling contest.
-Ivan Putski defeated Superstar Billy Graham via countout.

1977 - WWWFran Uniondale,Long Island, NY, headlined by WWWF World Champion Superstar Billy Graham defeating Billy White Wolf.

1978 - WWWFran Portland, ME, featuring:

-Spiros Arion defeated Larry Zbyszko.
-Haystacks Calhoun defeated Butcher Vachon.
-Superstar Billy Graham defeated Peter Maivia.
-Tank Patton defeated Johnny Rodz.
-The Golden Terror defeated Jim Ray.
-Strong Kobayashi defeated Johnny Tzansis.

- WWWFran Fairfield, CTwith the following results:

-Jose Estrada defeated Steve King.
-Gypsy Rodriguez defeated Moose Monroe.
-Stan Stasiak defeated Mark Tendler.
-The Yukon Lumberjacks defeated WWWF Tag Team Champions Dominic DeNucci & Dino Bravo
-Luke Graham defeated SD Jones.

1980 - New Japan Pro Wrestling ran Hasama, Japan, featuring:

-Kuniaki Kobayashi defeated George Takano via submission with a Mexican abdominal stretch
-Kengo Kimura pinned Makoto Arakawa.
-Ryuma Go pinned Haruka Eigen.
-Kantaro Hoshino pinned Osaumu Kido.
-Williem Ruska & Riki Choshu defeated Bad News Allen & Tito Santana when Choshu pinned Santana.
-Strong Kobayashi pinned Chavo Guerrero.
-Andre the Giant defeated Seiji Sakaguchi via countout.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund & Tatsumi Fujinami fought Dusty Rhodes & Stan Hansen to a no contest.
-Antonio Inoki defeated Hulk Hogan via disqualification.

1980 - WWFran Albany, NY featuring:

-Jose Estrada defeated Mike Masters.
-Bobby Duncum defeated Dominic Denucci.
-Jim Duggan defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna via disqualification.
-Larry Zbyszko defeated Pat Patterson via disqualification
-Tor Kamata defeated Johnny Rodz.
-Rick McGraw defeated Fred Marzino.

1980 - WWFran Harrisburg, PA at the Zembo Mosque, featuring:

-Frankie Williams defeated Moose Monroe (sub. for Davey O'Hannon).
-Larry Sharpe defeated Steve King.
-Frank Savage fought El Olympico to a draw.

-WWF Tag Team Champions the Wild Samoans defeated Gorilla Monsoon & Rene Goulet.
-Ivan Putski defeated WWF IC Champion Ken Patera.

1981 - WWFran a matinee event inLandover, MD at the Capital Centre featuring the following results:

-Angelo Mosca won a 16-man, $10,000 battle royal; other participants included: the Moondogs, Pedro Morales, Dominic DeNucci, the Hangman, Rick McGraw, Bulldog Brower, SD Jones, Larry Sharpe, Yosiaki Yatsu, Johnny Rodz, Frank Savage, Baron Mikel Scicluna, Tony Garea, and Rick Martel; Sgt. Slaughter was scheduled for the bout but did not appear.
-The Carolina Kid & Kid Chocolate vs. Sky Low Low & Farmer Jerome (Best 2 out of 3 falls, no result known)
-Rick Martel defeated Chris Canyon.
-The Moondogs defeated Dominic DeNucci & Rick McGraw.
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund defeated Killer Khan in a no holds barred match; Gorilla Monsoon was the guest referee for the bout.

1983 - WWF televised a card on both the USA and MSG Networks from Madison Square Garden in NYC, featuring the following results:

-Don Kernodle pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna with a sunset flip at 10:57
-Jose Luis Rivera defeated Pete Doherty at 10:39
-Ivan Koloff (with Freddie Blassie) pinned Jules Strongbow at 11:23 with a knee off the top to the back
-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Swede Hanson at 10:28
-Chief Jay Strongbow fought Iron Mike Sharpe to a double disqualification at 6:48
-WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (with Arnold Skaaland) defeated Sgt. Slaughter (w/ the Grand Wizard) via disqualification at 16:53 when Slaughter hit the champion with his riding crop, handed to him by the Grand Wizard, as he was caught in the Crossface Chicken Wing; after the bout, Slaughter shoved referee Dick Kroll to the floor before Backlund sent Slaughter to the floor after a backdrop.

-Dusty Rhodes pinned Samoan #3 (Samu, with Capt. Lou Albano) with a crossbody at 9:10.

-Susan Starr defeated Leilani Kai at 6:04
-Jimmy Snuka (with Buddy Rogers) pinned Samoan #1 (Afa, with Capt. Lou Albano) at 3:02 with the splash off the top; after the bout, Samoan #1 was taken backstage on a stretcher
-Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah defeated Princess Victoria at 5:27
-Rocky Johnson fought WWF Intercontinental champion Don Muraco to curfew draw as Muraco was trapped in a sleeper; the crowd believed Johnson had won the title due to the nature of the finish; the USA Network broadcast ended with the champion in the sleeper and the bell ringing

1984 - WWE ranQueens, NY with the following results:

-Akira Maeda defeated Isreal Matia.
-Pete Sanchez defeated Tony Colon.
-Ron Shaw defeated Steve Lombardi.
-Roddy Piper defeated Tony Garea.
-Ivan Putski defeated Paul Orndorff via countout.
-David Schultz defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Tito Santana via disqualification.

1985 - WWFran San Diego, CAfeaturing the following results:

-Ricky Steamboat defeated Barry O.
-Mr. Wrestling II defeated Moondog Spot.
-Salvatore Bellomo defeated Mr. X.
-Ivan Putski & Tito Santana defeated WWF Intercontinental champion Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake.
-Matt Borne defeated George Wells.
-Jimmy Snuka defeated Don Muraco via disqualification.
-WWF Women's Champion Wendi Richter defeated the Fabulous Moolah.
-The Junkyard Dog defeated Ken Patera.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran the Scope in Norfolk, Virginia, with the following results:
-Hector Guerrero defeated Mark Fleming.
-Denny Brown fought Steve Regal to a draw.
-Black Bart defeated Sam Houston.
-Nelson Royal defeated Thunderfoot.
-Ron Garvin defeated Leo Burke (substituting for an injured NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard)following Tommy Young's standing 10-count. After the match, Blanchard, who was at ringsidejumped Garvin, revealing that his arm in a sling was a fake injury, and repeatedly punched Garvin in the face with a taped fist, bloodying his head. Moments later, Blanchard dropped Garvin with a piledriver on a steel chair.

-NWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA and others then coming out to make the save
-NWA U.S. Champion Magnum TA & the Road Warriors defeated Baron Von Raschke, Ivan & Nikita Koloff
-Ricky Morton fought NWA World Champion Ric Flair to a no contest.

1987 - Bray Wyatt is born.

1987 - WWFran Hartford, CT at the Civic Center, drawing 11,000 fans with the following results:
-Sam Houston defeated Frenchy Martin.
-Ron Bass defeated Outback Jack.
-Jim Duggan defeated the Iron Sheik.
-WWF Women's Tag Team Champions Leilani Kai & Judy Martin defeated Velvet McIntyre & Candice Pardue.
-Jacques & Raymond Rougeau defeated Greg Valentine & Dino Bravo.
-Hercules defeated Billy Jack Haynes in a chain match.
-WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan pinned Randy Savage.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions ran Columbia, SC, headlined by NWA World Tag Team Champion Dennis Condrey defeating Todd Champion and The Rock N' Roll Express' Robert Gibson defeating NWA World Tag Team Champion Bobby Eaton in a bout whereJim Cornette was held in a cage for the duration of the match.

1992 - Steve Austin defeats Barry Windham for the WCW Television Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1993 - The first ever WCW Slamboree takes place in Atlanta, Georgia at the Omni, featuring three "Legends" matches. Here are the results:
- 2 Cold Scorpio & Marcus Bagwell defeated Bobby Eaton & Chris Benoit when Scorpio hit a corkscrew legdrop on Benoit.
- Sid Vicious, in his return to WCW, defeated Van Hammer in less than a minute with a powerbomb.
- Dick Murdoch, Don Muraco & Jimmy Snuka vs. Wahoo McDaniel, Blackjack Mulligan & Jim Brunzell ended in a no-contest as both team brawled.
- Thunderbolt Patterson & Brad Armstrong (subbing for Bob Armstrong) defeated Ivan Koloff & Baron Von Raschke.
- In a special edition of "Flair For The Gold", Ric Flair introduced the new Four Horsem*n: Flair, Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, and .... Paul Roma. Tully Blanchard had been used in the advertising for the event, with the idea that it would be a reunion of the original unit, but instead, we got Paul Roma. Blanchard has stated in interviews that WCW had been in contact with him about appearing, but never sent him a contract.
- Dory Funk, Jr. (with Gene Kiniski in his corner) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (with Verne Gagne in his corner) went to a 15-minute draw.
- Rick Rude & Paul Orndorff defeated Dustin Rhodes & Kensuke Sasaki.
- Sting defeated The Prisoner (Nailz).
- Lou Thesz, Mr. Wrestling II, Verne Gagne and Eddie Graham (posthumously) were inducted into the WCW Hall Of Fame.
- WCW World Tag Team Champions Brian Pillman & Steve Austin defeated Dos Hombres in cage match. The masked Hombres were supposedly Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas, but it was actually Steamboat & Tom Zenk. Douglas was out with a shoulder injury, and the announcers pretended that Zenk was Douglas. During the match, Steamboat unmasked, but Zenk never did. Austin pinned Zenk with a Stun Gun for the win.
- NWA World Champion Barry Windham defeated Arn Anderson after hitting him with the title belt for the pin.
- Davey Boy Smith defeated WCW World Champion Big Van Vader via disqualification after use of a chair.

1994 - Ray Candy of the Zambuie Express dies of a heart attack in Georgia. He was 43.

1996 - Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama defeat Toshiaki Kawada & Akira Taue for the All Japan Tag Titles in Sapporo, Japan, ending Kawada and Taue's third reign.

1997 - Extreme Championship Wrestling ran Indiana, PA with the following results from the Ice & Expo Center:
Axl Rotten defeated Jimmy Cicero
Raven defeated Chris Chetti
Taz defeated Danny Morrison (Danny Doring)
Louie Spicolli defeated Balls Mahoney
Spike Dudley defeated Buh Buh Ray Dudley
ECW World Tag Team Champions Perry Saturn & John Kronus defeated the Pitbulls
ECW World TV Champion Shane Douglas defeated Stevie Richards
Tommy Dreamer & the Sandman defeated D-Von & Big Dick Dudley when D-Von was pinned

1998 - ECW ran The Golden Dome in Monaca, PA with the following results:

Lance Storm defeated Mike Lozansky
Axl Rotten & Balls Mahoney defeated The FBI, Tracy Smothers & Little Guido
Ulf Hermann defeated John Kronus
Taz defeated Chris Chetti
Chris Candido defeated Al Snow
ECW World TV Champion Rob Van Dam defeated Jerry Lynn
Sabu defeated Mikey Whipwreck
Buh Buh Ray & D-Von & Big Dick Dudley defeated Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman & Spike Dudley

1999 - Owen Hart dies of cardiac arrest after falling from the ceiling in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri during the WWF Over The Edge Pay-per-view. The fall was not seen on television, as a pre-taped interview was being shown at the time. Owen was to have made a "Blue Blazer" entrance on a cable when his harness malfunctioned, causing the fall. Hart was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared dead. Owen was 34 years old.

The show continued, with Jim Ross informing the home viewer later in the program that Owen had died, but the fans in the building were not told of his passing. The decision to continue running the show and not announcing Hart's death to the live crowd have been hotly debated since 1999. The Undertaker defeated Steve Austin in the main event to win the WWF Title in the main event. The show would be the only WWF PPV, to date, that was never released on home video after it was held.

A lawsuit would later be filed by the Hart family, and WWE would settle with them for $18 million. WWE would later successfully pursue a lawsuit against the harness company for part of the settlement. Martha Hart, who wrote a book on her husband's death, and the Owen Hart Foundation would go on to sue WWE for using Owen's matches, name and likeness in their books, magazines and DVD without the estate's permission, as well as for non-payment of royalties. That case was settled in 2013.

2002 - WWE issued the following press release:

WWE Global Warning Tour Melbourne Presented by Xbox Sells Out; More Than 47,000 Tickets Sold in First 48 Hours of On-Sale

STAMFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 23, 2002--World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:WWF) today announced that its upcoming WWE(TM) Global Warning Tour Melbourne presented by Xbox sold out within the first 48 hours of going on sale.

Fans purchased more than 47,000 tickets for the WWE(TM) event scheduled for Melbourne's Colonial Stadium on Saturday, August 10, 2002. Additional tickets may become available pending stadium configuration.

"Australia is a strong market for us," said Roger Marment, Executive Vice President of International Business Development at WWE, Inc. "The holding of a mega-event marks a major push into the market that encompasses all elements of our business. We are very pleased to have Xbox as a sponsor of the event and will be making further announcements shortly regarding new home video and DVD distribution arrangements, licensing partnerships and sponsorship commitments."

The Ticketmaster7 Internet site, ticketmaster7.com, the national Call Centre, and Outlet network were swamped with loyal WWE(TM) fans from all over the world eager to get their hands on the hottest ticket in town. The demand was so huge that Telstra recorded over 150,000 callers attempting to secure tickets via the phone in the first hour.

Ticketmaster7's Managing Director, Maria O'Connor was impressed by the magnitude of WWE(TM) fans desperate to secure tickets and said, "in my 20 years in the ticketing industry I have not witnessed such a large number of avid fans so desperate to secure tickets. With all points of distribution experiencing heavy demand, ticketmaster7.com continued to be the preferred point of sale, demonstrating that the Internet creates equity and access for thousands of patrons purchasing tickets simultaneously."

World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. is an integrated media and entertainment company headquartered in Stamford, Conn., with offices in New York City, Chicago, Toronto and London. Additional information on the company can be found at wwe.com and wwecorpbiz.com. Information on television ratings and community activities can be found at wweparents.com

2003 - WWE Raw ran Bossier City, LA. Kevin Culpepper filed the following live report:

Before the show, thanks to a local TV Sports Director friend, my step-son and I were invited to a “Meet and Greet”. About 25 of us were led to a room where we waited about 15 minutes, chatting wrestling of course, when the door opened and Bubba Ray, D-Von, and Spike Dudley appeared. They signed autographs, posed for pics, answered questions and such. All three were great guys and very good-humored. When I asked Bubba about his back, he winked and said it was better than Randy Orton’s foot! I asked Spike if he missed teaching and he said Hell No! These guys are very good ambassadors for WWE and were great with the children in attendance.

On to the matches: Your host for this evening - THE FINK!!

1ST Match Rodney Mack (with Teddy Long) and Chris Nowinsky defeated Cowboy Lance Cade and some guys whose name I missed.

Pre-match mike work from Peanut Head about the White boy Challenge. When 2 guys came out – Nowinsky appeared and offered his services as Mack’s tag-team partner. Hilarity on the mike as Harvard educated Nowinsky attempted to be “ghetto”. At one point he said of Mack and Teddy “You are in the hizzle fo shizzle, my nizzle.” Finish came when Mack locked Cade in the Cobra Clutch.

2nd Match Mark Jindrak over Gold Dust.

Gold Dust was insanely over with the crowd. Good back and forth match. Goldy worked in all his usual spots. Finish came when Jindrak caught Goldy in a cradle and utilized the old foot on the ropes trick. Goldy did a victory lap and slapped hands with the fans to a huge Goldy chant. Why did they job him to Jindrak? I dunno, but Triple H should notice that Goldy was just as over after the loss.

3rd Match Jazz(with Peanut Head) over Trish, Molly and Victoria (with Stevie) in an elimination Match.

Jazz eliminated Molly with a boot to the face, Trish eliminated Victoria with the Stratusfaction, Jazz made Trish submit to the STF. Best spot of the match, Victoria and Jazz went to the top in opposite corners and were crotched by Teddy and Stevie, allowing Trish to execute the 2nd rope handspring Rana on both. After the match, Stevie and Victoria beat down Trish till Maven made the save.

4th Match Jericho hosted Stacy Kiebler for the Highlight Reel

Jericho had the crowd hating him in about 45 seconds, this guy is such a great heel! After thoroughly insulting all things Louisiana , He called out Stacy, who got a huge pop. After Stacy told the crowd that Jericho had the “smallest wee-wee in the WWE, Jericho went for the beat-down. Test ran in for the save, then tried to get Stacy to leave with him. She refused and left alone. Good continuity!

5th Match the Dudleys over 3 Minute Warning and Rico in a table match.

Great match with all the regular Dudley spots. Duds were over huge! In a nice bit of continuity, Rico apologized for walking out on Rosey and Jamal last Monday and offered them a chance to get back in his good graces with a win tonight. Finish came as Rosey and Jamal turned on Rico and walked out, leaving him to eat a 3-D thru the table. After the match, the Duds celebrated by bringing a small kid into the ring and posing with him before giving him a chunk of the table. They worked the crowd for a long time as their music played, slapping hands and posing for pics. The crowd ate it up.

6th Match Christian over Val Venis in an IC Title Match.

These guys are true professionals, because the crowd was totally indifferent to both at first. Through a combination of comedy spots, working the crowd, solid technical wrestling, and help from Earl Hebner, they won the crowd over in about 5 minutes. After that the crowd was hot and popped for the near falls. Finish came as Val went for the Money Shot and met nothing but knees. Christian applied the Un-Prettier for the pinfall. Great work from both guys.

7th Match Dr Death Steve Williams over Lance Storm.

Doc is a local boy well remembered from the old Bill Watts days. Good, solid old-school wrestling match that the crowd loved. Storm bumped like a madman. Doc won with the Oklahoma Stampede.

8th Match RVD and Kane over La Resistance in a tag title match.

RVD and Kane got huge pops. Good match considering how green the Frenchmen are. High spots included a rocket launcher by the Champs, and Kane hip-tossing RVD over the top rope into an unsuspecting French duo.

Main Event: Triple H over Big Poppa Pump in a World Title Match.

Triple H was out first for some un-intended comedy. He grabbed the mike from the Fink and as he started to speak, Steiner’s music hit. It stopped after about 4 seconds and Triple H lectured the sound guy “Numb Nuts” about what a microphone in his hand meant. HHH went on to complain that he had come to Bossier city to confront Ric Flair for what happened on Monday, and to find out whose side Flair was on. He said Flair didn’t even have the balls to show up. Boring match. 2 Steiner suplexes, and 10 minutes of punching and kicking. You could have heard a pin drop – crowd was indifferent to both guys. At the 10 minute mark, Hebner was bumped. The Nature Boy ran out to a huge pop! He grabbed a chair as both men were down, and prepared to blast HHH with it, but at the last minute – you guessed it – he hit Steiner. Kick, Wham, Pedigree, Yawn.

Over all, a great show with 3:30 of wrestling and a 15 minute intermission

Biggest Pops :
Dudleys Gold Dust Kane/RVD FlairBiggest Heat: Jericho Storm La Resistance

2003 - Prime Time Wrestling ran Brick, NJ. Mike Johnson filed the following live report:

Prime Time Wrestling drew a small but enthusiastic crowd of 100 parents and children to Brick, New Jersey on 5/23 at The Old Guard Armory.

The show was completely designed for a family audience. In 2003's world of professional wrestling where shows are rated on moonsaults, light tubes, and highspots, this was a nice breath of fresh air as it was an old school independent outing where no one got hurt, everyone had fun, and the crowd went home happy.

Full results:

*Jay & Trey Owens and Eric Justice defeated PTW Tag Team Champions The Holy Rollers and Church.

*The Patriot (Tom Brandi) pinned Joey Matthews. Matthews has really come into his own, both here and 3PW as a singles heel. This was a match made by the kids in the crowd going nuts chanting "USA" and Matthews playing off of it. The interaction with the crowd would prove to be a theme throughout the evening by the workers. Brandi left the show later that night still under his hood. You have to love that.

*Slayer pinned Greg Spitz. Spitz has worked for PWF in Pennsylvania. Slayer was managed by Father Ozzy, who has dropped weight and is such a dead ringer for Ozzy Osbourne, I think Sharon would do a doubletake. Seriously, if this guy isn't making money as a lookalike, he's missing the boat.

*In a mixed tag team match, Rob Eckos and Serena (managed by "Sports Agent" Ryan Maher) defeated Alexis Laree and Stryker. Stryker showed awesome babyface fire here. It was weird to see Laree playing total babyface while in her NWA TNA Raven-style gear. Serena hooked Laree's skirt and held Maher's hand to score the pin on Laree. Fairly entertaining.

*Steve Zapf won a Battle Royal. This was your typical indy battle royal full of green workers. They said this was for trainees, so I guess Simply Luscious is still training as she was one of the last ones eliminated.

*PTW Cruiserweight champion MIke Kruel forced Josh Daniels to tap out in what was the best match of the night in terms of in-ring action. Daniels is building a string of solid matches while Kruel continues to improve with a very mat-based and submission style. Expect to hear more out of both of these guys in the indy ranks over the next year.

*Chad and Lunchbox (aka Dino) defeated The Backseat Boyz. I think Chad and Lunchbox are doing a Jay and Silent Bob gimmick. They work for Maryland Championship Wrestling. Storyline here was that a heel manager with a disability (while I never caught his name, he does walk with a limp) was upset that the crowd had ragged on him and brought the Backseats out for his defense. The Backseats were classic here ripping on the children saying that they should look to the manager as their inspiration because he's in the ring with a disability and calling them brats. I don't think we're in CZW anymore, Toto. The Backseats did tons of heel antics here. It was entertaining for what it was.

*Julio Dinero pinned The Bruiser to win the PTW championship. Dinero was on here, getting tons of heat from the crowd to the point they didn't lock up for 15 minutes as he was playing off of "Julio sucks" chants, jumping in the crowd and running around, even trying to walk out the wrong door. Dinero had "sports agent" Maher and Miss Kara in his corner. Bruiser looks so much like Johnny Grunge it's not funny. They did a spot where Dinero, out of frustration chopped ref Mike Kehner, who chopped the heck out of him in retaliation and did the Fargo Strut. Funny! Dinero clobbered Bruiser with the title belt for the pin. Bruiser got a gash on his back from a bump during the match on his lower back.

Notes: This was truly an old school independent show, the likes of which I haven't seen in a long time. This was a night for the heroes to defeat the villians, with everyone hopefully selling some merchandise along the way at intermission....They opened with a slight delay as there was a horrible accident (and we passed it so I know how horrible it was) on the Garden State Parkway that had cars at a standstill for quite awhile....The promotion is running Friday 6/27 at Sportsfest in Staten Island with The Barbarian announced and returns to Brick on 7/11. For ticket information, call 866-846-9928....The show was filmed by www.TCTapes.net....They had a full lighting and sound system that was great, down to blinking lights on the guard rails for the entrances.

2003 - NAWA ran Rome, GA. Larry Goodman filed the following live report:

NAWA returned to Dillard's Music Park in Rome, Ga last night for Memorial Day Madness, featuring an awesome NWA Wildside all-star match that saw A.J. Styles & David Young defeat Jason Cross & Iceberg. The crowd of 200 could be described as selectively heated, as they went nuts for two of the company's featured storylines, while reacting indifferently to some of the other stuff. This was the promotion's follow up big show to an April card, headlined by Jerry Lawler, that drew 400.

This was a spiffed up Dillard's Music Park. The ceiling has been raised above the ring to remove the limitations on using moves off the top rove and such. New ring lights were added. The Dillards started having wrestling in this converted drive-in movie theater in 1985. NAWA brought wrestling back to Dillard's earlier this year after a 6 year hiatus.

The show was a half hour late in starting. Mike Jackson opened it with a prayer.

1) The Palm Beach Boys (Scott & John) (with "Playboy" Phil Heffner & Billy Love) beat The Working Man & Seth Cruise in 10:07. The Palm Beach Boys were fine here, but Cruise and Working Man got zero reaction. Working Man is as green as grass, and it's not a good thing when the ref (Spanky Emerson) looks more physically imposing than a wrestler. Johnny hit a spinebuster on Working Man and Scott gave the kid a properly stiff beating. PBB switched without tagging. Johhny did a DDT. Working Man did a swinging something or other and made an ice cold tag. Coming out of the four way, Johnny ripped Working Man off the top rope as Scott hit a spinebuster. Love distracted the ref and PBB whipped Working Man into Playboy Phil's briefcase shot for the pin.

2) Jimmy Rave beat Tank in 10:39. My favorite Tank singles match. It would have gotten over great in ROH. Unfortunately, this crowd didn't get into it. Rave's selling was super and they worked it in such a way that the size difference didn't cause a credibility problem. Lots of nice matwork and amateur stuff in the opening minutes. Tank really shines with that style. They started kicking the crap out of each other. Tank did a kidney bursting kick to Rave's back. Tank did an STO across his knee and rammed Rave's back into the buckles. Same move and Rave was down in the corner. Crowd popped for Tank's running boot scrape. Tank hit a Yakuza kick. Tank dropped Rave on his head with a pair of back suplexes. Tank hit what looked like a cross arms german suplex. Rave got a foot on the ropes at two. Rave hit the tilt-a-whirl into the crossface out of nowhere. Tank got a reversal and Rave reversed it again. Rave hit a running knee for a near fall. Tank came back with a devastating chokebreaker and leveled Rave with a People's Lariat. Tank had Rave in a leglock submission when the bell rang at 8:45. It was called a time limit draw. Fans wanted 5 more minutes. Referee Marshall Law agreed. Twice, Rave dropkicked Tank's knee and hitting Shining Wizards for two counts. Rave did a springboard off of the ref's back into a third Shining Wizard to score the pinfall. Tank faked a handshake and gave Rave the F Bomb in the postmatch.

3) "Loverboy" Lee Thomas beat Rob Adonis in 8:50. Things got off to a rough start when the radio DJ from Q102/guest ring announcer, who apparently was not familiar with Greek mythology, butchered the pronunciation of Adonis. Let the radio DJ pass out t-shirts or something, but please leave the ring announcing to a professional like Jen Holbrook. Adonis has been working for RCW in Knoxville of late. He's a big dude (285), who showed a good repertoire of power moves. Something about Thomas seemed to suck the life right out of the match. His stuff wasn't that bad, but the crowd couldn't have cared less about him as the babyface. Thomas did a the worst superkick NAWA history to set up a shaky split legged moonsault for the pin. Adonis made a point to thank Thomas before spewing venom all over the crowd in a wickedly sad*stic promo. Said there were 200 people in the building but only 50 teeth and 30 of them were his. Adonis said a fan's face reminded him of the time he shaved his dog's butt and taught it to walk backwards. "I realize what was long and hard on you and that was the 5th grade." And so on.

The Broadstreet Boys (Chris Kamikaze & Lance Timberlake) did a brief "concert," subjecting the crowd to a downright painful experience with a performance that was intentionally beyond horrible. Timberlake asked Kamikaze if he knew who won the Civil War. Kamikaze didn't. Timberlake said Mike Jackson would know because he was in it.

4) Mike Jackson beat Chris Kamikaze (with Lance Timberlake) in 13:54. Crowd was totally into this and they worked a surprisingly good match. Kamikaze was great in the role of the smart ass young punk. Kamikaze started bumping like crazy for Jackson. Jackson gave Timberlake and Kamikaze a meeting of the minds. Jackson did a nice floatover armdrag. Jackson used a dragon screw! Kamikaze did a sneaky clip on Jackson's leg and applied an Indian deathlock. Jackson did an old school top rope walk halfway around the ring into an armdrag. Kamikaze took a bump for a hilarious crotch ride on the top rope, as he tried to duplicate Jackson's move. Timberlake tripped Jackson to turn the tide. Kamikaze distracted the ref so Timberlake could get in some pathetic looking cheap shots. One solid, well-timed blow is way more effective than ten lousy ones. Nice offensive sequence by Kamikaze, consisting of an atomic drop into a corner chest bump into a russian legsweep on the rebound. Kamikaze hit a running shooting star press for a two count. Kamikaze missed with a 450. Jackson made the comeback with his strap pulled down. Ref bump. Kamikaze went for a sleeper. Lance slipped into the ring with a foreign object. Kamikaze hit Jackson with the gimmick for a great false finish. Jackson caught Kamikaze by the throat as he came off the top. Kamikaze went for a sunset flip but Jackson reversed it into a jackknife pin. NAWA Chief of Staff Max Steel, a big ol' boy, said that he would see to it that Jackson got 5 minutes with Timberlake per the stipulation of the match.


Jackson tried to get his five minutes with Timberlake. Jackson beat the crap out of Kamikaze at ringside and made his way into the ring. Timberlake was ready and waiting with a face full of powder. Timberlake and Kamikaze put the boots to Jackson. A big Bam Bam Bigelow looking dude named DeJaVu joined in. Timberlake did a top rope legdrop. DeJaVu splashed Jackson off the second rope. Delight and a guy I didn't know made the save. Timberlake said alcohol was bad for the liver and lead a Stone Cold toast with Tropicana orange juice instead. They need to add some lighting on the stage because most fans couldn't see what was going on.

5) Drew Delight beat Simon Sermon to retain the NAWA Junior Title in 9:10. Sermon got a hero's welcome from the heel section upon his return to NAWA after a brief absence. It works though, because Delight also had strong support, making this the hottest match of the night. Sermon addressed the radio DJ ring announcer as "you hair lipped freak." Sermon predicted that he would become a three time NAWA junior champion tonight. "Now get that bloody pile of trash out here." Sermon totally dominated the match. Sermon came through the heel section to attack Delight. Fans chanted "Simon" and "UK." Sermon posted Delight and slammed him on the concrete floor. Sermon used a rolling stunner inside the ring. Back outside for a sidewalk slam onto the second row. Sermon whipped Delight with his belt. Sermon hit a neckbreaker and ref Spanky Emerson made a quick two count. Delight made a comeback and tried for a rockbottom, but Sermon countered with a London Bridge submission. The heel fans responded with a rendition of "London Bridge is Falling Down." Sermon slapped Delight across the face with his glove. Sermon applied a modified STF. Delight hit a superkick and both men stayed down. Sermon clotheslined the ref and went to get his baton. Sermon missed and got clocked with his own weapon for the 1..2..3.

6) A.J. Styles & David Young beat Jason Cross & Iceberg in 13:05. This match ruled. What a treat. Four stellar workers on a night when they were all on. Crowd was with them all the way. Styles and Cross started it out with waistlock reversals. Cross raked the eyes and pulled hair. Styles did a leapfrog and spinkick that was really sweet. Young knocked Iceberg through the ropes with a discus forearm and hit a pescado. Styles followed with tope con hilo. Styles and Young did a drop toehold/senton combo on Cross. Young gave Cross a taste of his own medicine with a killer brainbuster for a near fall. Cross converted Young's wheelbarrow into a DDT and in came Iceberg with a huge legdrop on Young and a belly to belly suplex on Styles. Cross hit a slingshot hurancanrana for a near fall. Young scrambled through Cross's legs to make a tag. Styles cleaned house with clothesline and tried for the Clash, but Iceberg broke it up. Cross hit the brainbuster for a near fall. Iceberg paid tribute with an Abdullah the Butcher elbow drop. Iceberg caught Styles in midair and hit a fallaway slam. Cross did that amazing somersault double underhook face plant. Styles made a furious comeback building to a monster clothesline. Young hit a swinging facebuster on Cross and Iceberg broke up the pin. YOUNG HIT A RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX ON ICEBERG. Freakin' amazing. Cross saved on the pin attempt, but Styles got him with the standing moonsault inverted DDT. Finish saw Young hit his spinebuster on Iceberg and Styles follow with a Clash off top on Cross that landing on top of the Iceberg. Young piled on for a double pin.

7) Bull Buchanan beat Bulldog Raines (with "Playboy" Phil Heffner) in 13:20. Trying to follow a masterpiece is an absolutely brutal position to occupy on any show. This wasn't outright bad, so much as it was uninspired. Dead crowd. Buchanan looked to be in great shape. He appears to be fully maintaining his WWE conditioning. Buchanan and Raines go back together in this area to at least 1994, when Raines wrestled as Beau LeDeau and Buchanan was Sam McGraw. At 5:30, Buchanan hit a climbing body block. Heffner reached in to pull Buchanan's leg. Buchanan chased Playboy Phil around and through the ring, until Raines cut him off with a clothesline. Raines worked on Buchanan's leg. Buchanan did a nice strength move to pull himself up to the top rope for a flying double ax blow at the 10 minute mark. Bull continued the comeback with a big boot for a near fall. Buchanan missed with jumping high kick and Raines nailed him with a clothesline. Buchanan was able to hit a top rope legdrop for the pin. Postmatch saw Buchanan threatening to do bodily harm to Heffner. Raines clocked Buchanan with his chain and did a looong choke out spot while Heffner banged away on the knee with his briefcase. Some of the faces finally ran out for the save. Buchanan did a great job of selling the effects of the beatdown.

8) Nemesis beat Ray Gordy via DQ to retain the NAWA Heavyweight Title in 11:15. Good wrestling match that was somewhat lacking in heat. The crowd wants to cheer Gordy, who was in role of the villain but doesn't use a truly heelish style. Nemesis controlled the early part of the match by working Gordy's arm. Gordy countered a leapfrog with a powerbomb to take over. Gordy did a Muta style elbow drop and a fisherman suplex for near falls. Gordy used a painful looking crossface variation on a camel clutch. Gordy hit an enzuigiri to set up a senton bomb for another near fall. At 8:30, Nemesis hit a big neckbreaker and mounted a comeback. DeJaVu hit the ring with a chairshot on Nemesis for the DQ. Gordy also whacked Nemesis with a chair. Rave made the save for Nemesis.

NOTES: NAWA starts on Rome television (Comcast cable 44) on June 10 with an 8pm slot. Last night's show was a three camera shoot with D. D. Bussey and John Johnson providing the commentary. … Former NAWA champion Air Paris pulled out of his scheduled appearance as Iceberg's tag team partner and was replaced by Cross. He was said to be dealing with personal issues, but I was also told that Paris got into a dispute with the promotion when he was replaced as booker. … Buchanan did pretty fair business at the gimmick table during the intermission. … NAWA has shows scheduled for Douglasville, GA on 7/12 and Sweetwater, TN on 7/18.

2004 - WWE Raw ran Moline, IL. Adam Martin filed the following live report:

I just got back from the WWE RAW Brand House Show in Moline, Illinois. I would say the arena was around 60% full and was far from a sellout. Despite the somewhat small crowd, all those involved put on a great performance. Here are the results in order.

The Hurricane & Rosey defeated La Resistance
This was a very good match and for some reason the crowd really hated Rob Conway. He worked the crowd great and really got people into the match that was taking place. Lots of "USA" chants as usual. The match ended when The Hurricane & Rosey did a double team move for the pin.

Trish Stratus, Tyson Tomko, Stacy Keibler segment
Trish Stratus came out with Tomko and got on the mic, running down the crowd in Moline. Trish brought up that everyone cashed in their welfare checks just to see her tonight. She announced that Christian wasn't able to compete, so she could leave with Tomko right away. Stacy Keibler's music hit to a big pop. Keibler got on the mic and told Trish that Tomko would be in action tonight against Chris Jericho in a Steel Cage. Eugene then made his way down to the ring with William Regal. After Keibler left, Eugene got on the mic and called Trish a slu*t. Garrison Cade hit the ring and attacked Eugene quickly. This brought out Shelton Benjamin, leading to...

Shelton Benjamin defeated Garrison Cade
Pretty good match with Benjamin doing lots of quick spots. You would be surprised as to how many people still don't really know who Cade is despite his appearances on WWE TV. A guy in the card asked Cade if he got his hair done by Ric Flair. The match ended when Benjamin hit a modified belly to belly suplex for the pin.

Victoria defeated Molly Holly to retain WWE Women's Title
The crowd was somewhat into the match. Lots of heat for Molly and her wig. Victoria (who came out to new music) got a very good reaction during her entrance and throughout the match. It was good for what it was. The match ended when Victoria hit the Widow's Peak on Molly for the pin to retain the WWE Women's Title.

Randy Orton defeated Edge to retain WWE Intercontinental Title
This was probably one of the better matches of the night. Orton is just really good with a crowd and has a great presence. Edge got a decent pop as well. Both Orton and Edge played up to the crowd at many times. Orton would sell many of the offense from Edge great, stop, turn and pose at the crowd. It was very entertaining and kept everyone interested. The match ended when Edge went up to the top rope, but Batista ran out and knocked him off. Orton got the pin soon after to retain the WWE Intercontinental Title.


Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko in a Steel Cage Match
They didn't use the old school blue cage like they did at the Philadelphia, PA show on Saturday. The normal cage with the chain link fence was used instead. Lots of back and forth action between Jericho and Tomko. Tomko was very impressive and puts on a great match. One spot saw Tomko throw Jericho into the cage and it looked like it was going to break all most, making some in the front row a bit nervous. The finish saw both men balancing on the top rope exchanging punches when Jericho knocked Tomko off, allowing him to climb over the top and get the win.

As they took the Steel Cage down, The Coach reminded everyone about the merchandise available. Eugene hit the ring with William Regal behind. The Coach told Eugene that they weren't going to do this all over again and told him to leave. Eugene took the t-shirt gun and started shooting t-shirts into the crowd. The Coach continued to warn Eugene and got a t-shirt where the sun doesn't shine as a result. A big "EUGENE" chant soon followed. This gimmick is really over.

Shawn Michaels defeated Batista
A very good match with Michaels incredibly over. Got the biggest pop of the night by far. The match consisted of lots of power moves by Batista and slowed down a bit when Batista continued to apply a bear hug. That seemed like the submission of the night. Lots of near falls and HBK doing his usual routine. The match ended when HBK connected with a stiff Sweet Chin Music for the pin.

Rhyno defeated Steven Richards
Many people around me were wondering why this match came after HBK vs. Batista. It didn't last long as half way through, Richards went up to the top rope and missed a cross-body. He "injured" himself as the match was stopped. Boy, did they play this one off good right down to the infamous "X" sign by the referee to WWE officials hitting the ring to check on Richards. As they helped him up, Richards connected with a boot to the face on Rhyno knocking him off the ring apron. Rhyno fought back and connected with a Gore to get the pin. I was surprised to see how insanely over Rhyno was with the crowd.

Test vs. Matt Hardy went to a No Contest
I guess Test isn't dead after all. There was a section on the floor that had a big "TEST" sign and he played up to them a lot. Very entertaining to watch. Hardy, along with Lita, got a good reaction as well. This was a very good match and both work great together. Lots of near falls between both that got the crowd into it even more. Just as Test hit the Pump Handle Slam, Kane's music hit. He came down and looked to take out Hardy when Lita came in. Kane approached Lita, but got distracted when Chris Benoit's music hit. This lead to...

Chris Benoit defeated Kane to retain World Heavyweight Title
At first, I was a little worried about the Main Event for Bad Blood in a few weeks. It was very slow to start off and even a few boring chants could be heard. Things really picked up later and both guys worked great. Benoit hit a stinging chop to the chest on Kane that had everyone cringing in their seats. It was very, very loud upon impact. Lots of near falls that kept it very exciting. At one point, Benoit kept trying to lock on the Crossface but Kane would counter out of it each time. Benoit hit two headbutt's on Kane to keep him down, but he would kick out each time. The finish saw Benoit, after many attempts, lock on the Crossface and make Kane tap out. After the match, Benoit told the crowd to give Kane a hand. Benoit told Kane he has just joined a very exclusive club tonight...the YOU TAPPED OUT club. After Kane left, Benoit challenged The Coach to get in the ring. Benoit eventually gave him a Crossface to end the show.

MATCH OF THE NIGHT: Chris Benoit vs. Kane.

1. Shawn Michaels
2. Chris Benoit
3. Rhyno (No, that is not a typo)
4. Chris Jericho
5. Eugene

1. La Resistance (Conway really pissed people off)
2. Batista
3. Kane
4. Steven Richards (After the faked injury)
5. Garrison Cade

2004 - WWE broadcast Sunday Night Heat. John Keane filed the following TV report:

Heat Report for 5/23/2004.
Matches taped on 5/17 in San Diego, California.
Your Announcers are Jonathan Coachman and Al Snow.

Pyros go, Coach and al welcome us in, we get straight to business.

1st Match: Rhyno vs. Steven Richards. Referee is Chad Patton.

Mixed response for Rhyno, mild heat for Steven. Bell rings, circling into the lockup, Rhyno slaps on an arm wringer, Steven dashes to the ropes, ref calls for the break. Rhyno backs off cleanly, Steven's attempt at the punk-out shove is TOTALLY fruitless, trash talk and a slap to the face inflicts mild annoyance, crowd pops nicely as Rhyno connects with a knockdown forearm shot to the jaw. Steven gets hoisted up and whipped to the ropes, Rhyno scores with a clothesline as he rebounds. Steven backs into corner, Rhyno whips him to opposite, Steven bounces into a back body drop, he's down clutching his back. Rhyno calls for the Gore, charges, Steven sidesteps, decides to hell with this and bails to the outside. Rhyno follows, chase is on at ringside, Steven re-enters, Rhyno immediately follows, Steven goes off ropes STRAIGHT into a massive shoulder block, Rhyno covers for 2. Steven again bails, Rhyno has less luck pursuing this time, Steven sends him face first into the ring steps via drop toe hold. Steven rolls in, ref begins counting Rhyno out, he manages to roll back in as 9 is reached. Steven engages in the time honored pursuit of kicking the man when he's down, Rhyno gets hauled up, Steven scores with the neckbreaker, gets 2. Rhyno again gets hauled to his feet, he throws a punch to the gut, Steven responds with a pair of kneelifts, suplex follows, Rhyno down for 2. Steven slaps on the rear chinlock, rather decent 'LET"S GO RHYNO' chant begins, he gets to his feet, forearms to the kidney break the hold, Steve takes a belly to belly throw, both men are down. Double countout is begun, Rhyno and Steven slowly get to their feet as the ref counts 9. Steven tries for a blind running clothesline, Rhyno ducks under and goes behind, tries to cinch in a waistlock, Steven throws a flurry of back elbows to the face, goes off ropes STRAIGHT into a powerslam, Rhyno takes too long to cover, just gets 2. Both men up, Steven gets whipped into corner, Rhyno charges into a boot to the face. He staggers, Steven connects with a boot to the gut, sets for the dreaded Stevie-T, Rhyno blocks it, Steven settles for a knee to the face and a series of forearms to the back. Rhyno retreats to ropes, Steven charges into a back elbow, his turn to stagger. Steven ducks under a haymaker, Rhyno quickly regroups and scores with a spinebuster, Steven down. Rhyno backs into a corner, crowd begs for the Gore, Steven staggers up, Rhyno charges, crowd gets it's wish, Al steals Paul E.'s 'GORE! GORE! GORE!', 1-2-3.

Winner: Rhyno.

We're informed later on Coach's best pal Garrison Cade will be taking on The Hurricane. Break.

Coach and Al return to recap Raw. Last Monday Coach laid a huge load of verbal smack on the goofy-but-lovable Eugene Dinsmore. He described him as a laughingstock that only had a job with WWE due to his uncle, Raw GM Eric Bischoff. He then told him he had no friends and invited him to leave the company. Eugene seemed ready to take the tainted advice, he walked up the ramp-only to find out he had at least one friend, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports and Entertainment, The Rock. Eugene and the People's Champ returned to the ring, Great One then proceeded to make Coach his bitch in his usual inimitable style. Rocky suggested that Eugene administer a butt kicking, Garrison C. attempted to intercede but was quickly dispatched, Coach ended up taking a Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow-latter was delivered (quite effectively) by young Mr. Dinsmore.

Coach promises that the next time Rocky turns up at Raw, he-and, of course, Garrison-will kick his butt. Keep dreaming pal. Break.

Sting of the Night: From last Monday, Kane was set to use a folding chair to injure Matt Hardy-until Lita ran down to the ring. Matt was saved when she simply told Kane 'Yes'. What the question was remains a mystery.

Back to the ring

2nd Match: Rob Conway & Sylvan Grenier (La Resistance Mk 3) vs. Aaron Aguilera & Chad Wicks (AKA Josh & Tommy Bubbacanouche). Referee is Chris Kay.

Aaron & Chad already in the ring, real good heat for La Res. Bell rings, Sylvan and Aaron start, we go straight to the lockup, Sylvan quickly goes from an armbar to a side headlock, Aaron slips free, Sylvan gets shot to ropes, Aaron goes down to a forearm to the face as he rebounds. He quickly rises, we go to circling, Aaron ducks under the lockup and cinches in a side headlock, Sylvan breaks the hold with an elbow to the ribs, Aaron goes off ropes, Sylvan leapfrogs as he rebounds, Aaron goes off opposite ropes, Sylvan again evades the charge with a blind leapfrog, one more time off the ropes goes Aaron, Sylvan's hiptoss attempt gets blocked, Aaron scores with same, Sylvan to canvas. He rises quickly, charges, Aaron scoops him up and slams him down. Ref checks on Sylvan, Rob comes in untagged, Aaron goes down to a pair of forearms to the back of the neck. Rob bails quickly, Chad enters to protest, ref sees him out as Sylvan lays in the boots. Aaron gets dragged to La Res corner, Rob gets the tag, Sylvan exits as his partner gets in a few more kicks. Aaron gets hauled up and shot top ropes, Rob lays him out with a back elbow on the rebound. On the canvas Aaron clutches the back of his head, Rob seizes the moment to hit Chad with a cheap forearm to the face, he drops to ringside. Hot-tempered Chad immediately charges in, ref holds him back as Sylvan joins his partner, Aaron gets whipped to ropes, La Res connect with a pair of boots to the gut, they follow up by shoving Aaron back first to the canvas. Sylvan out, Rob gets in a quick forearm to the back as the ref finally chases Chad out of the ring. Aaron again gets hauled to La Res corner, Sylvan gets the tag, Rob holds Aaron's arm behind his back as his partner scores with a front kick to the gut, Aaron flops to the canvas. Rob out, Sylvan lays in a choke at the ropes, ref calls for the break, Sylvan gets in a knee to the back of the neck before complying. Rob gets in another cheap shot as his partner yells at the ref, Aaron attempts to roll toward his corner, Sylvan cuts him off and hauls him up, straight forearm to the face sends him right back down. Sylvan connects with a knee to the back of the neck, Aaron gets hauled to a seated position, Sylvan applies a rear chinlock, Aaron slowly gets to his feet and elbows out, he reaches for the tag, no luck, Sylvan takes him down with a back suplex. Tag to Rob, Sylvan grabs Aaron's leg as his partner enters for a pair of boots to the face. Sylvan out, Rob sets for a snap suplex, Aaron blocks and tries to power him toward his corner. Rob switches to a side headlock and kicks Chad's hand away, Aaron counters with a back suplex, both men are down, They crawl to respective corners, Sylvan and Chad get the tags. Sylvan misses with a running clothesline, Chad takes him down with a standing dropkick. Sylvan quickly rises only to eat another dropkick, he hauls himself up at ropes, Chad connects with a forearm to the face, sets for the whip, Sylvan reverses, Chad to ropes, Sylvan goes down to a flying clothesline as he rebounds. Rob charges in untagged, Chad quickly lays him out with a reverse Atomic Drop/ clothesline combination. Rob rolls out, Sylvan scores with a kick to the gut and a sharp forearm to the face, Chad backs to ropes, Sylvan sets for the whip, Chad puts on the brakes, Sylvan goes down to a Northern Lights suplex (very nice & crisp), Chad bridges into a pinning predicament, Rob charges in, save is made via dropping of the double-axehandle. Match starts breaking down, Aaron enters untagged, Rob goes down to a high boot to the face. He pulls himself up at ropes, Aaron charges, Rob ducks under at the last second, Aaron gets dumped over the top to the outside. Chad immediately looks for revenge, Rob takes the boot to the gut, Chad sets for another suplex, not tonight, Sylvan's boot to the knee thwarts the attempt. Rob sets for a snap suplex-as Chad's body is brought parallel to the canvas Sylvan grabs his legs. Powerslam with a torque of the legs added for emphasis leaves Chad down and near out, Sylvan covers, 1-2-3.

Winners: Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway.

Flags of Quebec are waved as we go to break.

Coach and Al return for more Raw recap. Last Monday's Main Event was a Battle Royal-winner would be granted a spot at next month's Bad Blood PPV, challenging Chris Benoit for the World Championship. Closing moments saw HHH and Kane (who was down due to a low blow) the last men remaining. Hunter had his title hopes dashed when the currently suspended Shawn Michaels ran in and clotheslined him over the top. As of now, Kane is the #1 contender.

Coach and Al reckon HHH may not be in the best of moods tomorrow night. Break.

Slam of the Week: From last Monday, Chris B. & Edge defeat Intercontinental Champion Randy Orton & Batista to retain their World Tag Team Championships.

Main Event

3rd Match: The Hurricane vs. Garrison Cade. Referee is Jack Doan.

Crowd loves the Superhero and DESPISE Coach's boy. Bell rings, stalling to start, on to the lockup, Garrison goes behind, Hurricane gets shoved toward a corner, he puts on the brakes before hitting turnbuckles. Back to circling, Hurricane ducks under the lockup, rollup takes Garrison down for a very quick 2. Both men up, Hurricane cinches in the side headlock, Garrison wriggles free, Hurricane gets shot to ropes, Garrison connects with a very tentative-looking shoulder as he rebounds. Trash talk ensues, Hurricane strikes a pose then fires off the Thumb to the Eye of Utter Righteousness. Garrison staggers toward corner, Hurricane grabs his arm and repeatedly wrenches the shoulder, armdrag takes Garrison down, Hurricane adds emphasis by dropping the leg on the outstretched arm. Hurricane goes back to the armbar, Garrison quickly gets to his feet, Hurricane gets tossed through the ropes to land on his feet at ringside. Garrison milks the hideously mistreated arm for all it's worth, Hurricane calmly re-enters behind his back, Garrison turns to face, Hurricane lashes out with a lightning-quick pair of armdrag takedowns. Garrison gets hauled up at ropes, Hurricane sets for the whip, Garrison reverses, Hurricane somersaults under a running clothesline as he rebounds, Garrison to ropes, Hurricane charges, Garrison backdrops him to the outside. Garrison takes a quick breather before following, Hurricane is unceremoniously rolled in, Garrison's right behind him, Hurricane takes a back suplex that leaves him flailing on the canvas. Garrison goes for the mildly arrogant cover, Hurricane kicks out at 2. Both men up, Garrison applies an abdominal stretch, Hurricane connects with a trio of elbows to the knee, hold is broken, Garrison takes another armdrag. Both men up, Hurricane fires off forearms to the face, Garrison responds with a kneelift, Hurricane doubled over, Garrison sets for the whip, Hurricane to corner, Garrison charges into an uppercut, he drops to the canvas. Hurricane ascends 2nd turnbuckle, Garrison staggers up, flying neckbreaker sends him right back down. Both men up slowly, Hurricane fires off a flurry of punches, Garrison again breaks out the high knee, both men retreat to opposite sides of the ring. Hurricane connects with a pair of leaping clotheslines, Garrison rises and backs to the ropes, Hurricane sets for a whip, Garrison reverses, Hurricane to ropes, Garrison sets for the backdrop, Hurricane counters with a nice looking flying DDT, Garrison down for 2. Hurricane goes up top, Garrison springs up, shaking of the ropes sends Hurricane plummeting to the canvas. He rises on rubber legs, Garrison goes off ropes, running clothesline kills Hurricane deader'n a Saturday night in Passaic N.J. Garrison hauls the lifeless body to the center of the ring, goes up top, flies, Unique Elbowdrop (credit to Alex. O.) gets the academic 1-2-3.

Winner: Garrison Cade.

Coach praises his pal, he and Al quickly plug Raw, end of show.

Short form match results (all victories by pinfall):

1. Rhyno defeated Steven Richards.
2. Sylvan Grenier & Rob Conway defeated Chad Wicks & Aaron Aguilera.
3. Garrison Cade defeated The Hurricane.

Not a bad show. Damn sight better than that mess Thursday night has been delivering. Isn't it sad when the only show WWE has on broadcast TV is it's weakest? Right now I'd go with Raw as #1 (obvious), Velocity and Heat battling it out for #2 and Smackdown at a rather distant 4. Enough about that other brand, thanks for reading, please send any feedback to john.f.keane@worldnet.att.net.

2005 - PWInsider.com broke word that former Major League Wrestling owner and booker Court Bauer had joined the WWE Creative Team.

2005 - Ringside Collectibles released a limited edition DVD shoot interview with former WWF champion The Ultimate Warrior. Signed and numbered, the DVD goes on to become one of the rarest DVDs ever released.

2005 - WWE broadcast Raw, including a surreal segment where Eric Bischoff holds a funeral for ECW, leading to Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon joining him in the ring for a segment involving the heads of the biggest promotions of the 1990s. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with footage from last week's finals of the Gold Rush Tournament where Kane faced Edge. We also see Edge's comments to Lita about the match as well as Kane's response. Then we see Lita help Edge to win the match and the kiss that made people with the initials MH and his followers around the world cry.

We are live from Green Bay, Wisconsin, and your announcers are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. We see security/police lining the ramp from the Titantron to the ring.

I think you know who is coming out as Edge (with briefcase and baggage) and Lita come to the ring. Security moves from the ramp to ringside as they surround the ring. Lita has a mic and she has something to say. Lita tells everyone to throw their stones; and she says that she forgot that she is in a room with saints, so pass judgment. Lita says that she did what a lot of women do, they use their husbands. What about the kidnapping, the boiler room? What about forcing her to have sexual relations with him? What about the pregnancy? What about the marriage she didn't want to be in? It was Kane who failed to protect her and made her lose the baby. She admits to using Kane to take care of Trish and anything that her heart desires. All she had to do was close her eyes, pucker up, and then give him a real wet kiss. Lita then tells the crowd that they are jealous since they have not had as much "action" in the last few months as her. Lita says that she never loved Kane. She could never love a sick, twisted freak like him. While Kane did everything for her, she was busy falling in love. She fell in love with a real man. Lita tells Kane that he could never satisfy him. No man that she has ever been with could satisfy her, and that is the man who she was seeing behind her back for months. That man is going to be the next World Champion, Edge. Edge takes the mic, and he says that this feels really good. Edge says that you can call Lita a slu*t, but she is his slu*t. Edge says that they don't owe anyone an apology. The only reason why people say anything is because they are all jealous of the way they look and because of the things they do. Edge says that he has the fiery redheaded sex pot at his side so he is on top of the world. He has the girl, and tonight he will get the World Title. At Wrestlemania, he went through five men to become "Mr. Money in the Bank". Then he beat Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, and Kane in the Gold Rush Tournament. Tonight, he goes through Batista. Tonight, he becomes the new World Champion.

We see Kane sitting in the locker room watching this as he rocks back and forth. We go to commercial.

We are back and Richie is in the Bischoffice. Eric says that he wants a black podium, a black carpet, and a barbed wire wreath for the official funeral for ECW. Shelton Benjamin enters the Bischoffice and he tells Eric that Chris Jericho isn't here yet. He wants more time. Eric says that it is Shelton's problem. Eric says that he has to get ready for the World title match, the funeral for ECW, and the draft. Eric asks Shelton if he John Cena last night on the pay per view. Eric tells Shelton that if Jericho is not here, it is a handicap match. Shelton says that Cena on Raw would be a good idea, but not as good as Eric Bischoff on Smackdown.

It is time for our first match and out first are Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. The crowd chants "USA" for the American wrestlers in the ring. Out next is Shelton Benjamin. Shelton looks up the ramp to see if Chris Jericho has arrived. Shelton enters the ring. Benjamin punches Daivari, but Hassan punches Benjamin. Benjamin with a back elbow and hip toss to Hassan followed by a side head lock. Daivari with a tag, but Benjamin sends Daivari and Hassan outside the ring. Benjamin with an arm drag and arm bar to Daivari. Benjamin with an elbow to Daivari's arm. Daivari with a reversal into a side head lock. Benjamin with a belly-to-back suplex. Hassan trips Benjamin and pulls him outside and drops Benjamin face first on the ringside barrier. Hassan throws Benjamin back into the ring. Hassan with a double sledge to Benjamin followed by a reverse chin lock. Hassan with a forearm to Benjamin's back followed by a snap suplex. Daivari tags back in and he tries to suplex Benjamin. Benjamin blocks it and hits a slingshot suplex on Daivari. Benjamin with clotheslines to Daivari followed by a slam. Benjamin with a back body drop to Daivari. Hassan comes in and Benjamin clotheslines Hassan over the top rope to the floor. Benjamin tosses Daivari in the air and then Benjamin with a running knee to Daivari. Benjamin pulls Hassan back into the ring. Benjamin kicks Hassan in the corner, but Daivari gets a chair. The ref takes the chair. Hassan sets for an Exploder on Daivari, but Hassan with a double sledge to Benjamin followed by a WMDDT (copyright Chris Catanese). Daivari with the cover for the three count. We go to commercial.

We are back and Chris Jericho enters. Todd Grisham informs Chris that the match is done and was made a handicap match. Chris says that he must have lost track of time. Chris says that Shelton is a great competitor. Jericho tells Todd to tell Bischoff that he will wrestle anyone. Todd wants to know if Chris is angry about missing the match.

We go to the locker room where Christian and Tyson Tomko talk about the Smackdown roster. Christian says that he would never say "I Quit" to Cena. Then he talks about Rey Mysterio and Booker T. Tomko asks Christian who Mark Jindrak is, and Christian says that he probably beat him some time. Edge and Lita enter. Edge says that with all of the talk of Smackdown, Christian is probably going to stay on Raw. Edge suggests that maybe there is some motivation to see Batista lose tonight. Edge says that if Batista lost, he would not need the briefcase. If Edge wins tonight with someone's help, they will get the contract. Christian suggests that they will see each other later. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Chris Masters to come out for his match. We see footage from three months ago when Masters broke Steven Richards'nose and orbital bone. Out next is Masters' opponent, Steven Richards. Masters throws Richards and sends him into the turnbuckle. Masters with shoulders in the corner followed by an Irish whip and two back breakers and a side slam. Richards with a shot to Masters' throat. Master with a delayed suplex. Masters sets up for the Polish Hammer, but Richards with a kick to Masters face. Richards with a chop and punches. Masters with a knee to Richards followed by an Irish whip. Masters with a forearm to Richards' knee and Richards is down. Masters puts Richards in the Master Lock and Richards is out. After the match, the medical staff comes to the ring to check on Richards.

We go to the Bischoffice where Todd tells Eric his message from earlier. Eric wants Todd to tell Chris that he has a match next. Eric also wants to know what Kane's state of mind is so he tells Todd to interview Kane, and Eric tells Todd to make sure that he asks the tough questions. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to look at some photos of the Diva Search II: Saline Away contestants.

It is time for our next match as we countdown to Chris Jericho. We see footage of Shelton Benjamin losing a handicap match to Hassan and Daivari earlier tonight. His opponent is Sylvan Grenier (with flag). Grenier with a kick and punch to Jericho and Jericho goes outside the ring. Grenier drops Jericho on the ringside barrier and then rolls Jericho back into the ring. Grenier with an Irish whip, but Jericho with a back elbow and chops. Jericho with a double leg take down, but Grenier with a small package and clothesline. Grenier slams Jericho and drops a knee into Jericho's back. Grenier with a Torture Rack, but Jericho punches out of it. Grenier with an Irish whip, but Jericho with a sunset flip. Jericho with chops to Grenier followed by a running forearm and shoulder tackle. Jericho runs in place on Grenier's back and then hits an enzuigiri. Jericho misses a splash in the ropes, but he hits a forearm from the top turnbuckle. Jericho tries for a Lionsault, but Grenier gets his knees up. Grenier with a belly-to-back spinebuster. Jericho with a springboard drop kick and then Jericho puts Grenier in the Walls of Jericho and Grenier taps. After the match, Shelton Benjamin comes down to the ring. Benjamin gets in the ring, but Jericho leaves the ring and gets a mic. Jericho tells Shelton that he is sorry for what happened earlier. Jericho says that Shelton is a tremendous athlete. But Jericho is also a singer, and a talk show host as well as a tremendous athlete. That is a luxury that he can afford because he is Chris Jericho. Chris says that the Jerichoholics will be on his side as he walks to the back. We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the ECW: One Night Stand commercial.

It is time for the funeral for ECW. Eric is at the lectern and he is very somber. Eric says that they are here to celebrate the life and death of ECW. Eric wants to give a little history about ECW before his eulogy. Eric says that in the 1990s, ECW was a young upstart promotion, wrestling in a bingo hall in South Philadelphia. Eric chuckles at that. Eric says that they thought they were a group of ground breaking, innovative rebels. However, ECW was crushed by him. When Eric ran WCW, he took the stars of ECW and put on a vastly superior product. However, ECW just died. Eric says that he was shocked to see commercials for the ECW pay per view on Raw. Eric says that he killed ECW once, and this funeral signifies the fact that he is going to kill it again. Eric says that he is on a crusade. He will find "volunteer" superstars to buy tickets for the pay per view with one intention. That intention is to put ECW out of business once and for all. There is no one who will stop him. Not Paul Heyman, not Sabu, not the Sandman. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust . . . there is no way that Vince McMahon is not going to stunt walk to the ring. Vince has a mic. Eric says that it is a pleasant surprise, and expects Vince to say a few words about the death of ECW. Vince says that he is here to say that he has a vested interest in the well-being of ECW. Eric is confused. Vince says that the WWE financially supported ECW for years because he had a philosophy that the stars of ECW would become the superstars of the WWE. Vince talks about the ECW alumni like Mick Foley, The Dudleys, and the guy that Eric fired . . . Stone Cold Steve Austin.

While Vince supported ECW, Eric was raping, pillaging, and robbing their locker room. Vince wants to know why Eric did that. Vince says that Eric drove ECW into bankruptcy. Vince tells Eric that the WWE is a creditor for over $500,000 in the bankruptcy. Vince says that he had to acquire the assets of ECW. Therefore, Vince wants the ECW pay per view to be a success. Vince says that the ECW commercial appear on Raw and Smackdown because he put them there. Vince says that he is going to present a match that Eric cancelled last week. It will be the ECW rules match with Chris Benoit facing Tajiri. Vince says that ECW is not dead because everywhere he goes, he hears the "ECW" chant. Vince suggests that One Night Stand might be a resurrection. Vince also thinks about a brand of wrestling that is totally dead. That is the WCW brand. Vince says that while Eric takes credit for the demise of ECW, Vince killed WCW.

Vince says that he is not qualified to talk about ECW since he did not build it or the legacy. There is someone who can talk about it tonight. Vince brings out Paul Heyman. Paul gets a mic and Vince introduces both men. Paul says that this is the first time that all three men are in the ring together. It is the WWE, WCW, and ECW in the ring together. Paul reminds Vince their deal. Vince can own ECW, but Paul still controls ECW. Paul has some words for Eric. Paul asks Eric if he can understand ECW, but Eric is so wrong because ECW was not about garbage wrestling and violence. It was about the cruiserweight and Lucha libre style brought to this country by Rey Mysterio Junior. Rey was discovered by ECW, not by WWE, or WCW. ECW was about the submission style of people like Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, and the Human Suplex Machine, Taz. That was put on the air by ECW. ECW was about the entire audience believing in the wrestling and would all chant "RVD" for Rob Van Dam. Before Rob Van Dam was Mr. Monday Night in the WWE, he was in ECW. ECW was about wrapping up the rules in barbed wire and power bombing them through a flaming table. It was brought about by people like Tommy Dreamer, The Dudleys, Sandman, Mick Foley, and Sabu. It was a lifestyle. It was anti-establishment. It was counterculture, and it was up in your face. Paul invites Eric to come to enjoy the ECW experience. Paul stops and thanks the fans for the chants. Paul invites Eric to the ECW: One Night Stand pay per view.

Vince interrupts and says that while he supports ECW, he also supports Raw and Eric Bischoff. If Eric wants to bring a group of crusaders from Raw to the pay per view, he would love that. As much as he loves a big pot of money, he loves a fight. Paul says that this will not be the first time that a billion dollar corporation came after ECW. Paul calls it gang warfare and he will take it to the extreme. Eric says that isn't a problem. Paul says that Eric will have a problem because he will start a fire that he cannot put out. Paul sets the wreath on fire as we go to commercial.

We are back and there are some members of the Green Bay Packers in the front row. Speaking of football, it is time to take a look at The Longest Yard with comments from Steve Austin.

It is time for our next match and out first is Chris Benoit. Tajiri comes out with a kendo stick and he hits Benoit in the back as Benoit comes down the ramp. Benoit with a monkey flip on the ramp. Benoit gets the kendo stick, but Tajiri with the green mist to the eyes. Tajiri goes outside the ring and he looks under the apron and gets trash can lids and a few signs. Tajiri also throws trash cans into the ring. Benoit tosses Tajiri the kendo stick and Benoit chops Tajiri. Benoit wedges a trash can into the turnbuckle. Tajiri reverses an Irish whip and sends Benoit into the trash can. Benoit with the Hat Trick German suplex combo, but Tajiri blocks the third, but Benoit hits the third and then he puts Tajiri into the crossface. Tajiri reaches for the kendo stick and he hits Benoit with it. Benoit gets the kendo stick and puts it in Tajiri's mouth while still in the crossface. Tajiri taps. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Christian and Tyson Tomko working over Flair after their match, only to be saved by Batista.

We see Batista in the locker room and there is a knock on the door. Ric Flair enters. Flair says that he has wanted to say it to Batista all day, but has not been able to say it yet. Flair thanks Batista for last week. Flair says that Batista showed the people what type of man he is. Flair offers his hand to Batista and Batista shakes it. Flair wishes Batista good luck tonight against Edge.

We see Kane and Todd Grisham is with him. Todd wants to see how Kane is coping with the thought of losing his wife to another man . . . Edge. Kane starts to mumble something and then says that his whole life has been about pain. He was born into pain. He was born to bring pain. Kane says that pain has always been his best friend . . . his only friend. Now it is his worst enemy. Kane says that the pain hurts so much. Kane says that maybe he deserves it for all of the things that he has done. Kane says that he does not want this pain. He does not want to have pain. He wants to give pain. Kane says that he wants to be left alone. Kane continues to rock back and forth as we go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: Viscera serenades Lillian Garcia last week.

Kane is walking in the back and he is getting ready to leave the arena.

It is time for Maria to interview Viscera in the ring. We see Lillian at ringside as she watches Viscera come to the ring. Maria says that she has an "interior" motive for tonight. She talks about Lillian and Viscera from last week, and Maria wants Lillian to come into the ring. Maria says that she has a theory that Viscera likes Lillian. Maria wants to know if she is right. Viscera says that Maria is right. He says that he is feeling Lillian Garcia, but he does not know about Lillian because Lillian was a no show at his hotel room. Viscera brings down the lights in the arena and he asks for the music. It is time for Viscera to sing to Lillian, but first he wants Maria to get Viscera a hot dog. Viscera says that it is about time to show Lillian what she is missing. Now it is time on Raw when we dance. Viscera takes off his jacket along with his tie. Viscera takes off his pants and shakes it for Lillian. From out of nowhere, Jonathan Coachman comes out and wants Viscera to stop this. Coach tells Viscera the last thing that Eric Bischoff needs to deal with is a sexual harassment suit. He tells Viscera to get out of the ring. Coach tells Viscera that while in Green Bay, he might be considered thin, he is nothing but a big joke and a big embarrassment. Coach says that Eric is telling Viscera to leave, so it is time for Viscera "to step". Coach is about to talk to Lillian, but Viscera grabs Coach by the throat and he gives Coach an open hand slap to the chest. Viscera with an airplane spin and Samoan Drop. Viscera then rides Coach in the ring. Viscera pulls Lillian close and he kisses Lillian.

We see Batista walking on the left hand side of the screen while Edge and Lita are walking on the right hand side of the screen and we go to commercial.

WeWe are back I think you know that it is the main event as Edge (with physical and emotional baggage and Lita) come to the ring. Out next is the World Champion, Batista (with Batista Boogie). Batista backs Edge into the corner and Batista with a clean break, but Edge with punches to Batista. Batista with a shoulder tackle followed by a punch to Edge. Batista with a hard Irish whip. Edge goes to the apron, but Batista sends Edge into the turnbuckle and then knocks Edge off the apron onto the ringside barrier. From out of nowhere, Christian and Tyson Tomko come down the ramp as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista is punching Edge in the corner, but Christian drops Batista on the top rope when Lita distracts the ref. Edge kicks Batista's arm and then throws Batista into the ring post. Batista goes to the floor and Edge comes out and kicks Batista. Edge slams Batista's head into the ring steps and then punches Batista in the back. Batista punches Edge, but Edge with a rake of the eyes and a big boot. Edge with a body scissors. Batista powers out of the body scissors and he punches Edge. Christian gets on the apron and distracts the ref, allowing Edge to hit a thumb to Batista's eye. Edge with a spinning heel kick to Batista. Edge with a reverse chin lock and he turns it into a sleeper. Batista gets up and connects with elbows to Edge, but Edge with a drop kick. Edge goes up top, but Batista punches Edge and crotches him on the top turnbuckle. Batista goes up top and hits a superplex on Edge and both men are down. Edge with forearms, but Batista responds with punches. Batista with an Irish whip and a running clothesline in the corner. Edge with a flying forearm, but Batista ducks and the ref goes down. Batista with a power slam to Edge followed by the set up for the Sit Out BatistaBomb. Tomko with a big boot to Batista. Christian and Tomko attack Batista. From out of nowhere, Flair comes out and he takes care of Christian and Tomko. Edge with a Spear to Edge. Batista with a clothesline to Edge followed by a spinebuster to Tomko and Christian. Batista clotheslines Tomko and Christian over the top rope to the floor. Edge with a SPEAR to Batista, but Batista kicks out at two. Edge gets the briefcase while Lita distracts the ref. Batista with a spinebuster and he shakes the ropes. Batista with a Sit Out BatistaBomb for the three count. After the match, Batista goes over to Ric Flair in the corner and they hug. From out of nowhere, it is GameTime as Triple H has returned with the GameHammer. Flair is on his knees behind Batista and he gives Batista a low blow. Hunter walks to the ring and hits Batista in the head with the GameHammer. Hunter punches a bloody Batista outside the ring and then he Irish whips Batista into the ring steps. Hunter slams Batista's head into the ring steps and the ring bell. Hunter hits Batista in the head with the GameHammer one more time. Flair holds Batista while Hunter slaps him. Hunter gets a mic and he asks Batista if he wants to fight him now. Hunter wants a Hell in a Cell match. Batista tries to get up, but Hunter gives Batista a Pedigree on the belt. We go to credits.

2007 - Jill Jarrett, wife of TNA's Jeff Jarrett, has passed away following a long battle with cancer. She had been an important piece of the birth and early growth of TNA, including overseeing the upgrades made to the TNA Asylum in Nashville, TN.

2008 - Memphis wrestling promoter Corey Maclin's lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE was dismissed by United States District Judge Bernice B. Donald as the two sides came to an out of court settlement that was never publicly disclosed.

Maclin filed the lawsuit January 2008, stemming from WWE's decision to pull Jerry Lawler from an event that Maclin had booked in Memphis for April 2007, headlined by Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan.

At the time, Lawler claimed during a press conference that he had to pull out due to his WWE announcer's contract not allowing him to work the match since footage would be shot for Hogan's VH-1 reality show. Of course, at that time Hogan and McMahon were not on good terms due to a falling out before WrestleMania 23 in Detroit over Hogan's worth to the show.

BBig Show took Lawler's place as he was in between WWE runs at the time. Hogan won the bout, which drew in the area of 4,000 fans. As it turned out, the Memphis footage was never used on "Hogan Knows Best."

Maclin claimed in his filing that World Wrestling Entertainment had violated section two of the federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act and that McMahon used his influence with other wrestlers to keep them from working for Maclin, due to his feelings toward Hogan.

2009 - WWE ran West Valley, Utah. John Shepherd filed the following live report:

Just got back from the E Center of West Valley in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. There appeared to be about 7000-8000 people in the building and with the exception of two matches, were live all night. Quick results:

Goldust defeated Chavo Guerrero. Goldust looks like he's dropped a lot of weight since the last time I saw him. Finish came when Chavo was going for a frog splash and Hornswoggle came out from under the ring and distracted him. Goldust hit a spinning vertical suplex for the pin. Post match, Dust helps Chavo up, DDTs him, and we get to see a tadpole splash.

The Miz beat Santino Marella. Miz started with his promo about being the best in the locker room. Santino came out, playing to the crowd and then acting shy. He then got on the mic and said that "Whootah" knew that Miz would get beat, that he told his sister that he would win, and that he was training with the Glamazon with weights and learning kung fu. Comedy match that saw Miz win with the DDT he used at Judgment Day (the Sheik Abdul Bashir WMDDT).

Sheamus beat The Brian Kendrick. Kendrick comes out and makes all the Utah jokes in the book, checking the polygamists of Salt Lake City, making other local religious comments, and saying that there is a young kid in the back that is not going to make a name at his expense. Sheamus needs to find a tanning booth badly, he was green in the ring and pale white. Crowd didn't know what to do here, not knowing who Sheamus was. Kendrick spent the match working the arm and had a number of near falls. Kendrick ended up getting caught in a uranage variation by Sheamus.

Carlito & Primo beat DiBiase & Rhodes (announced as Legacy rather than Priceless). This seemed to follow the old school tag match feel, Carlito playing the Ricky Morton role, Primo as Robert Gibson. Finish was DiBiase grabbing a chair, distracting the ref, Primo moving out of the way of a charging Rhodes and pinned him with a rollup.

Beth Phoenix & Maryse beat The Bellas. Mot much to it, and the crowd was not into it at all. Bellas threw a number of dropkicks as their primary move, Phoenix showed her power, and Maryse wins with her DDT.

MVP pinned William Regal in a three way with Kofi Kingston. Typical 3 way, brief moments of MVP-Kofi double team moves, breaking up each others pins. They all got their big spots in, with the Kofi spinning kick, Regal with the exploder suplex, and MVP pinning Regal with the Playmaker after Regal missed the running knee to the temple.

Batista & John Cena beat Randy Orton and Big Show. I guess this is the OVW Class of 2001-02 reunion with Orton, Leviathan, and Prototype. Orton came out and got in the face of a few fans and trashed a fan's sign. Batista got the biggest pop of the night, and Cena was close behind. Orton actually showed some charisma tonight, shushing the crowd, and when Show tagged him, he cringed and favored his hand. The end came when Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Show, lifting him with no trouble.

2010 - WWE presented the first-ever Over the Limit PPV. Buck Woodward filed the following PPV report:

The PPV opened with a funny video about society "setting limits" with stock footage of old speed limit signs, which switched into a package highlighting the top matches on the show, noting the participants would go "over the limit" to win. The announcers welcomed us to the show, and the entranceway includes two sports cars on the stage.

Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston.

Kofi went right at McIntyre at the bell, hitting some punches. Drew shoved him back, but Kofi hit some kicks to the leg and a dropkick. McIntyre went to the floor, and Kofi hit him with a tope. McIntyre got the better of the fight on the floor, but back in the ring Kofi hit a splash in the corner and a clothesline. McIntyre rolled to the floor again, but Kofi got to the apron and pulled Drew up with him. McIntyre shoved Drew back first into the ringpost, and he fell to the floor. McIntyre rammed Kofi into the ring apron, and tossed him into the ring. Drew beat down Kofi in a corner, then hit a knee to the midsection and a gutbuster for a two count.

McIntyre put Kofi in a seated abdominal stretch, while the fans chanted for Kofi. Kingston powered up and hiptossed out, then hit some shots to the body. McIntyre reversed a whip, and when Kofi went for a leapfrog in a corner, Drew kicked him in the gut. Drew stomped Kingston in the back of the head, then went to the second rope and dove off, but Kofi hit an upkick to the face. Kofi hit some forearms to Drew's face, then a series of chops and a dropkick. Kofi straddled McIntyre in the corner and hit some punches, then flipped out and elbowed him. McIntyre pushed Kofi away, then tossed him into the ropes. Kofi slipped while landing on the ropes, but pulled himself up on them and back kicked McIntyre. Kofi hit a top rope bodypress, but Drew rolled through it, lifted Kingston and hit a gutbuster for a two count.

Kofi reversed a throw and sent McIntyre shoulder first into the ringpost. Kofi kicked McIntyre into the corner so he was laid across the bottom rope, then gave him the Boom Drop legdrop. Kofi pulled Drew out and got a two count. Kofi called for the Trouble In Paradise Kick, but Drew ducked it. Drew went for his double arm DDT, but Kofi turned it into the SOS (legsweep cradle) for the clean pin at the seven minute mark.

Winner and new Intercontinental Champion: Kofi Kingston.

Kingston left with the belt, and McIntyre grabbed a microphone at ringside and started calling for Teddy Long. McIntyre got in the ring and said the PPV was going to stop until Long comes out and reverses the decision. Instead, out came Matt Hardy, in street clothes. Hardy stood in the ring and stared at Drew. McIntyre charged Hardy, but Hardy laid him out with a Twist Of Fate. Hardy left, and McIntyre was holding his head and glaring at Hardy.

Backstage, CM Punk did an interview into a mirror, asking who would "save" the drunk fans in Detroit, who would leave with his purity intact, etc. Luke Gallows and Serena answered every question with "CM Punk." Punk said Rey Mysterio would be joining them tonight. Gallows wasn't happy about it, but Punk assured him it was for the best. Gallows and Serena hugged him, while Punk looked in the mirror and stroked his hair.

The angle on Raw where Ted DiBiase offered R-Truth the "Virgil" job, and Truth slapped him, was shown.

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase.

DiBiase was accompanied by Virgil. Matt Striker said that he was paying Virgil a contract three times as big as the one his father gave him. Cole said DiBiase got his trust fund early because he made it to a Wrestlemania match. Otherwise, he would have had to wait until he was 30. Truth and DiBiase traded armbars. I think there were chants for Virgil. DiBiase grabbed R-Truth in a waistlock, but Truth grabbed an armbar and flipped him to the mat. A frustrated DiBiase slapped Truth, and Truth responded with a slap and a flurry of punches. Truth leapfrogged DiBiase, ducked under a shot, and hit a side kick. Truth then knocked DiBiase to the floor.

Virgil went to check on DiBiase, and got in a staredown with Truth. Truth avoided a DiBiase attack and threw him back in the ring. Truth got in the ring, but Virgil distracted him and DiBiase hit a neckbreaker. DiBiase hit some punches, then tossed Truth to the floor. DiBiase rammed Truth into a security wall, then tossed Truth back in the ring and hit a flapjack for a two count. DiBiase stomped Truth down in a corner, but Truth came back with right hands, only to be clipped by a DiBiase clothesline. DiBiase put Truth in a chinlock. Truth started to fight up, and DiBiase hit a back suplex. DiBiase went to the second rope, but jumped into a Truth punch to the midsection. Truth hit a forearm in the corner, then put DiBiase up on the top rope for a superplex.

Truth and DiBiase fought for position, and DiBiase knocked Truth to the mat. Truth responded by crotching DiBiase on the top rope. Truth hit a pair of clotheslines, then a hiptoss. Truth hit a Flatliner for a two count. Truth missed an ax kick, and DiBiase slammed Truth with an Electric Chair for a two count. Truth ducked a DiBiase punch, and they fell to the mat as Truth looked to be going for a single leg crab, but DiBiase grabbed the ropes. Truth gave DiBiase a vertical suplex into a stunner for a two count. Truth hit the Lie Detector corkscrew forearm for the clean pin at the eight minute mark.

Winner: R-Truth.

Backstage, Theodore R. Long was talking with someone on the phone, when Drew McIntyre burst in and demanded that the result of his match be changed. Long said he couldn't do that. McIntyre demanded he change the result, and fire Matt Hardy. Long said he wouldn't. Drew started to rip up Long's office. When he got to the picture of Martin Luther King Jr., Long told him to stop, and begged him not to damage it. Drew said he wouldn't, because King was a revolutionary, and that he (McIntyre) was a lot like King. McIntyre walked off, as Long glared at him.

The events leading to Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk were shown.

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk. If Mysterio wins, Punk will have his head shaved. It Punk wins, Mysterio must join the Straight Edge Society.

There was a barber's chair set up at ringside. Punk entered the ring alone, and the announcers said that all others were banned from ringside by Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long, so Gallows and Serena would not be able to interfere. Punk kept gesturing that Rey would pledge to SES as Mysterio entered. At the bell, Mysterio mocked the pledge, and Punk kicked him and stomped him down in a corner. Rey got up and returned fire with punches, but Punk got behind Rey and kneed him in the back. Rey kicked away a backdrop attempt, but Punk caught a second and sent Rey over the top rope and to the floor. Punk went for a pescado, but Mysterio moved out of the way. Rey got in the ring, then slid out and took Punk down with a headscissors. Rey kicked Punk in the arm, then punched him against the barber's chair.

Rey tossed Punk in the ring and used a headscissors to put Punk in 619 position. Punk jumped up and kicked Rey in the gut. Punk then tossed Rey out of the ring, sending him head first into the barber's chair. Punk apparently had a cut on his head, and the referee grabbed a towel and held it on his head. Rey stayed on the floor, selling the toss into the chair. Punk looked visibly annoyed as the referee, then a trainer, worked on his head wound, which was bleeding pretty freely. Rey sold his arm on the floor, and got onto the apron. A replay showed that Punk busted his head on the security wall on the floor after Rey's earlier headscissors.

The fans started to chant "boring" over the cut being worked on. Punk jumped up and hit Rey with a baseball slide kick, knocking him back to the floor. Punk threw Rey into the security wall twice, then hit a vertical suplex. Punk gave Rey a slingshot senton splash in the ring, then put him in a headscissors. Rey broke out of it and hit some kicks to the legs and stomach. Rey grabbed a sunset flip for a two count, but then Punk hit him with a clothesline for two. Punk hit a series of forearms to Rey's back, while reciting the SES pledge. Punk hit Rey with some knees to the gut, but then Rey caught him with a kick. Rey hit a sunset flip powerbomb (Code Red/Canadian Destroyer) for a two count.

Punk and Rey traded kicks and punches, with the crowd getting into it. Punk missed a clothesline and Rey hit a springboard bodypress for a two count. Rey kneed Punk in the head, then hit a springboard senton. Rey rolled up Punk with a second senton for a two count. Rey kicked Punk, but Punk tossed Rey into the top turnbuckle with a Hot Shot. Punk hit a jumping knee in the corner, but Rey threw away a bulldog attempt and set up Punk for a 619. Punk stood up, grabbed Rey and hit a double underhook into a backbreaker for a two count. Punk went for a GTS, but Rey elbowed out of it and went to counter into a rana. However, Punk held onto the rana, hoisted Rey up and powerbombed him into a corner.

Punk hit a second rope bulldog for a two count. Punk pounded Rey with punches, then hit a series of forearms and kicks. Punk got a two count after a kick to the head. Punk ran into a Mysterio elbow. Mysterio went for a springboard moonsault, but Punk caught it and went for a GTS. Rey armdragged out of it, and sent Punk into the ropes. Rey hit the 619. Rey went for a springboard splash, but Punk sat up and Rey crashed on the mat. Punk laid across Rey for a cover, but Rey cradled Punk with a crucifix and got the pin at the 14 minute mark.

Winner: Rey Mysterio.

Punk, who was once again bleeding from the head, was stunned. The masked man ran in and attacked Rey. Luke Gallows and Serena came down, brandishing handcuffs. They were beating down Mysterio, when Kane ran out and cleaned house. Kane chokeslammed Punk, and then brawled with Gallows up the aisle. Rey handcuffed Punk to the ropes and gave him another 619. Rey grabbed the clippers and kicked Punk a few times before starting to shave his head. Punk, bleeding, kept struggling, while Rey alternated between hitting him and shaving his head. Punk started begging Rey to stop, and Rey used his legs to hold Punk while shaving it off. Rey got a good amount of the hair off, and stood at ringside, holding up two handfuls of it. Rey went looking under the ring for something, then just left. Serena covered Punk's head with a towel. Rey came back out with a mirror, pulled the towel away, and showed Punk how he looked with his new haircut.

The announcers explained that the next PPV, Fatal Four Way, would feature WWE and World Title matches with Fatal Four Way rules, and wrestlers would have to qualify for those bouts.

Chris Jericho approached Big Show, and sarcastically thanked him, saying that because of his actions, he and Miz are now a team, and they "trimmed the fat". Jericho said they would win the tag titles tonight, and Show would have nothing. Show made fun of Jericho for being knocked out, and Miz for losing the U.S. Title to Bret Hart. Miz approached Show from behind. Show warned Miz, without turning around, that he would knock him out, then knock out Jericho, wake him up, then knock him out again. Miz and Jericho slowly backed away.

Unified Tag Team Champions The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz.

As the Miz made his entrance, they reviewed Bret Hart defeating The Miz last week on Raw. Tyson Kidd and Miz started off, with Miz taking Kidd down and stomping him. Miz went for a slam, but Kidd floated over it, grabbed a snapmare and delivered a series of kicks. Smith tagged in and hit a delayed vertical suplex on Miz for a two count. Smith kicked Miz to the floor, then backdropped Jericho out when he ran in. Smith picked up Kidd and threw him onto Miz and Jericho on the floor. Kidd rolled Miz back into the ring for a two count, then put him in a front facelock. Miz pushed Kidd into his corner and tagged Jericho, who stomped Kidd. There was a loud "Y2J" chant. Kidd was backdropped, but landed on his feet, and hit Jericho with a spinkick. Smith tagged in for a double team legdrop and got a two count.

Jericho booted a charging Smith and hit a second rope dropkick. Jericho hit a baseball slide kick, sending Smith to the floor. Miz hit a kick while the referee wasn't working. Jericho gave Smith a back suplex for a two count. Jericho charged Smith, but Smith hit a side slam for a two count. Miz tagged in and stopped Smith from tagging out, pounding him with elbows and punches to the head. Miz kicked Smith in the head for a two count. Miz put Smith in a chinlock, but Smith broke out and hit an Electric Chair. Both men crawled and made tags. Kidd hit Jericho with a back elbow and a pair of dropkicks, then hit a spinkick and a dropkick to the head.

Kidd kicked Miz off the apron, then gave Jericho a slingshot rollup for a two count. Kidd went for a rana, but Jericho blocked it and applied the Walls Of Jericho. Kidd crawled to the ropes for the break. Kidd kicked Jericho from the apron, then went for a springboard, but Jericho caught him with a Codebreaker. Jericho crawled onto Kidd, but only got a two count. Jericho argued with the referee over the count. Kidd hit Jericho with an upkick as Jericho stood over him and slapped him. Kidd tagged in Smith, who clotheslined Jericho and Miz. Smith knocked Miz out of the ring, then gave Jericho a belly to belly suplex. Smith ran into a Jericho elbow, but Jericho then ran into a Smith powerslam for a two count. Smith lifted Jericho, but Jericho floated over him and shoved Smith into the ropes. Miz tripped up Smith and Jericho rolled him up for a two count.

Miz argued with the referee, while Natalya tripped Jericho. Smith powerslammed Jericho, but Jericho kicked out at two. Smith sent Jericho into the ropes, but he made a blind tag to Miz. Smith kicked Jericho out of the ring, but Miz grabbed Smith with a backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for two. Miz went for a Sharpshooter, but Smith rolled him up for a two count. Miz knocked Smith into a corner and went for his through the ropes clothesline, but Smith caught him in a bearhug. Kidd tagged in, and hit a Hart Attack clothesline on Miz for the pin at the ten minute mark.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty.

The events leading to Randy Orton vs. Edge were shown.

Randy Orton vs. Edge.

They circled each other at the bell, then Orton grabbed a headlock. Edge threw him into the ropes, and Orton knocked him down with a shoulderblock. They locked up again, and Edge hit a knee to the gut and punched Orton in a corner. Orton reversed a whip and hit a clothesline, then stomped Edge. Randy hit a kneedrop, then pounded Edge while pulling him against the ropes. Randy gave Edge a catapult into the bottom rope. Randy kicked Edge in the gut, and Edge rolled to the floor. Orton followed him and Edge grabbed Orton's trunks and yanked him into the security wall. Edge dropped Orton ribs first on the security wall, then rolled into the ring to break up the referee's count.

Edge went back to the floor for Orton, and tossed him into the ring for a cover and a two count. Edge stomped Orton's midsection, but Orton kicked him in the gut to mount a brief comeback before Edge hit a knee to the cut and put Orton in a bodyscissors. Edge added a chinlock at one point. Orton tried to elbow out, but Edge kept the pressure on. Orton eventually elbowed out, but Edge kicked him in the gut and dropped him across the top rope. Edge went to climb the ropes, but Orton stopped him and set up for a superplex. They battled on the ropes, with Edge headbutting him into the ring. Orton then crotched Edge on the top rope. Orton got back on the ropes and hit the superplex.

Both men were slow to get up. They exchanged punches, then Orton hit some clotheslines and a powerslam for a two count. Edge reversed a whip and hit a boot to the face. Orton crawled to the ring apron, and Edge tried to knock him off it, but Orton kicked him. Orton grabbed Edge's head, switched positions with him, and hit Edge with the elevated DDT. Edge got his foot on the ropes to break up the count, then rolled to the floor. Orton picked Edge up to the apron, but Edge dropped to the floor and yanked Orton throat first across the top rope.

Edge got in the ring and measured for a spear. Edge ran right into an Orton kick. Orton then measured Edge for an RKO, but was suddenly favoring his right arm. Earlier he had been favoring the left one as part of the match. The referee actually put up an "X" for a moment. Orton weakly kicked Edge to the floor. I think Orton may have hurt his arm while he was slapping the mat in in his usual pre-RKO gesturing. Slowly, Orton came out after Edge, holding his arm. Edge shoved Orton, then went for a spear, but Orton moved and Edge ran into the security wall. Both men were counted out at the 13-minute mark.

Result: Double countout.

A group of referees held Edge back, while Orton walked out favoring the arm. Looks like they called an audible after Orton got hurt, and did a quick finish with the double countout.

The events leading to Jack Swagger vs. Big Show was shown.

World Champion Jack Swagger vs. Big Show.

Swagger tried to to grab a single leg and a waistlock, but Show just shrugged him off. Swagger went to the floor to regroup, and Big Show mocked him by doing pushups. Back in the ring, Show put Swagger in a corner and chopped him. Show then stood on Swagger, then choked him against the middle rope. Show teased a chokeslam and Swagger rolled to the floor. Show went to pull Swagger back in the ring, but Swagger yanked Show throat first against the top rope. Swagger got back in and ducked a clothesline, then gave Show a chopblock to the leg. Swagger followed with a shoulderblock to Show as he was on his knees. Swagger then hit a pair of reverse splashed off the middle rope. Swagger covered, but Show tossed Swagger off him, and out of the ring.

Swagger got back in and put Show in a front facelock. Show stood up and threw Swagger to the mat. Show hit two clotheslines, then hit a reverse avalanche in the corner and a shoulderblock. Show called for a chokeslam. Swagger kicked Show's leg to stop it, and Show shoved Swagger over the top rope and to the floor. Swagger grabbed the World Title belt, ran in the ring and hit Show with it. The referee called for the bell at the six minute mark.

Winner via disqualification: Big Show.

Swagger hit Show again with the title belt, but Show slowly got up. Swagger got a chair and hit Show across the back with it, knocking him back down. Show started to get up, and Swagger hit him again. Show got up and as Swagger approached him, Show grabbed him and hit a chokeslam. Show then bent the chair across Swagger's back. Show chokeslammed Swagger onto the chair. Show then picked up Swagger and hit him with a knockout punch. Swagger was helped out by referees.

The announcers reviewed Batista's recent assaults on Mark Henry. Josh Mathews interviewed Batista, who said Cena quit last week after Raw went off the air. Batista promised to make him quit again tonight.

Divas Champion Eve vs. Maryse.

They went face-to-face at the bell, then Maryse kicked Eve's knee and threw her shoulder first into the ringpost. Maryse kicked Eve in the stomach and threw her face first into the mat by her hair for a one count. Maryse tripped Eve to the mat and stepped on her back, then put her in a chinlock. Eve fought up in it, but Maryse knocked her back down. Maryse pulled Eve's hair, stretching her against the ropes, then kneed her to the floor. Maryse went outside and tried to kick Eve, but Eve moved and Maryse kicked the ringpost.

Eve rolled Maryse into the ring and hit a clothesline, then a pair of dropkicks. Maryse responded with a slap, but Eve kneed her in the gut and threw her to the mat. Eve hit a standing moonsault for a two count, then did a sunset flip for two before Maryse kicked Eve in the face and got a two count. Maryse yelled at the referee to do his "freakin' job" before punching Eve. Eve hit some punches, then a faceplant for a two count. Eve kicked Maryse in the face, then went for a somersault senton, but Maryse got her knees up. Maryse went for the French Kiss DDT, but Eve blocked it and hit a reverse headdriver, followed by rolling Maryse into a pinning position for the win at the five minute mark.

Winner: Eve.

The events leading to the main event were shown.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Batista in an I Quit match.

Batista got on the mic after the bell rang and said that he made Cena quit last week. He told Cena he could say "I Quit" now, before he "put his ass in a world of pain." The referee asked Cena if he wanted to quit, on the mic. Cena said "You made your point... I ... I don't think so" and hit Batista with the mic. Batista fell to the floor. Cena went outside and tried to hit Batista with a chair, but Batista moved and Cena hit the ringpost. They got back in the ring, and Batista whipped Cena hard into a corner. Batista pounded Cena, hit a snap mare, then kicked him in the head. Batista almost went for a cover, but stopped himself. Batista rammed Cena into the turnbuckles and punched his kidneys. There were "Cena Sucks" and "Let's Go Cena" chants.

Cena tried to mount a comeback, but Batista hit a back elbow, then threw Cena shoulder first into the ringpost. Cena refused to quit. Batista knocked Cena off the ring apron to the floor. Batista threw him into the security wall, then back into the ring and stomped him. Batista hit a vertical suplex. Cena mounted a comeback, hitting two shoulderblocks and a back suplex into a powerbomb. Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle and hit the fistdrop. Cena went for an Attitude Adjustment, but Batista grabbed the ropes to block it. Cena went to charge Batista, but he pulled the referee in front of him and Cena put on the breaks. Batista kicked Cena's knee, then hit a spear.

Batista locked on his new submission hold, the double armbar. Cena refused to quit, then powered out of it and quickly put Batista in an STF. Batista reached the ropes, but there are no breaks. Batista refused to quit, and apparently he passed out. Cena released the hold, and Batista was not responding to the referee. Cena went to ringside and got a bottle of water and threw it at Batista, waking him up. Batista refused to quit. Cena approached Batista, and Batista scooped him up and hit a spinebuster. Batista then hit a Batista Bomb. Cena refused to quit.

Batista cleared off the announce tables. Batista took Cena outside the ring and they got up on one table. They teased a Batista Bomb, then Cena teased an Attitude Adjustment, then Batista scooped up Cena and powerslammed him off one announce table and through another. Cena's head was busted open. Cena refused to quit, while a trainer tended to his cut. Batista then stood over Cena while the trainer fixed his cut. Batista told the trainer "Come back later, he's going to need it."

Batista then took Cena into the crowd, and they fought into the upper deck of the arena. Batista grabbed the mic and told Cena to quit before he tossed him over the rail. Cena refused to quit, and Batista set up to give Cena a Batista Bomb over the railing. Cena fought out of it, put Batista on the other side of the rail, and knocked Batista off. It wasn't a far drop, and he landed on a group of security men. Batista refused to quit. They fought their way to the rampway, and Cena stomped Batista. Batista grabbed a chair and hit Cena in the ribs with it, then across the back twice. Batista hit Cena in the rinbs again, then five times across the back. They were on the stage, and Cena refused to quit. Batista hit him again with the chair, then got in one of the cars on the set. Apparently the keys were in it, and Batista put the car in reverse and tried to hit Cena. Cena had crawled away, but the camera shot didn't make it known to the viewer. Batista backed the car into the entrance way, knocking out some lights.

Cena popped up and attacked Batista, ramming him into the car repeatedly. Cena gave Batista an Attitude Adjustment onto the hood of the car. Batista refused to quit. Cena took the mic and said "I was really hoping you would say that" and yanked Batista onto the roof of the car. Cena lifted Batista for an Attitude Adjustment off the roof, and Batista quit, ending the match at the 21-minute mark.

WinWinner: John Cena.

John Cena stood on the roof of the car, holding Batista, then flung him off with the Attitude Adjustment anyway, sending Batista crashing through the stage. Cena headed back to the ring to celebrate, while trainers climbed down the hole in the stage to check on Batista. Cena celebrated in the ring, then headed back to the stage. As he was waving farewell to the fans, Sheamus ran out and hit Cena with a pump kick. Sheamus stood over Cena to end the show.

2011 - WWE broadcast Raw. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live from Portland, Oregon and your announcers are Josh ‘Not Quite Over the Limit’ Mathews and Jerry ‘I had to disinfect my foot for fifteen hours after Cole kissed my foot last night’ Lawler.

Jerry Lawler makes his way to the ring and he says that he doesn’t want to take too much time but he wants to say that finally the long national nightmare is over and Michael Cole has been beaten. Jerry says that he knew that Cole would have a plan to weasel out of kissing his foot so he had an ace up his sleeve. He says that he had a Hart up his sleeve.

Jerry brings out Bret Hart. Bret says hello to the people of Portland. He says that it always makes him happy to be back on Raw. He says that over the years Jerry and him have had their differences but when they fought, he always respected Lawler for the type of competitor he was. Hart says that he has zero respect for Michael Cole. He says that it was his pleasure to make sure that Cole suffered the agony of ‘De-Feet’.

R Truth interrupts Bret and he tells people not to boo him because it is Hitman Hart. Truth says that it is an honor. He says that he cannot believe his eyes. He asks Bret how many times he has been champion. Truth tells Bret not to listen to the fans because they don’t have any sense or home training. Truth wants Bret to guess how many title matches he has been in and Truth answers for him. That number is zero. Truth says that is because Truth didn’t care about the Little Jimmys like Bret did. Maybe it is because Truth never gave them anything. Truth wants Bret to help him help himself. Truth takes Bret’s sunglasses and he wants to perform a little experiment and he looks for a Little Jimmy. Truth says that he is good Truth now as he puts the glasses on Little Jimmy. Truth says that should mean that he is next in line for a WWE Title shot.

Truth says that he isn’t next in line. Truth says that he used to think that wins and losses didn’t matter as long as you gave the people what they wanted. That hasn’t meant diddly squat. He took care of Morrison and Rey. That means that he thinks that actions speak louder than words. Truth suggests that maybe he take care of a Hall of Famer to get a shot.

Bret tells Truth to take a shot at him, but he got his title matches because he was the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. Bret calls Truth a lunatic and says that is why he hasn’t gotten a title match.

John Cena’s music plays and he comes out to the ring. He tells Truth to hold on and asks him to come back to the ring. Cena tells Truth that it is time that they have a little talk. Cena says that he is a little bit beaten up but he is glad to see Bret Hart back in a WWE ring.

Bret congratulates Cena on his win last night.

Cena says that he has had his hands full with the Miz and he wants to know where Truth went crazy. Cena says that he wants to know what’s up. Cena says that they used to be cool with each other and Truth starts rhyming and says that Cena doesn’t know anything about him.

Truth says that the conspiracy that he has been talking about is about John Cena. The people make sure that it is all about John Cena.

Cena says that he makes sure that it is all about these people.

Truth wants to know why people want the new John Cena merchandise. Truth says that he wants his son back.

Truth tells Cena that the truth is that he never liked Cena. Cena and Hart are the same. They are a propaganda tool to make everyone feel good. Truth says that he doesn’t care about the people or how they feel. Truth says that it is all about him. He says that he won’t feel right until he gets his title match.

Cena wants to knock some sense into him but we get a dingy dingy sound.

Josh reads the e-mail and says that he needs to see more from Truth before giving him a WWE title match. He will look close at the tag team main event. R Truth and CM Punk versus Rey Mysterio and John Cena. The guest referee will be Bret Hart.

We go to commercial.

Big Show and Kane are in the parking lot and they are talking about Nexus. Ricardo Rodriguez yells at Show who is sitting on Alberto’s car. Show pushes Rodriguez and then Alberto comes by and yells at Show and Kane in Spanish. Show and Kane walk away.

We go to commercial while Alberto remains incredulous en espanol.

We are back and Punk and Mason Ryan join Josh and Jerry at the announce table.

Match Number One: Big Show and Kane versus Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga in a WWE Tag Title Match

Kane and Otunga start things off and Kane with uppercuts. Kane with a snap mare and Otunga goes to the floor. Otunga misses an elbow drop when Kane returns to the ring. Kane with an uppercut to Otunga and then he sends Otunga into the apron. They return to the ring and Kane works on the arm. Show tags in and he chops Otunga. Show misses another chop and McGillicutty is tagged in. Show backs Michael into the corner and he chops Michael.

Show with another chop to McGillicutty. Show with a savate kick to Michael and he clotheslines him over the top rope. Ryan checks on Michael and we go to commercial.

We are back and Otunga kicks Kane as he re-enters the match. Michael punches Kane in the head. Otunga chokes Kane in the ropes and then he drops Kane on the rope. Michael tags in and he tries to snap mare Kane but he turns it into a cravate. Michael with a drop kick to the knee and then he punches Kane as he tags Otunga back into the match.

Otunga gets a near fall and then he puts Kane in a reverse chin lock. Kane with a big boot to Otunga and both men are down. Michael and Show tag in and Show with a clothesline or two. Show with an Irish whip followed by a running butt splash into the corner followed by a running shoulder. Ryan tries to interfere but Kane takes care of Ryan. Punk kicks Show in the back of the head while Show has Michael and Otunga by the throat and they hit a DDT to get the three count.

Winners: David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see the poster for Capitol Punishment with John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and Barack Obama.

We go to a Wal-Mart DVD signing with Randy Orton in St. Louis.

In case you missed the first half hour, we take a look back at the crowning of new tag team champions.

Scott Stanford is with the former tag team champions. Show punches the scenery and he says that they were robbed. Alberto Del Rio stops by and he slaps Show and runs away. We see the car run over Big Show’s leg. Show holds his leg while Kane yells for medical help for Show. Show tries to get up but he falls down as soon as he tries to walk away.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Big Show is still down. Meanwhile, CSI: Portland is not on the scene to check out the car. They try to get Show onto a stretcher and he falls down again. Show says that he is okay and wants some space. Show says that he is fine once he gets on his feet. Show says that he is not going to sit on a stretcher.

Match Number Two: Jack Swagger versus Evan Bourne

Swagger runs Bourne into the corner and then he misses a punch and hits a rana. Bourne runs into a boot from Swagger. Swagger with forearms to the back followed by an elbow drop. Swagger with a belly-to-belly suplex and he gets a near fall. Swagger with a key lock and he picks Bourne up. Bourne with a kick to the head but Swagger tries for the Swagger Bomb but Bourne moves out of the way. Bourne with kicks but Swagger with a kick. Swagger blocks a kick and tries for an ankle lock but Bourne gets free and he gets a rollup. Swagger blocks a rana and then he hits a Doctor Bomb for the three count.

Winner: Jack Swagger

After the match, Swagger does his victory lap but Evan Bourne with a kick to Swagger and Bourne runs out of the ring and to the back.

Michael Cole is walking in the back and he looks dejected while everyone laughs at him. He walks by the Divas and he offers his hand to Eve Torres but Eve gives him her foot.

Cole walks away and we go to commercial.

We are back and Josh and Jerry are waiting for Michael Cole to make his way into the arena and Lawler with a number of ‘foot’ jokes. Josh talks about how Fast Five has made more than $500 million worldwide.

Justin Roberts introduces Michael Cole who makes the walk of shame to the ringside area.

Cole says that he doesn’t deserve the fan’s attention. He says that this isn’t about him anymore. He says it never should have been about him. Cole says that he wants to put this all behind him and Jerry. He wants to apologize to Lawler, Josh, Justin Roberts, the timekeeper, and everyone in Portland.

Cole says that he wants to apologize to everyone watching at home for his reprehensible behavior over the last few months. Cole says that he wants to come home to broadcast Raw like he has done for years. He says no more ‘Cole Mines’ and no more matches.

Cole wants everyone to accept his apology. Cole says that he really really really means it.

Lawler stands up and he tells Cole that it all sounds really good to him. Jerry thanks Michael for coming out and apologizing and being professional. Lawler also thanks Cole for providing him with the picture for his Christmas card this year. Lawler has some Altoids for Cole and Cole says that he deserves that. Cole wants to know if he can come back.

Miz’s music plays and he comes out with the man who couldn’t even help him beat John Cena last night to become a two time WWE Champion.

Miz says that there is only one reason why he didn’t win the WWE Championship last night. That reason is Alex Riley. He says that isn’t a one time phenomenon. He didn’t show up at Extreme Rules to help him with the Steel Cage Match. Then Miz won the title back the next night and we see Riley force the referee to reverse the decision. Then last night at Over the Limit, the plan was working to perfection until Riley screwed it up again and the referee restarted the match and Riley got thrown through the announce table.

Miz asks the anonymous GM for another chance to have a one-on-one title match with Alex Riley banned from ringside. Miz says that he will await the decision.

Miz says that there is no debate about it. Cena wasn’t in a handicap match last night, Miz says that he was because of Riley.

Miz says that he will not be disrespected like this because he should be the WWE Champion right now. Miz vows not to leave the ring until the GM chimes in.

We hear those ding dongs and Josh reads that Miz’s request for another title match is denied. Miz lost so he is done with John Cena.

Miz looks at Riley and he tells Riley that this is all his fault and he calls Riley worthless. Miz wants to know if Riley can explain why he did what he did.

Riley points out that he didn’t say I Quit.

Miz wants to know what Riley said and he pie faces Riley. He tells Riley to shut his mouth. Miz says that he gave Riley a personal services contract and that if it wasn’t for that contract, he wouldn’t be in WWE. Miz tells Riley that he has been riding his coat tails all the way to the main event of Wrestlemania. He says that he is sick of Riley’s stupidity and he is done with him. Miz fires Riley.

Miz pie faces Riley again and Riley punches Miz and they fight to the floor. Riley sends Miz into the ringside barrier and then Riley punches Miz and rips off his shirt. Riley throws Miz over the announce table. They go back into the ring and Riley throws Miz to the mat. Riley kicks Miz in the head and leaves the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella, Melina, and Maryse versus Gail Kim, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and Beth Phoenix

Kelly and Brie start things off and Kelly with a Thesz Press followed by a spanking and a bulldog.

Kharma’s music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Beth calls for a unified front as Kharma approaches the ring.

Kharma enters the ring and all eight women remain. Kharma walks into the center of the ring and she is surrounded. Kharma gets down on her knees and she starts to cry. The Divas in the ring are shocked at Kharma’s behavior. We go to commercial.

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Kharma’s catharsis.

It is time for the Slam of the Week: Sheamus losing the United States title at Extreme Rules in a Tables Match.

Match Number Four: Kofi Kingston versus Drew McIntyre

They lock up and Drew backs Kofi into the corner and Drew misses a punch but he does not miss with a kick. Drew punches Kofi and after a series of leap frogs, Kofi gets clipped and he appears to have hurt his knee. Drew kicks Kofi’s knee. Drew wraps the knee into the ring post. Drew with a figure four leg lock on the ring post. Drew gets a near fall when he returns to the ring.

Drew kicks Kofi in the back of his injured leg. Drew tries to hyper-extend the knee but when he tries it a second time, Kofi is able to hit an enzuigiri. Kofi with chops to Drew but he hops around. Kofi with a side Russian leg sweep and then he hits the boom drop but Kofi’s leg still hurts. Kofi sets for Trouble in Paradise but he cannot make the turn and Drew gets a near fall.

Kofi punches Drew but Drew with a power bomb but Kofi kicks out. Drew sends Kofi into the corner and he kicks him. Drew punches Kofi and the referee warns him. Drew with clotheslines in the corner and he tries for a short arm clothesline but Kofi counters and hits the SOS for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

We see Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero watching the match from Vickie’s office . . . and Dolph is blonde again.

In case you missed the dream sequence from last night, we get to see it one more time of President Obama at a ‘WWE press conference’.

Nexus is celebrating their tag title victory and Punk tells them that they need to watch what he is going to do.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Big Show was hit by Alberto Del Rio’s car.

Scott Stanford is with Alberto Del Rio and he is speaking English again. He says that Big Show brought this upon himself, but Del Rio says that it isn’t his fault. He blames this on Ricardo and he calls Rodriguez an idiot.

Jerry Lawler mentions the passing of Randy Savage last week and he says that Savage is a Hall of Famer and one of the greatest WWE Superstars of All Time. We see a video tribute to Randy Savage.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that the Wrestlemania 27 DVD has sold well?

CM Punk comes to the ring and he is wearing the colors of Randy Savage.

Match Number Five: CM Punk and R Truth versus John Cena and Rey Mysterio with Very Special Guest Referee Bret Hart

Cena and Truth start things off and Truth misses a punch. Cena with punches followed by a hip toss. Cena sends Truth over the top rope to the floor. Punk checks on Truth and we go to commercial.

We are back and Punk with an elbow to Cena. Punk with punches but Cena with an Irish whip and bulldog. Cena with a suplex but Punk hides behind Bret Hart and then he kicks Cena. Truth tags in and he kicks Cena and then the referee warns Truth. Truth with a hard Irish whip and then he gets a near fall.

Truth with a punch and he gets a near fall. Punk tags in and he kicks Cena followed by a side Russian leg sweep and he gets a near fall. Punk yells at Hart and wants to know where he learned to count. Punk with a slam and then he goes to the turnbuckles and he hits a knee drop and gets a near fall as he continues to yell at Bret. Punk with an arm bar.

Punk keeps Cena from making the tag and he tags Truth into the match. Truth with a suplex to Cena and he gets a near fall. Truth yells at Hart but Hart slaps Truth. Truth with forearms in the corner followed by an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Cena. Punk tags in and he keeps Cena from making the tag with a double sledge.

Punk with a back breaker to Cena and then he teases a Sharpshooter but Cena counters. Punk gets Cena up for the Go To Sleep and Cena counters with a DDT and both men are down. Punk grabs Cena’s ankle but Cena punches Punk and Rey tags in and he hits the seated splash and then he sends Punk over with a head scissors.

Punk with a sunset flip after Punk counters a rana. Truth breaks up the cover after a Rey kick. Truth with Shut Up to Cena. Rey drop kicks Truth into the ropes and then Punk is sent into the ropes. Rey hits the 619 on Punk and then Hart punches Punk and puts Punk in the Sharpshooter. Rey with a springboard leg drop and Rey gets the three count.

Winners: Rey Mysterio and John Cena with an assist from Bret Hart

2011 - WWE broadcast Tough Enough, which featured an appearance from The Rock, on the USA Network. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We begin with a look back at last week’s show with a focus on Christina and the problems that AJ has had. Then we saw Martin get eliminated due to an ankle injury. We see Christina injure her ankle at the end of the show and Bill blamed AJ for the injury.

Trish is waiting for Christina to return from the medical facility but she comes out of the van on crutches and she says that she suffered a sprained ankle. She says that she hopes it doesn’t affect her that much but she knows that time will tell. We see her struggle to get up the steps on one foot.

AJ says that he feels bad because he felt partially responsible for what happened. Christina tells him everything is okay.

AJ continues his apology tour and tells Christina that he is there to help her out.

We go to the training session and Christina is watching from the sidelines as Austin enters the building.

Austin tells Christina that she is getting a break this week because the subject is charisma. When Austin thinks of charisma, he thinks of Hulk Hogan, the Rock, and Superstar Billy Graham. Austin says that there are five left and it is sink or swim time.

Bill tells them that they have permission to perform and we go through the drills.

AJ feels that he has been given a lucky break.

Austin says that he has never seen a double drop toe hold from AJ and Luke and Bill yells at AJ.

Bill and Austin wince when they see Jeremiah try a drop toe hold and they tell him not to rush.

Andy says that it is time for him to get into his groove.

Bill was impressed with Andy and Luke and he hugs them when they are done and they add Trish to the party.

Bill tells them that this is the type of day that they like and they tell them to take Christina with them.

We go to commercial.

We are back and they are in Hollywood for their life lesson and we see Bill Demott and James Roday on top of a double decker bus. Bill says that every WWE superstar has charisma and that is why people watch the show. Bill introduces James Roday and he wants to touch one of Bill’s pecs.

Luke appears to be a fan of James.

James says that you need to have charisma around the clock and he tells the contestants that they are going to lead a ten minute tour of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

AJ goes first and Bill and James comment on his performance. Bill says that AJ was not good at keeping their interest.

Luke goes next and he wants to get Bill involved in the presentation. James is not a big fan. Bill says that he thought Luke was going to change things up when it didn’t work, but he didn’t think it worked well at all.

Christina is next and she is star struck by the buildings and Bill says that Christina didn’t appear to have a lot of people skills.

Andy is next and he is corrected by Bill for his improvisational skills. Andy also has trouble with the sound system. Bill thinks that Andy might be nervous talking in front of people and that is something that you need to be able to do in front of people.

Jeremiah is the last one to go and he says that he wanted to be himself. Bill was impressed with Jeremiah’s performance even though he didn’t talk about the Walk of Fame. Bill felt that Jeremiah had a lot of charisma.

James says that they all had some nice moments and he was impressed with how Jeremiah did the most.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for more training and Austin enters the building. He asks everyone if they are ready for today.

Austin says that he has a special treat. He brings the Rock into the building and Luke is impressed.

Rock brings them into the ring to see what kind of presence they have in the ring.

Andy says that he was honored to be in the ring with him. Austin applauds Rock giving Andy an arm drag.

Luke is next and he talks about the way that Rock is in the ring.

Jeremiah was honored to be in there with the Rock as well.

AJ is next and he says that it was a dream come true to be in the ring with the Rock and he knows why he is one of the best.

Christina waves to the Rock and she is bummed out that she couldn’t lock up and move around with Rock today.

Rock tells everyone that they need to be looser because you can blow yourself up if you are so tight.

It is time for the Skills Challenge and they get to cut a two minute promo on Bill Demott and Rock is going to watch.

Jeremiah goes first while the others go outside until it is their turn.

Austin says that promos are one of the most important qualities of a superstar.

Jeremiah talks about being the predator or prey and then he asks how many twinkies Bill had to eat. Jeremiah seemed to lose some steam at the end. Bill says that he was comfortable but Rock points out that he was thinking a lot.

Luke is next and he cuts his promo on Bill and he goes for some dramatic effect. Bill asks the trainers if a wolf ever beat a lion. Rock liked the intonation.

Christina is next and she says that she thinks it is a make or break situation because she is sitting out with the training. She cuts her promo. Rock says that she needed to bring it and you need to believe in what you are saying. Rock thinks she was a bit timid.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Andy’s promo. Andy gets the trainers to laugh at the start of his promo. Andy ends with a flourish but the trainers didn’t think that he went on the right direction and they say it was a missed opportunity.

AJ says that his time is going to be affected by these two minutes. AJ talks about how he started to doubt himself because of Bill. He then talks about how Bill has crapped in his oatmeal. He says that he will make believers out of everyone as he points around the ring. Bill was impressed with the promo and he says that he believed him. Austin liked how he used everything that happened to him. Austin says that he hit a triple. Rock liked the way he ended the promo.

Rock will tell the winner by cutting a promo on them. Rock talks down to Andy and Christina. Rock talks about Luke’s Tom Cruise teeth. He says that he will put his foot between the gap in Jeremiah’s teeth. Rock goes to AJ and he tells him that he ran his mouth to Bill Demott and he thought that AJ did great.

AJ says that he was proud of his performance but it won’t matter if he can’t get out of the bottom three.

It is time for the trainers to go into the Rattlesnake Cave and we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the trainers to talk. They start off with AJ and Trish says that she was done with him and the promo helped. Bill says that one day did not a career make. Austin still blames him for Christina’s injury.

Christina is next and Trish says that she sounded intimidated. Bill was not impressed with the life lesson and he called it horrendous. Bill says that she has no reason to be talking.

They talk about Luke and they see the swagger in him.

They talk about Jeremiah. Bill talks about how well Jeremiah did on the tour. Bill says that he is still struggling in the ring and he is unsafe.

They talk about ‘Silent Rage’ Andy. Bill says that he needs to be a WWE superstar. Bill says that Andy was not good on the tour. Trish says that if he is focusing on his family, then he doesn’t belong.

They emerge from the office and Austin informs the people who will be in the Mud Hole.

Austin calls Christina, AJ, and Andy to the front because they are going into the Mud Hole.

Luke and Jeremiah have a silent celebration.

Andy says that he thinks him and Christina are the only two who can make it in the WWE and he is pissed off and angry. He says that he has been busting his ass since day one.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see who is going to go home and have their dreams dashed.

Austin enters and he looks at the three people in the ring.

Austin asks Andy what happened and he thanks him for dressing up for him. Andy says that he is hard working. He says that his dad dug ditches for years and he was told to enjoy what he does. Austin asks Andy why his dad’s hard work didn’t rub off on him. Andy says that he gave everything that he has. Austin asks Andy if he is a slacker. Austin says that Andy’s dad should have hit Andy in the head with the shovel. Austin asks Andy why he is here with his family. Andy says that he is making a better life for his family. Austin asks Andy if he is getting pissed at him. Austin likes that Andy is getting pissed off.

Austin looks at Christina’s foot and he says that her ankle looks screwed up. Christina says that it hurts but pain is temporary. Austin says that Christina started kicking ass after she was in the bottom three. Austin says that it isn’t all Christina’s fault and says that it was partly Andy’s fault.

Austin wonders why Christina had the worst promo and how she missed that opportunity and she says that she doesn’t know. Austin tells Christina that she doesn’t want it that much.

Austin goes to AJ. He wants to know what would make AJ a great superstar. AJ says that he believes what he is doing and the fans want it. AJ is asked if he wants it more than Andy. AJ agrees.

Andy talks up and then Austin starts singing ‘Silent Rage’. Austin tells Andy that he might not get the chance to be Silent Rage and he tells Andy to be quiet while he deals with AJ.

Austin tells AJ that he is a lucky devil. Austin says that he was thinking coming into this week to have AJ kicked out real quick so he can go home. Austin says that AJ cut the best promo. He wonders if one day can save AJ’s ass.

Austin wants to know if he is boring Christina.

Austin asks Andy why Christina should be sent home. Andy says that the wrong people are in the bottom three. Austin calls him the dumbest guy he has ever seen and he calls him a politician wondering if Christina is going to change his kid’s diapers.

Austin reminds Andy that he was paralyzed in the ring and nobody paid his bills. He tells Andy to get hungry and not let people run all over him.

Andy says that Christina isn’t going to be as successful as him. Austin helps him out.

Austin says that he has good news and bad news.

Austin says that two of them are going home, while one survives into the final three.

Austin lets it sink in and he asks Christina if her heart is beating right now. Austin says that he doesn’t see it and he doesn’t buy it. He takes her belt and Christina says that it is a mistake. Austin says that he doesn’t make mistakes.

Austin asks Andy if he saw the best that he has. Andy says that he hasn’t and he wants Andy to show something. Austin tells Andy to stop puss* footing around. He tells Andy to show him something tomorrow because AJ is going home just like Christina.

Austin tells Andy that there are three of them left and he tells Andy not to be meek and not be weak.

AJ says that he is disappointed at how things ended and this route to the WWE became a dead end. He says that he had some bad days, but he will treasure this.

Christina says that this wasn’t a good week for her and she says that she was not on this week. She says that she is upset that she isn’t the last one standing. She is going to work on her craft until she is the number one diva.

Austin says that Christina was exposed on her charisma. He says that Christina could have a future in the WWE.

It was time for AJ to go even though he showed something in the ring.

2012 - WWE broadcast NXT. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are wild, young, and on tape from Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and your announcers are William ‘I don’t think we are in Orlando yet’ Regal and Josh ‘Soon I will be wearing a cowboy hat’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘If you miss the first class, you cannot take the course’ Striker.

Match Number One: Jinder Mahal versus Derrick Bateman

The fans chant ‘USA’ and unlike last time this happened in a Jinder Mahal match, there is an American in the ring. Bateman with a side head lock take down. Mahal gets back to his feet but Bateman with a side head lock take down one more time.

Mahal yells at Bateman and they lock up again. Mahal with punches and shoulders in the corner. Bateman with punches but Mahal with a kick and elbow to the head. Bateman slides into the corner and hits a high knee. Bateman with chops and Mahal goes to the mat. Bateman with a suplex for a near fall.

Bateman with a side head lock and Mahal tries for a punch but Bateman blocks it and he kicks Mahal. Mahal with a kick to the leg and then a knee to the head. Mahal sends Bateman into the mat and he kicks Derrick. Mahal with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Mahal chokes Bateman in the ropes.

Mahal with a back heel trip and then he kicks Bateman using the ropes for extra leverage. Mahal with a snap mare and rear chin lock with the hands covering Bateman’s nose and mouth to restrict his breathing. Mahal with knees to the head and then Jinder gets a near fall. Mahal with a quarter nelson and chin lock but Bateman with punches to Mahal to escape the hold.

Mahal with an Irish whip but Bateman with boots to Mahal. Mahal tries for a belly-to-back suplex but Bateman is able to counter into a lateral press for a near fall. Bateman with a flying forearm and a flap jack. Bateman with a running swinging neck breaker but he can only get a two count. Bateman charges into the corner for a flying clothesline and then he goes up top.

Bateman hits a missile drop kick and gets a near fall. Batmena tries for the snap mare driver but Mahal counters and connects with a knee to the face and then he works on the back with knees before applying the camel clutch. Bateman is forced to tap out.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Percy Watson versus Heath Slater

Slater pushes Watson from behind to get under Watson’s skin and he retreats to the ropes. They lock up and Watson with a waist lock and Slater with a wrist lock. Watson with a side head lock and take down. Slater with a head scissors and Watson escapes and shows his athleticism. Slater punches Watson but Watson with a leg lariat and clotheslines.

Watson drops Slater face first into the mat and gets a near fall. Slater goes to the apron and he punches Watson. Slater continues the assault with kicks and punches and gets a near fall. Slater with a reverse chin lock. Watson with punches but Slater with a leaping neck breaker for a near fall.

Slater with a kick to the leg and elbows to the upper chest before returning to the reverse chin lock. Watson with elbows but Slater with an elbow to stop Watson. Slater with kicks to the head and then he gets a near fall. Slater with punches in the corner and then after the referee warns him, Slater turns to kicks. Slater with a snap mare and reverse chin lock.

Watson shows his strength and he runs Slater into the corner but Slater with boots to Watson. Watson with a kick to stop Slater. Watson with an elbow and punch followed by a few standing drop kicks. Watson with a hip toss slam and then he sets for the Showtime Splash and hits it but Slater kicks out at two.

Slater backs into the corner and Watson misses a splash. Watson lands on his feet on a suplex attempt and Watson hits a flap jack from a fireman’s carry position for the three count.

Winner: Percy Watson

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Maxine versus Alicia Fox

They lock up and Maxine backs Alicia into the ropes and Maxine with a clean break. They lock up and Alicia backs Maxine into the corner and the referee has to get between Alicia and Maxine. Maxine backs Alicia into the corner but Alicia pushes Maxine down. Maxine takes Alicia down to the mat and they roll around for a bit.

Alicia with a snap mare to Maxine but Maxine pulls Alicia into the ropes. Maxine chokes Alicia with her boot and then he she connects with shots to the midsection. Maxine with a snap mare and knees to the back.

Maxine with a reverse chin lock and she gets a near fall. Maxine chokes Alicia in the ropes. Alicia with elbows to Maxine but Maxine sends Alicia to the mat by the hair. Maxine with a suplex and she gets a near fall. Maxine with a rear chin lock. Alicia with a kick to Maxine and forearms. Maxine with a kick and she sends Alicia’s head into the mat. Maxine with a rear chin lock and she puts her knee in Alicia’s back. Alicia backs Maxine into the corner and then she hits a drop kick and a leaping kick to the midsection.

Alicia with a back elbow off the turnbuckles and then she hits the Northern Lights suplex and Maxine kicks out. Alicia with a rollup for a near fall but Maxine escapes and applies a dragon sleeper with a body scissors and Alicia taps out.

Winner: Maxine

We go to commercial.

We are back and Josh and William talk about what has happened in the last week with John Cena. Who wants a Raw Rebound.

Match Number Four: Johnny Curtis and Drew McIntyre versus Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson

Curtis and Khali start things off and Curtis with forearms to the back but Khali sends Curtis to the mat. Khali with a chop in the corner and Regal feels the impact. Khali with a punch to the head and Jackson tags in. Jackson with a forearm to the back and then one to the chest. Jackson with a hard Irish whip.

Curtis escapes a slam attempt and he tags in Drew. Drew punches Jackson and sends him into the turnbuckles. McIntyre with another punch and kick. Jackson with a back elbow and slam. Jackson sends Drew into the turnbuckles and Khali is tagged back in. Khali chops Drew in the chest and punches him too.

Drew goes after Khali’s knees and he punches Khali in the corner. Johnny tags in and he kicks Khali until the referee pulls Johnny out of the corner. Drew tags back in and he punches Khali and kicks him. Khali gets to his feet and he connects with a boot to the head. Jackson tags in and hits a few clotheslines into the corner. Jackson with an Irish whip and splash tot eh back. Jackson sends Drew over the top rope to the floor and we go to commercial.

We are back and Drew with a kick to Jackson and Curtis is tagged in. Jackson with a series of slams to Curtis to set up for the torture rack. Drew distracts Jackson and Curtis tries to interfere but Jackson punches Johnny. Drew pulls Jackson by the leg and Jackson was caught in the ropes and he holds his hamstring.

Drew with elbows to the leg as he continues to work on the injured hamstring. Curtis tags back in and he punches Jackson in the leg. Curtis with a step over leg drop as he continues to work on the leg. Jackson with punches to Curtis but Drew is tagged back in and Drew with a boot to the leg. Drew kicks the hamstring and Jackson goes down again. Drew with a seated splash onto the leg. Jackson fights out of the corner but he runs into a boot from Drew and Drew gets a near fall.

Curtis tags back in and Curtis continues to work on the injured leg. Curtis with a step over toe hold and Curtis adds extra pressure to the leg. Jackson escapes the hold but Curtis is able to keep Zeke from making the tag. Drew tags back in and he kicks Jackson. Jackson with a slam to Drew and Khali is tagged in.

Khali with clotheslines to Curtis and then he chops Drew in the head. Jackson takes care of Drew and Khali hits the choke slam for the three count.

Winners: Great Khali and Ezekiel Jackson

We go to credits.

2013 - ECW documentary "Barbed Wire City" held its Chicago premiere.

2013 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling. Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on PWInsider.com!

Hulk Hogan comes out to start the show by telling us he got loaded before the show with Shark Boy because AJ Styles is joining Aces & Eights tonight. Hogan calls Sting out to join him in the ring so he can remind him how he appreciates what Sting is doing, but tells him that the stipulation about Sting not getting another title shot if he loses doesn't have to go down because Hogan has the power here, not Bully Ray. Sting wants Hogan to keep things the way they are because he was the one who trusted Bully Ray, and he needs to shoulder the blame and take the title and the power away from Bubba. Sting wants to keep the stipulation because if he can't take the title and destroy Aces & Eights, then he doesn't deserve to ever be champion again. Brooke Hogan and her crappy entrance music come out so Brooke can say that neither of them were at fault, and that she was the one who fell for Bully Ray. Hulk tries to protest, but Brooke insists that she's at fault and she's sick of seeing Hulk and Sting taking the blame for this. Brooke's proud of the Knockouts and she loves being in TNA, but she feels like she's ruined everything so she thinks she should resign as the leader of the Knockouts division. Hulk says not to think like that, but Brooke says she promised Dixie...oh wait, Bully Ray comes out to interrupt and ask why the three of them are sitting out here taking the blame for everything. It's not Hulk, Sting, or Brooke's fault, because they need to understand that it's all Bully Ray's fault. It's Bubba's fault Hogan doesn't know how to run the company, it's his fault he stabbed Hulk in the back, and he's the one who turned the company upside down. There's only one person in the ring he does blame, and that's Brooke. Hulk tries to hold Brooke back and Bubba tells him to keep his hands off his wife. He blames Brooke for making him fall for her, because he still thinks of her every morning and night, they have a connection and Brooke can deny it all she wants, but he still loves her. He will always love her, and that's why he will never take his wedding ring off. Brooke doesn't seem to know what to think and is speechless as Bubba walks back through the crowd.

Suicide is backstage and his time for redemption is near. All the agony and suffering are ready to be unleashed, and the time for payback has arrived.

Petey Williams vs Suicide vs Joey Ryan

The announcers, joined by Kenny King, mention that Joey is here to replace Zema Ion, who is out of action with appendicitis...and a ton of medical bills, by the way. I stand by what I said about these stupid three way X Division matches last week and I'm not going to sit here recapping a spotfest that everyone involved is better than. The focus is on Suicide, who is making his first TV appearance in over two years and pins Joey with a double chickenwing into a gutbuster.

Winner: Suicide

Incidentally, if you want to donate a few bucks to help Zema Ion with his medical bills, you can do so by clicking here.

Chris Sabin comes into James Storm's locker room and offers to be his tag team partner at Slammiversary, but Storm turns him down because Sabin has the chance to do something cool by winning the X Division Title at Slammiversary. Sabin understands and they wish each other luck.

Brooke grabs Bully Ray backstage and angrily asks what that meant that he still loves her. Bully says it's what it sounded like: he still loves her. He walks off and Brooke looks heartbroken.

Mickie James comes into Velvet Sky's locker room while she's taping her knee up and asks if she's really ready, and offers to ask Brooke Hogan to postpone the match. Velvet says Mickie is such a good friend and loves her, but she doesn't want to give Gail Kim the satisfaction of watching her sit out. Mickie says she loves her too and makes sure one more time that Velvet's okay with this, but they hug and Mickie walks off. Mickie is SO turning heel tonight.

Sam Shaw comes out to the ring for his Bound For Glory qualifier tournament match against Alex Silva, andSilva's music hits, but then it gets cut off and the Aces & Eights music starts as Wes Brisco comes out with Doc and Garett Bischoff. He says he took Alex Silva out and since he's Mr. Gut Check, he's going to face Sam Shaw for the spot in the BFG Series. Aces & Eights rushes the ring and they beat the crap out of Shaw, but Brutus Magnus runs out and chases Aces & Eights off. He says that he's known Sam Shaw for years and Wes just made it personal, he threatens to smack the smile off of Garett's face, and he says that since Aces & Eights attacked him two weeks ago, he'll tell Wes that he wasn't in the tournament because he doesn't deserve it. Magnus says he does deserve to get his teeth kicked down his throat, and it's Brisco's lucky day because he gets to fight Magnus right now. Brisco gets in the ring and we have an impromptu match...

Brutus Magnus vs Wes Brisco

Magnus just overwhelms Brisco with a flurry of offense, and Brisco scoots out to the floor to powwow with his boys as we go to commercial.

We're back and, unlike every other wrestling match that's ever gone to commercial, the tide has changed and Wes is in control. He's unloading on Magnus with hard right and left hands, but Magnus comes back with a series of clotheslines to regain control. Magnus catches Brisoc coming off the second rope and slams him, then goes up top for the elbowdrop. He took too long and Brisco climbs up to block Magnus, but Magnus fights them off and again sets up for the elbowdrop. Doc and Garett attack Magnus and we have a DQ.

Winner: Brutus Magnus by DQ

Aces & Eights beat Magnus down 3-on-1, but Samoa Joe comes sprinting out of the back to make the save for his former partner. Joe hasn't been seen for about a month since getting attacked by Aces & Eights, which I think is about the 20th or so time he's been put on the shelf for weeks on end after getting beat up. Way to make the guy look strong.

We look back at last year when Sting became the first inductee to the TNA Hall of Fame, and we'll find out who the next person who will join him is at Slammiversary!

Aces & Eights is in their clubhouse and Bubba congratulates Wes Brisco for taking care of Magnus, and Anderson asks when AJ Styles is getting here. Bubba says that unlike certain recent "disappointments" (he looks at D-Lo Brown while saying this), AJ Styles will come through for them.

We look at this past week when Kurt Angle was at Grand Central Station in New York City to witness an amateur wrestling dual meet between the USA and Russia. He talks about his disgust with the Olympic Committee deciding to drop wrestling, and how he feels about wrestling getting cut while other sports are dying but get to stay in.

AJ Styles arrives on his dirt bike and we go to the ring to join one of our featured matches in progress.

Kurt Angle vs Ken Anderson

They're in the midst of a basic mat wrestling/feeling out process before it turns to fisticuffs. Anderson gets some early shots in, but Angle turns the tide and start unloading on Anderson before stomping him down in the corner. Anderson turns the tide and starts working on Angle's arm, but Angle comes back with a few shots and suplexes. Anderson hits a Finlay Roll for 2, Angle blocks the Mic Check and hits the rolling German suplexes, then goes for the anklelock. Anderson kicks Angle off and hits the Mic Check out of nowhere, but Angle is out at 2. Anderson goes up top, Angle pops up and suplexes him off, pulls the straps down...then stops as he sees AJ Styles in the aisle. Taz gets up from the broadcast booth and hugs AJ, and AJ gives him a pat on the back in return. Angle is distracted and Anderson slips in with a low blow and rolls Angle up for the win.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Anderson walks over to AJ and seems to think they're all buddy buddy, but AJ turns and walks off without saying a word to Anderson.

James Storm is backstage, and he's...WALKING! We'll find out who his tag team partner is next!

The Dumbass Cameraman asks Gail Kim about her match at Slammiversary, and Gail says she doesn't care because she's taken out everyone she's ever gotten in the ring with and she should be getting the title shot. Taryn Terrell suddenly busts in and attacks Gail in a rage, and poor Pat Kenney has to grab her and drag her off while Gail yells that she's crazy.

We see a video package looking back at James Storm's tag team championship history as a part of America's Most Wanted and Beer Money, then Storm comes out to the ring to say he's been part of two of the greatest tag team in the history of this company, so he's decided to do it again since women love a good tag team...wrestler. Austin Aries and Bobby Roode come out to the top of the ramp and Roode says if he wants to talk about glory days and tag team wrestling, Storm is looking at the king of tag team wrestling. The four years they spent teaming as Beer Money were the worst of his career and his life, Storm says it's not his fault Roode can't hang drinking with the cowboy, but the night he smashed a beer bottle over Storm's head and won the World Title, he became the happiest man walking the planet. Roode asks Storm to enlighten us as to who his partner will be at Slammiversary, but Bad Influence come out to throw in their two cents. Daniels says they proved three weeks ago that the dirty heels can't beat them, Chavo and Hernandez proved they're the hunkiest team in all of Mexico, and they offered Storm a spot in Bad Influence and he turned them down, and that offended them. Kazarian tells "Jim" that it doesn't matter who his partner is, because whoever it is won't stand up to the standard set by the best team in the business. Storm tells everyone to shut up and listen so he can get to his point. Storm says he's going to introduce his partner and..."Stone Cold" Shark Boy comes out and says he and Storm have a lot in common: they both like fishing, they both like cold beer, and they both like kissing bass, so if the fans think they should team up, give them a Shell Yeah. Robbie E comes out to the ring next and says that he carried Rob Terry for two years, so now he can carry Storm as well. He's got team names for them like Beer Bro, America's Most Bro, Gym Tan Beer Bro, and Two Bros and a Baby. While Robbie E and Shark Boy argue, Gunner comes in through the crowd, goes face to face with Storm, then destroys both Shark Boy and Robbie E. He goes back over to Storm and Storm tells Gunner that he'll see him at Slammiversary. Storm and Gunner shake hands as the other three teams (Chavo and Hernandez came out at some point and I didn't notice) look on in consternation.

Still to come is AJ Styles' decision. Wait, I thought he was in, now he's making a decision? Whatever, Velvet Sky and Mickie James are backstage, and they're...WALKING!

Joseph Park is backstage telling Sting that he's getting his first ever title shot when he faces Devon at Slammiversary, and Park and Sting discuss what "getting the strap" means before Sting tells Park that he'd like him to get his brother Abyss to team with him next week against Bully Ray and Devon. Park's not sure if he can do that since Abyss won't talk to him, and Sting says Park's going to kayfabe him until the end, but then says if he can't get Abyss, he'll take someone close to him and asks Park to be his partner. We'll find out which Park brother shows up next week when Impact Wrestling moves back to the 9 PM timeslot.

Knockouts Title Match: Velvet Sky vs Mickie James

They do some basic feeling out to start off as they trade armbars and takedowns, but that quickly turns to a vicious forearm exchange that Mickie wins before hitting a spinning Uncle Slam, then holds onto the full nelson as she grinds Velvet into the mat as we go to commercial.

We're back and Mickie is still in control (completely flying in the face of the crack I made earlier) as the announcers point out that Mickie James hasn't held the title in nearly two years. Velvet comes back with some clotheslines, but Mickie goes after the knee. Velvet hits a Russian legsweep for 2, but Mickie starts working over Velvet's ribs with kicks and shoulderblocks. Taz pops me with a joke about Velvet's Berzerker boots as she hits a flying headscissors, but seems to have hurt her knee on the way down and Mickie swoops right in and clips her knee out. Mickie gets her Crazy Mickie look on her face as she hits a DDT on Velvet and pins her to finally regain the Knockouts Title.

Winner: Mickie James

Mickie briefly looks down at Velvet clutching her knee in pain before heading up the ramp with her championship in hand.

We see a video package looking at the recent history of AJ Styles and the debate over whose side he's on in the TNA-Aces & Eights war, then we go back to the Aces & Eights clubhouser as Bubba abuses D-Lo Brown. Bubba proposes toast to Anderson for beating Kurt Angle, then another one for the guy they're about to patch in...AJ Styles.

Aces & Eights comes out to the ring and Bully Ray gets a mic. He says that no one guy is more important than anyone else in their team, and D-Lo Brown screwed up, but Ken Anderson stepped up, took the world by the yambags, and crushed them. He's proud to have Ken Anderson wearing the Aces & Eights colors, but it's not about any of them, it's about the guy they're ready to initiate into their brotherhood. Bubba tells AJ Styles to get in the ring right now, so AJ comes out and Bubba says that TNA wanted him, even Fortune wanted to reform, but AJ knows the right way to go. He's going to do something AJ never expected: it's no secret that AJ Styles doesn't drink and never has, but he wants AJ to raise a beer, raise a toast to him, and drink with him. AJ can give his heart to Jesus, but his soul belongs to the club. AJ toasts Bubba, then downs the beer. Bubba is thrilled and tells Anderson to give their brother his colors, AJ takes the Aces & Eights vest and looks at it with a smile on his face, then has Anderson hold it as Bubba proclaims him the newest member of Aces & Eights. Kurt Angle comes out to the top of the ramp and says he knew this would happen, but he had to see it with his own eyes. Angle says AJ's legacy in TNA just went down the crapper, and that this disgusts him. AJ can join Aces & Eights if he wants to, he's going to see him at Slammiversary anyway, but he asks AJ if this is really what he wants. Bubba interrupts Angle and tells AJ to put his cut on, and AJ obliges and puts the vest on before giving Bubba and the other members a big hug. Bubba raises AJ's hand as Doc, who apparently jumped Angle from behind, rolls him inside so he and Mike Knox can hold Angle so AJ can hit him with a hammer he's handed by Bully Ray. AJ doesn't hesitate for a second before cracking Angle in the knee, but then he starts laying out other members of Aces & Eights before hightailing it up the aisle as we call it a night.

Thank for reading the Impact Wrestling Report here on PWInsider.com, I'll be back tomorrow to discuss Impact and more with Dave Scherer on the Stu & Pid Show!

2013 - WWE broadcast Superstars. Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are in Kansas City, Missouri and your announcers are Matt ‘No Y’ Striker and Tony ‘I will not kiss the people on the rail’ Dawson.

Match Number One: Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron and Naomi versus Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Brie Bella, and Nikki Bella

Jey and Brodus start things off and Brodus pays tribute to Jey’s dad by mimicking his butt slapping. They start to dance before locking up and Jey might have earned the advantage. Jey with a waist lock but Clay backs him into the corner and Clay with a clean break. They lock up and Jey with a side head lock and Clay with a shoulder tackle but he misses an elbow drop when Jey moves.

Brie tags in and Clay gets on his knees but Brie wants none of Brodus. Brodus crestfallenly makes the tag to Naomi who connects with forearms and then she sends Brie into the turnbuckles. Brie kicks Naomi and she tries for an O’Connor Roll but Brie holds on to the ropes. Naomi with the Leaping butt block and Jimmy is tagged in.

Naomi thinks about wrestling Jimmy but Naomi turns away but it was a trap to hit a rana and we go to commercial.

We are back and Tensai with a shot to the throat and Jimmy goes down but Jimmy with a kick to the knee and Tensai falls into the ropes. The Bella with a running butt crush on the apron and Tensai wants it again. Tensai with a back elbow to Jimmy while he begs the Bellas for more. The Bellas go to the floor and Jimmy with a super kick to Tensai when he turns around. Jimmy continues to look at Naomi on the apron.

Jimmy with a head butt to Tensai. Jimmy punches Tensai and then he hits a drop kick in the turnbuckles. Jey tags in and he is met with punches by Tensai. Jey with a savate kick to Tensai and then Jimmy tags back in.

Jimmy with a flying forearm into the corner and then he sets for the running butt splash and connects. Jimmy with a near fall. Jimmy with a reverse chin lock. Tensai with punches but Jimmy with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Jimmy goes to the turnbuckles and he is still distracted by Naomi. Jimmy misses a diving head butt due to the delay.

Clay tags in and he connects with clotheslines followed by the sheeeplex. Clay with a splash into the corner and then he hits a power slam and gets a near fall. Jey breaks up the cover and Tensai takes care of him. Clay calls his mama and gets the three count.

Winners: Brodus Clay, Tensai, Cameron, and Naomi

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at what happened at Extreme Rules between John Cena and Ryback as well as what happened on Raw.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the six man tag match from Raw.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Damien Sandow has something to say to save the masses this week. He says that the WWE Universe needs to welcome their intellectual savior. He demands silence and that only makes the crowd louder. He says that it is obvious that they cannot follow the most basic of instructions. Therefore, he tells everyone to watch carefully how he deals with incompetence. He tells everyone they are welcome.

Match Number Two: Damien Sandow versus Alex Riley

They lock up and Riley with a side head lock and hammer lock. Sandow with a reversal but Riley with a snap mare and arm drag into an arm bar. Riley lifts Sandow by the hand and he knees Sandow in the ribs. Riley does it again. Sandow with a punch and boot to the head. Riley with a drop kick.

Sandow with a drop toe hold into the ropes and Sandow with forearms to the face and then he hits a running hip into the back and he gets a near fall. Sandow with an elbow to the head and he connects with knees to the chest followed by a side Russian leg sweep and he connects with the Elbow of Disdain. Sandow with a quarter nelson and chin lock.

Sandow pulls Riley to the mat and then he connects with a knee to the chest and he gets a near fall. Sandow with a reverse chin lock. Riley gets back to his feet and he punches Sandow but Sandow punches back. Riley with a flying shoulder tackle followed by a clothesline but he runs into an elbow.

Sandow charges and Riley with a hip toss into a neck breaker and Sandow goes to the apron. Riley brings Sandow back into the ring and then he goes to the apron and he climbs up top. Riley leaps over Sandow and then Riley with a spinebuster for a near fall. Riley sets for the TKO but Sandow escapes and he hits the Silencer for the three count.

Winner: Damien Sandow

After the match, Sandow does the cartwheel of celebratory enjoyment.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the debut of Curtis Axel and his match with Triple H.

We go to credits.

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